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The potty gardener

Morning Dove Chicky and all.

Have a great day everyone whatever you are doing


Windy, wet and very warm.

Early start...have chauffeuring duties 

Keep cosy today everyone 



Good morning Verdun and PottyG 

It seems warm here too Verdun - it'll soon be bonfire night and no need for woolly hats and mittens yet!

Travel safely 


Morning all. Damp here but not too cold. Back to work today after my week off. Have done lots outside but a large lump of concrete has defeated me so some re jigging of plans is required.

Trafalgar Day you say chicky -  do I need to buy a boat?

Dove - I may need mittens at work  as it's so b****y cold in there 

Morning fairy.  Can that lump of concrete not be broken up?  Or can ??ou utilise it in some constructive  way?  



Morning all,

I am going to stick to this one thread ,it is so much easier than Morning and Evening forkers,so...........



star gaze lily

Morning all, thought I was on this thread but on morning one! Off to work see you all later, oooh left you a reminder on other thread dove  byeeeee


Hello all. 11C but damp and miserable, had heavy rain overnight.

Lump of concrete, did you find it buried in the garden fairy? Don't you be trying to break it and do yourself a mischief.

Don't know what I'm going to do today, it should be HW but I might manage to find something to avoid doing it

Keep dry & warm.


Concrete's buried along the back fence and I've no chance of getting it out unless I get a digger. The water's draining but I don't want to put in the planting I had planned in case it gets waterlogged.

Will rethink it - it's only at one end so I might do a much higher raised bed like the new ones I've done at the side fence but for the moment, Dad's pot is sitting there.

Off to work now - catch up later 

That's the spirit fairy - good bit of lateral thinking there. Just means a bit more construction before the planting can begin - but at least you discovered it before all your plants were already in.

I will stick to this thread, far less complicated.

Off to daughter this morning.


I am very confused.{ according to OH this is my normal state } I dont know where I should be posting. I thought the new Hello forkers was a great idea and that everyone seemed to think this was the way forward.

I cant believe that we can make such a mountain out of something so simple. Can anyone who uses another forum let me know where to find it please.

Good luck on here to one and all, I thought you seemed like very nice people and offered kind words when things were not going well for me.

Morning punkdoc

Im disappointed too.  

Woodgreen wonderboy

Hi Chicky, I have tea in bed everyday... only drawback is I have to get it. Stems from the day I had a "teasmade" gadget. They are quite good except they cough and splutter for about 20 minutes as they heat up, and in that time you can go downstairs and cook a full English!!

Welcome to all newcomers and those who are migrating to this thread... seems to make sense to me, but then what would I know?

Pottie Pam

Morning everyone.

I hope we are not going to have falling outs again. I find this thread great as I didn't always get round to reading both the evening and morning threads. So much easier when there's just one place to find you all.

Really warm for time of year. What is Verdun's (Michael Fish) forcast for the winter?



Fairygirl, i'd leave the concrete lump and work around it. Think of your back. You never know what Verduns buried under the patio, burglars, ex- women ........

I've got instructions to wait in for a delivery for OH.. Well I'm not going out in that downpour anyway.


Posting to bump this thread back up again.


Punkdoc sad to see you go. There are quite a few gardening forums, I've been looking at a few over the last few days. I'm happy here and don't intend leaving & did see all sorts but didn't find any forum more interesting than this. Stay well  Maybe pop in from time to time


Oh dear,we are going to loose more "nice" people unless this sorts itself out.What a shame

hollie hock

Hello everyone, been out, got the weekly shop least that's done, hate food shopping. Not going out again's still raining