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Storm passed stoped raining for a bit now a downpour again waterbutts are too full, think garden will be very wet

ah you all have the storm very big one scary

just watching DIY SOS think they are going to make a nice back garden

The potty gardener


It's taken me all evening to catch up. Looks like I missed donuts and chocolates.

No storm here yet.

Bake off was good.

I'm following KEF...... night all


Haven't watched Bake-off, hope OH recorded it. Only French TV at daughter's. Just watched Nanny McFee in French.


Oh dear, yawning as I watch prog on Australian indigenous art - love the work but hard to stay awake.  Think I'd better go up the wooden hill .... see you in the morning folks, sweet dreams.

The bake off was won by....the winner...hee hee hee, oh alright!  I'll get my coat. 

Fed up. Arsenal lost tonight too.  No chocs or donuts. 

I want to grow something different next year.  I'm always growing something new but what now?  Got new agastaches and new heleniums will arrive in spring but awesome  is called for now.     I guess everybody else thinks that way too




Gg, I'm watching DIY SOS too. Always impresses me the generosity of people and the speed that it is all achieved in. Looked quite muddy in the garden 


John Masseys garden at the back of Ashwood nurseries.

  The big lemon flowers are heliopsis.

 Or you could get away with lots of exotics such as bananas down there, verdun.

no storm here in n wales yet but I guess it'll hit at some point tonight!

I ate a couple of mr kiplings 'festive' bakewell tarts earlier - just product testing them of course before xmas - they were ok but werent prticularily festive! Sticking a bit of green holly shaped icing on the top does not make it 'festive' mr k!! I will probably be testing lots of festive offerings over the next week as I'm in the throes of giving up smoking after a lifetime of nicotine dependance so watch this space as I shall probably be rapidly filling it!! lol


You have all been busy on here tonight. Just back from a bit of culture. A Winters Tale at the Lyceum in Sheffield. Very good but a tad long at just over 3 hours.

Dolgarrog. I too am afflicted by the weed. Terrible for a doctor I know. But it was a case of do what I say not what I do.

I seem to have missed a lot of cake tonight. I had pizza but not enough time for the chocolate fudge cake before show started.


star gaze lily

Fell asleep on the sofa again!! I do hope I get a better nights sleep tonight than last night. Nite nite all x


morning all  found the bakewell  in the porch  will take to work . raining heavy here 

Stacey Docherty

Morning all... What a fantastic thunder storm we had last night it was a wow one! But boy it's raining now.... Hope you are all well just read the article on hellibores and growing your own.... Mmmm I sowed mine may June time it says germination in September but I thought they needed the cold to germinate?? (Verd??) does this mine have not worked? I crossed a wonderful double variety with a stunning black and green one I was hoping!!!!!!


Morning all - glad the missing bakewells appeared Archie !!

All quiet here after last night's pyrotechnics.  Wonder if it ever made it to Norfolk?

off to make a cuppa before i start my day - have a good one peeps......


Hi Stacey - plenty of time for hellebores to germinate yet i would think - don't give up til the spring.



Good morning all   If the storm made it here I didn't hear it   We have had some more rain tho'.

A trip up to the North Norfolk coast scheduled today, and then an evening meeting, so goodness only knows what time I'll be back tonight - save some cake for me - or I might be in the market for a Cornish pastie if someone  has access to the authentic version?  Actually, make that two please, and then that's supper sorted 

star gaze lily

Morning everyone,  work today (groan!)  Yes great storm last night. Still raining here. Must get ready see later, have a good day all xx


Morning all. Chucking it down here but if we had any storms last night I didn't hear them thankfully . Still very mild.

work for me too 

Doubt if I'll get anything else done outside but might get some bulbs potted inside if nothing else takes me away from home.

Have a good day all.

PS Glad the tart showed up archie...if you know what I mean..ooh err matron 


Morning all,

No storm here last night,but a spectacular sky this morning,shades of grey,blue and orangey red,bit of sunlight has picked out the edges of some clouds and it looks beautiful.

Can,t help with the pasty Dove,that will need to come from Verdun,but could offer t Apple Cake,very nice with cream.


Hi all. I didn't see any storm, but it continued to rain, still drizzling.

Off to hospital later 2nd cataract op' for Mum. Will be missing from forum tonight as having overnight stay. Bonus is I won't be cooking, it will be takeaway, well I'll have had a traumatic day.  I'm hoping M is one of the first to theatre, obviously not looking forward to it (no pun intended)  and more anxious than she's admitting. Routine I know but you can't help being a bit worried when someone is elderly.

Just heard weather forecast, apparantly there has been a lot of rain and there is water on the roads. Think I missed a career opportunity there

Have a good day all and see you soon.