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Kef , it's been so mild, your cannas are probably ok. Have a ferret around to see if the root is still there.. Or was it underwater? Its spitting with rain here now.


Hopefully the stuff wont be in there too much longer :P

We very VERY rarely got a frost after the last week of April so another 4 weeks or so and I can think about starting to plant out some stuff and then get some toms and chilli's going!


Verdun, I only want gentle rain over my patch, none for you, fingers crossed. Poor Fairy has a pond in her back.  

Thing is ours might be wet underneath but top layers have dried out too quickly, so drumstick primulas and some shallow rooted things, who normally have wet this time of year aren't happy.

fidgetbones wrote (see)

Kef , it's been so mild, your cannas are probably ok. Have a ferret around to see if the root is still there.. Or was it underwater? Its spitting with rain here now.

Fidget thanks for encouragement but the poor things were in the past tense, about 6 yrs ago. If I'm honest I didn't forget I was too lazy & hoped they'd survive..not that winter.

Brugmansia "My Fidget" now has six leaves,and sprouting from most of stem. It lives in conservatory, outside on warm days and overnight at min' 6C. Has been potted on in multi-purp & had 2 weak liquid feeds. I know it should go into GH to toughen & slow but worried as weather overnight due to be very cold. I'm happy to keep potting on, even if it turns into a monster.  What do you feed yours with when they start to grow?  Got a nice prime place for it maybe mid May, depending on weather, well rotted manure already dug in.


raining here and v strong winds, reseeded lawn sunday, so did want a bit of rain..just a bit! kef did you send me a message? i couldn't read it but i am rather technologically challenged!



archie - that's almost barbecue weather for you...

Started to clear a bit here but that's the calm, before the you-know-what. Distinctly sleet laden clouds now and only 5 degrees. I could just about take off ma simmitt if it goes up a few degrees 

MrsG - you can never have too many clematis and I bet they'll all be fine with a little tlc. However, I'm going to have to confiscate that white quince as we can't tolerate salty language you know....

I've got the perfect spot for it....


Very good Stacey - it wasn't there when I posted. 

I've sent you all some rain - might be a touch of sleety snow in with it...enjoy! 

heehee love it, mrs g, i got the clematis offer in gw, 7 for £21.50, still maybe looking at getting armandii too.. also want another 2 climbing roses!


Stacey lol.  Louise, I posted on the "get it off your chest" a few days ago about how to look at messages. Then sent you a message with a bit more info'.

Go right to the top of this page. On the right hand corner there is a an area that says your name, press the white arrow and it gives you some options press "my messages" they will appear. Read the one I sent you for more info".

When you've done just click back on Forum & you are back here.

star gaze lily

Kef--Fairys got a pond in her back---???

Fidget, hope you're ok, hugs

Stacey lol  

Brrrrr very cold and very very windy looks like rain soon too 


Louise I've looked and you've replied to me  So you've cracked it !! I've sent you one back . Easy after a few goes.  Any problems just shout on this thread & we'll try and help .


Fairies with wands always have water reserves on their back Lily

Time to finish the cooking.


Miserable day here. Got out for a walk in the woods though, and there are definite signs of spring, the bird song was deafening, even in the rain, its a sound that really raises the spirits.

Anyway, tea to cook, OH has requested spag. bol., even though she knows I dont really like it. A bottle of red should improve things.

See you later.



Well all my new plants are getting a good watering now!

Hope your ok Fidget.

chilli for us tonight.

 See you in the morning peeps.


Kef and mrs  Garden.  feed the brugmansias with tomato feed. Phostrogen or tomorite or comfrey feed.  Mine aren't even sprouting yet.(the old ones in the greenhouse). I forgot to say. One of the rooted cuttings in the 6 inch pots had a solitary bee making a nest in it. No idea if I've still got it, or one of you have it.


Hows the head fidget? I am sure you know this, but if you start feeling sick, or if your conscious level starts to change, then you need urgent medical attention. I know its very unlikely, but just incase, and although it goes against the grain for me to say this, no alcohol tonight.


 Sunny, 19° today, but they say it will be cool and wet next week. Had to water troughs and tubs.

Hope you are OK, Fidget, after falling backwards.

First day of spring!


KEF wrote (


KEF wrote (see)

Hi Archie, it's playing at raining & some stuff does need some. What we don't need is wind. Did you finally get your drains done? If you've already said, soz, missed it. Soon be curry night just got to get over the pasta night ( tonight) not my fav', but OH loves it.

drains still not done kef . long story.