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No gadening but the rain seems to have held off. Had to see aged parent which was difficult, usually spell in garden afterwards helps but too wet today


I love the idea of a pond and rills but and have toyed with the idea of putting one in, even a small one.

I do have one in a galvanised bath tub but it isn't wild life friendly. 

There is one area of garden which is blank at present, but overhung by large oak tree, that I have considered, but unsure if it would be successful?


Well, I've been out twice planting bulbs in between showers. I got wet twice. Now I think its time for coffee and a caramel doughnut.

 I've got one spare......


Ooooooooooo.  They look rather nice.    One spare....ooooooooo

Its been dry, sunny and warm....windy too.  Had a visitor from 15 miles away who said its been pouring down there. That's Cornwall.  Little mini micro climates.  Heavy shower mid morning and beautiful since.  Planted out a few more large wallflowers.

Punkdoc  my conditions are so different.....well drained here so a stream with its wildlife and bog plantIng makes me envious. Would love to grow Rodgersias but can't.  I guess you can there.   Everything has a plus and minus I guess. 

Agree Urban it feels more like september or late,August. Lovely...till it rains again 



OK. Verdun.

I've got a deal. You send us the sun,

I'll send you a nice cream filled caramel topped doughnut.


Lazy meal chilli from freezer and a bowl of salad...gotta eat those last few toms & bit of cumber



Lily if you still can't see your PM's start a post about it so Daniel will read it.

star gaze lily

I I'll look for it and say againid Kef over a week ago I

star gaze lily


That came out all mixed up!! ----- I did Kef over a week ago I'll look for it and say it again 

I'll look for your thread then lily....what's that?.....".......say againid KEF......". Welsh?  Sorry lily. 


I'll start another if that's ok with you Lily

Evening all

How about a pond like this from aquatics shop next to the Wyevale GC I go to easy and small

or this, comes in a few other colours as well

sure wildlife will like it

 been a wet day 


Lily, just start a new thread. " Daniel help I can't see my PM"s." tell him you can send but not receive,


Gardengirl have you bought them both? Very nice but that's a bit greedy...Enjoy.


not got any of them, just took photos when went to the GC, I like the brightness of them and simple to put up


Waiting for dinner but made the mistake of reading the last few posts first...any buns left fidget? 

Don't let Verd have any- he's probably been scoffing doughnuts all day....

Dry for a bit this afternoon so more woodworking done and a little painting so might get more planting done tomorrow weather permitting. 

My messages are all of a flutter too but I seem to be able to send. You could send one to Daniel - in case they're not aware lily - and if you say you can't receive, he'll post on a thread to update 


Gg which do you prefer? I love the cerise but would maybe select second. Are you going to make / get one?...If any going free either colour suits me  I didn't get as far as GC only to Plumbfix for a new radiator valve.


What an exciting life you lead KEF! Almost as thrilling as mine 

Got any gravy tonight? 


Fairygirl, verdun bagged the last doughnut, but I have choccies. All plain chocolate--- it's practically a health food.