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Sunniest spot possible,chicky then flowers all summer long.....some well into autumn 


Soz don't have time to catch up. Hope if any ill you improve.  Any new projects best wishes.

Mum not well so might not have access to internet for a while.



Remember we're always here for you, Kef.  I hope your mum is better soon.


Oh KEF - big hugs and positive vibes

Best wishes for your mum KEF 



KEF, hope all sorts itself out.

Fidget, I only now plant small dafs., as I have less problems with the foliage getting in the way of planting summer stuff, until the leaves die down.

Well as far as I can see I am no better off after the budget, so I am sitting here with a G@T and will probably have another one after this.

Had a rather nice tea, if I say so myself, lamb steaks, with chickpeas, onion and tomatos, with some mild spicing. 

Snap with lamb chops punkdoc....ha ha 


A late breakfast for us, sausage, egg and hash browns  Yummy 

And while that was in the oven I knocked up a batch of cheesy biscuits for the bake sale at work for Sports Relief. So sorry, no spares for you lot, not even for me! Well, maybe one to check for taste 

Kef, hope your mum is ok. Thoughts are with you ((hugs))

Orchid Lady

Evening everyone  

Stacey,how is your shoulder?

Allium, thanks, I don't think it's the energy...more the time and possibly a bit of procrastinating because of it being a bit daunting, I know if I push it we will end up having a row so just biding my time 

KEF, hoe your mum is better soon, sending cyber hugs to both of you and lots of positive thoughts xx


Sorry about your Mum, KEF. Hope she's better soon. We'll think of you while you're not here and hope to hear from you soon.

Just watched Line of Duty, but missed the first two episodes so I never really understood it.

Night all.
Best wishes to kef and mum .
star gaze lily

Hi everyone,

So sorry to hear your mum is  poorly Kef, hope she gets well soon. My very best wishes  and hugs to you both. Lots of love. X take care. X

Hope all ok with you Tracey, hugs to you too 

Nite nite everybody x


Morning all very strong winds here blowing things about just hope there's no damage done with it. Got my order from Parker's yesterday of bulbs,tubers and bare root's so am off work tomorrow so will be busy planting them into tubs and pots for now. KEF hope your mum gets well soon right off to work take care all.  


Morning Andy - seems like winter is about to return here too.  What sort of things were in your bulb order?

some of my seedlings are starting to develop their true leaves - dahlias in particular are romping away


Here's what i got chicky Dahlia 2 of each Peaches,Viking,Jowey Nina,Dark Spirit,Jowey Linda,Boom Boom Yellow. Dahlia 3 of each Jean Marie,Le Baron,Duet,Garden Wonder. 1 Hydrangea Annabelle 5 Agapanthus Blue Peter 5 Zantedeschia mixed plus10 free giant double Begonia and 1 free Buddleia Blue Chip. All good size and happy with the packing of the Hydrangea & Buddleia so here's hoping they all put on a good show.

chicky  same as you my dahlias i lifted last year are doing great and got a lot of seedlings singled out about 120 on Tuesday and loads more to do later on but it's great watching them grow.

Stacey Docherty

Morning all.... I can't dig up the daft it is growing in the woods and it would be illegal for me to dig it up.... You can pick an pluck but not sever or dig!!!!! Lol colder today oops better go boss is in lol.... Enjoy your gardens peeps


Morning all. Pretty vile here today - just as well I'm at work. Rain battering the windows 

You're going to be busy Andy!

Off for a quick look round before I go - didn't see any posts last night. 

Have a good day everyone.


Morning all, wind and rain not got us yet, expected this afternoon. On a course today so indoors... but close to a large GC! Hope your mums ok KEF. Head down Stacey, get that work done before boss spots you! Andy hope you manage to plant everything.