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Hiya folks.  What a hectic morning....chauffeuring and more.

Want to relax with friends on the forum so here I am.

Its not rocket the people and the forum a lot but have to decide and I'm sticking with this thread for all the reasons given when we, as a forum majority, decided upon few weeks back.  It's not creating factions etc.  I rarely comment on wildlife issues only cos I'm out of my depth there.  I still read them...still learn from them.  That's what we all should do instead of analysing why or who??   I thought I was pretty knowledgeable but I have learned a lot on this forum so why would I go elsewhere?

Hey!  I see my name taken in vain again by the girls......only Pottie has shown me the respect I deserve so I will give my forecast for the she asks...but it's just for her.  It will be a mild one Pottie    Fidget I don't bury people under patios any more...veg garden for that 

I  checked out some forums few months back..out of curiosity.  I prefer this one.  Some are really quite snooty, don't you know. 

When I see a thread or comment that looks confrontational or not too nice I will just go on to another thread........simples 

Keep warm and dry folks 


Pottie Pam

Thanks Verdun. You were right about the summer forcast so hope you are right about the winter, but maybe could we have a few frosts to kill off the bugs.

And if we are on winter requests Verdun - can i put in a plea for snow only on the days i don't need to drive somewhere please? Will send you my diary so you can arrange. Many thx

You want frosts pottie?  You got it.  

We certainly had plenty of pests this summer,,didn't we?   Caterpillars did an awful lot of damage to geraniums and others.  Ants were a big problem too as well as lily beetles.  Im torn about what I should do about pests next year.....spray or not to.  I know the pros and cons but I'm comsidering other options.   More nematodes, more pre-emptive but natural sprays, be on early alert for the signs of problems.  Brum's hot dip is something I've already tried too.

Lots of rain earlier so my new border has been well n truly settled in 


Oh, missed chicky.  Can certainly arrange for snow occurring only at your convenience 



I think I'm trading in my wand for something more accurate to determine the weather.

A windsock and a bucket. 

Concrete'll be the death of me if I try to dig it up so lateral thinking is the way forward...if that makes sense 

Please don't go pd. I, for one, would miss you very much especially when you're just back. I'm confused too. Maybe it's my age.

Hiya fairy. Think punkdoc will hang around...hope so.  He has  become important here now 

No way to break up that concrete?  Can it lever out?  

Pottie Pam

Too wet for the lawn mower so I got some help in. Keeping an eye on them, though, in case they pig out on the apples.

Does your wand not work on concrete, Fairy?

The worst pest in my garden,Verdun, is rabbits. Are there any nematodes against them?   I have never had lily beetle but we are fairly isolated here. I don't know how far they can fly but they seem widespread now so I suppose it's only a matter of time.

Rabbits, pottie, used to be a bit of a problem for me.  Mostly my garden is walled but the odd rabbit used to come in from next door's open garden.  I put in a discreet chicken wire fence that is now obscured by plamts.  No more rabbits.

My dear  old dog, spike, used to catch them ...never kill them.  It's not his way.....and gently hold them in his mouth and I would take them to the Towans behind me.  Once a rabbit got Imto my back garden and hid in my pea patch.  I quickly assembled a square of cloche sheets around the peas....the silly bunny just stayed in there whilst I did that!.....and then I looked for him.  Nowhere to be seen. At last, there he was nestled in bottom corner, same colour as the soil, and absolutely still.  Again, he was destined to the Towans.  Why did the Almighty create such loveable gentle creatures to be such pests?  


Nothing worse than rabbits in your pea patch Verd.

Back soon, got apples to stir. If I boil them over again I'm in deep trouble from H the chief pot washer.

KEF wrote (see)

Nothing worse than rabbits in your pea patch Verd.

That sounds painful KEF,I would imagine it could be painful to walk     


Backing on to the towans, its a wonder he's not got crabs.


No boiling over phew!

Felt like I was on Masterchef huge washing up bowl of windfalls to peel and cook, just glad I didn't have to make apple pies for 60.

Now deciding what to do with left over lamb, maybe I'll just copy Woody. Leek mash sounded nice.


On Christmas Island, we had baby red crabs in the bathroom,and thats up a flight of stairs.





Posting again to bump this  thread back up.                

Pottie Pam

I've seen documentaries about those crabs, Fidget. I think they were land crabs but the eggs still had to be laid in the sea but when they hatched made their way back to the land. Luckily our Cornish crabs stay in the sea.


Until they come ashore into a nice crab sandwich Pottie Pam.........


Oh yes, land crabs everywhere. A friend of ours had a robber crab in her garden. He used to climb trees and break open coconuts. They called him hubcap. --because he was the size of a car hubcap.He used to hang around at  barbies for easy pickings.