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Hi all. Been a mild night but still raining that's 5 days on the trot. We aren't in danger of flooding but the garden is boggy in places.

Have a good day all.


Right - setting off to work - picking my car up from the menders on the way - see you all later folks - have a good day everyone 


Morning all. Bye Dove!

Dry here at last but I don't think it'll be that way all day.

Wood's been delivered so I'll try and open it and bring it all round to back garden later 

Not heard any owls here - we used to have one at last house. They're beautiful when you see them close up. I do seem to have a bat here though. He was a regular little visitor in the late summer. Did you decide on your pyracantha chicky? I love them and round here there are loads spilling out from gardens and at field edges just laden with berries.


Morning all,

Another wet grey day,but it is still quite warm.

Hoping to get outside and do some tidying up later,a few things need some attention,cutting down and tying up.Still have Cosmos Purity in flower,it has been out for such a long time,and still has plenty of buds.Nastursiums climbing around by the kitchen window are providing a real splash of colour.

Have a good day all  


Wet here.....again.  May be a respite this afternoon amd tomorrow.  

Be nice to get your car back dove.......celebrate it.  Even if it's pouring down get the roof down.  Silly me but I loved my sports cars once and often drove,around in the rain with hood down.  .  Left it out one day and got caught out with snow .....after that I was more sensible,

Hmmmmm!   Don't  like the end of summer time.  

Have nice day folks



hello forkers. Hoeing down here again. The stream is getting very close to flooding but not much i can do about it.

Have a good day everyone.

Hello punkdoc

Wet here too. Love to,have a stream in my garden. Nothing better in the summer


star gaze lily

Morning all. Terrible nights sleep and now a bit behind today. Good job not going to work!!! Just started to rain here so looks like I won't be getting last few bits done in garden today. Grass needs raking of acorns AGAIN,  ive never seen so many either! ! Off to gc to grab a few last bits if poss. See you all later byeeeee!!!


 still can't read my pms


Verdun. the stream is great. Most of the year there is just a relaxing burbling sound. At the moment though it sounds like an aircraft is about to take off.

In the summer we usually get a few small brook trout which i feed with the odd worm.

The pond which is fed by the stream is very overgrown with reeds and bullrushes. I need to get in there before winter. It attracts a great variety of birds incudinf; a regularly visiting heron, mallards, moorhens and very rarely mandarin ducks. The first time I saw these I thought Id been on the magic mushrooms. They were just so unexpected. The best siteing yet was during the very cold winter 2 years ago when OH was looking out the bedroom window. She called out to say there was an odd bird in the pond. I got the binoculars and...... a Water Rail.


Does it just run through your garden , punkdoc, or do you divert some for a pond?

I tried to have a little artificial stream with my pond, but the water loss in summer was huge.



Been to WW - I'm sorry just can't call iyt fat club as that is not what I want to be, good news though

Tipping it down here, moving from light drizzle to sudden burst of torrenyali rain. Got soaked!

No gardening while it's like this. Did buy the netting to make my leaf composter though

Back later

PS nearly left yesterday, pleased back to friendly chat


Hi fidget. yes the stream runs through the garden flowing from up on the moors. A little bit of the flow is directed into a pond and the pond outflow goes back into the stream.


I'd love a stream. I have deepish holes with ground water that's about a metre higher in winter than it is in summer. There aren't many desirable water plants that can cope with that. Plenty of rushes, sedge and bullrushes though. Irises round the edge and comphrey and willowherb survive inundation. The newts are happy and so are the dragonflies


I like the bit at Harlow Carr, where the stream runs through, surrounded by candelabra primulas. My attempts to recreate a semblance of that were a dismal failure.


Yes fb, I love HC. It wouldn't work here. I'm mostly happy to garden with what I've got, no hankering for acid lovers or alpine gems. But I'd love a good water garden



My last house had a natural spring which fed our ponds so when there was heavy rain the little waterfall into the main one was a torrent! There was a rill connecting to the second pond and a further one from that going out to the boundary and down the hill. The road was often like a river as well as we were on quite a steep hill. I definitely want a small pond here even if I don't stay. It's lovely for wildlife of all sorts.

Punkdoc- have you posted pix of your pond here? It would be nice to see them. 


First dry spell of the day,have just been out and picked the last of the conference pears ahead of the forcast winds at the end of the week.Huge crop,just trying to work out where to store them all

Urban Wildlife

Dry here ( Rochdale) at the moment, even some blue sky.  Just been down to the chooks and put some chipped bark on the wet bit of the pen. Happy chooks fresh food for the digging . Just checking round still plenty in flower looks more like September really. Anyone noticed that?



At the moment you cant really see the pond for the reeds. I will post new pictures when I have improved it. I think i have posted pictures of it before.

I too like the stream at HC. I have planted Candelabra primula, astilbe, lythrum, rodgersia and iris chyrstographes in a boggy area adjacent to the pond. This area is usually flooded in winter and stays moist the rest of the year. It is only a small area, but it is one of my favourite bits of the garden, which i am always extending by removing more lawn



 It hasn't rained for 2 hrs, so deadheaded roses and the still flowering Cosmos purity, it's been great this year, will grow again next year. Off to make hay