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Oh no. Hope it doesn't affect you too much. Our local river does flood, but usually onto large flood plain so no worries immediately to my house. I really feel for those who've had flooding it must be devastating.  


Floods!?  After the dry summer we've just had?  What's wrong with the ditches and drains nowadays?  

Sorry, that was rhetorical - we know what's wrong with them - many ditches aren't maintained properly or have been filled in, and the drains are inadequate. 

Matty, yes woottens really are,top notch.   ,I buy from Ashwoods too for hellebores but  woottens are excellent for those too.  I had a yellow variety last year...ordered it few months before for,sprimg delivery.  It came in a 5 litre instead of 3 litre because plant I wanted was unavailable in the smaller size.  Same price, just huge and wonderful flowers.  They tell you day before when it's coming.  No GC will sell that quality.

Allotment Max, send that crumble my way!  

Busy, not going anywhere it here 

Verdun - have sent you some crumble by esp!  Lovely all my own produce. Have loads of apples and just thinking what else I can make?

Just found a recipe for apple and banana muffins! Might try them tomorrow.


The floods don't affect us, thank goodness, but they do affect our ability to go anywhere. Most of water goes onto the flood plain, and we even have ditches down side of hedges by our street that take water to a huge soak away - and in this area are lots of 'dew ponds' I think they are called that collect surplus water.

Always think when I see them that the oldens really knew a thing or 2 about flood controll


Aple and raspberry crumble sounds really tasty



Had a phone call from daughter earlier - her friend was mugged earlier today in the street, while she had her baby strapped to her chest.

The mugger got away with a bag full of dirty terry nappies!!! 

The potty gardener

Evening all.

I'm now dreading fat club tomorrow as I have eaten half a cheesecake- I did have it instead of tea but don't think it was very good for me.

Not much on TV tonight and I'm tired so will soon call it a day and go to bed. Was pleased The Paradise was back yesterday, I enjoy that.


Oh, Dove, I think thats called Karma. I would have loved to see the muggers face when he stuck his hand in.


So would I FB.  

A sad postscript to the story is that the bag containing the nappies was a lovely bag designed for nappies and changing things etc (didn't have such things in my day) which had been one of the presents given to the young mum by her mother .... who died a few weeks after her little granddaughter was born.


Oh, that is sad, I hope he dumps the bag and it gets found and returned, but I suppose it would have to have her name and details in it. When my car was broken into on the Cote d'Azur two bags belonging to my children were taken and they were dumped. 2 months later the police rang to say they were in the local Gendarmerie waiting for me to fetch them!

I like the Paradise too, pg.

star gaze lily

I like the paradise too. Alfriends daughter. Hope that she's ok also her daughtersough I haven't seen it yet, taped it.

Hope all ok now and we are a happy friendly bunch again.

Sorry to hear about your friends daughter, hop they are  both well

Yes lily.  Happy again   

I too enjoy the paradise.  Not keen on the violence that tv seems to broadcast so much of

That mugger deserved his haul Dove.  Fancy attacking a mum and baby like that?  

star gaze lily

Not sure whats happening to my messages to on here tonight, once sent they seem to be getting mixed up and/or posted twice

I'm off to bed now after just waking up on the sofa! Think i fell asleep about just over an hour ago!!

star gaze lily

Hope so Verdun, l hate upsets, like a quiet happy life. Life's too short, 


Stacey Docherty

Morning all.... Omg thought I would be first at this ungodly hour!!!!! Just popping in for a quick hi.... Cold ruined me last week now working stupid hours again so... Jut downing a coffee b4 my lift gets here... Raked up all te acorns yesterday omg I have never seen so many such a shame I can't even put them on the compost while I guess I would need to bash them a bit... Well that may be a good stress reliever but regretablly also too much time to do and right now my gardening is speed gardening!!! Laters peeps take a brolly today it's wet and cold just 5 days to end of British summer xx


Good morning all - Stacey!!! I thought I was the early riser around here - seems you're ready to take on the baton 

Acorns - what to do with acorns?  .................... Pigs, you need a pig!!! 


Morning Stacey, Morning Dove,

speed gardening sounds a bit stressful Stacey - sounds like you are having a manic time of it.  Hope you have still got time to plan your pumpkins!  Dove - 9 days left!  Chucking it down here, very dark and the owls are hooting as i type.  Only a few more days and the mornings will be lighter again - but they will be traded for dark evenings instead.  

The potty gardener

Morning Stacey, Dove, Chicky and everyone to come. No rain here just dark.

Thants 8 get ups Dove in case you hadn't realised.

I need a coffee but don't have any here, will have to wait 'till 7.30 when the other site opens .

Have a wonderful day everyone


Good morning Chicky - this time last year our ash trees were a regular stopping off point at this time of day for a tawny owl as he returned to the oak wood nearby, but I've not heard him yet this year.  

I did just hear a fox bark somewhere nearby tho' - neighbours at the top of the hill have chickens - but if the fox was raiding a hen coop it's unlikely to have drawn attention to itself.