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Blackest - take a pic of the tuberous crown and let us have a look - it might be something wonderful ....

star gaze lily

So far so good Tracey  fingers and toes crossed for you.

My OH is playing golf today so i can't get anything done today....the fact that its raining doesnt'll get wet  


Just had a hail storm here Lily. Your OH wants to be thankful if it's only rain 

Nice to see Blackest again 

Beautiful day.  Really summery.

My water leak seems to be from an old water pipe going to next door.  He knew I was tracing it but today he casually memtioned the water emptying onto his property.  Silly, silly man.  I asked him to check a couple of weeks back but he has pools of water where his garden tap......running from my supply.....used to be.  Think he knows I'm slightly annoyed.    

Right, outside now 


Lunchtime for me 

Lovely to 'see' you blackest. Hope you're keeping well. Have missed your input. I like a tuberous crown - goes well with my fleece ensemble. KEF has one of those - or is it a different kind of crown... 

Chuck a pic on and someone will ID it by the end of the day!

Got my big raised bed filled now and some more plants in. A couple of spaces for some plants - one for a Peony definitely, and I'll get some dark sedums to replace the ones I have. Spaces for more Clematis as well. Got pot done for sweet peas and popped some in. Covered them for now but will take that off as soon as they get going. Pots to sow with white cosmos. They're the same size pots as some of my Irises and also some narcissus so they they''ll each take their turn in the border. That will allow me to put the Irises somewhere to get the sun after they've flowered. It's all coming along. Painting after lunch I think and maybe the front grass. 

Then a lie down in a darkened room...



Just a flying visit to say hello. Friends who came to dinner last night decided to stay and we are now about to have lunch.


 looks a bit like a strawberry plant but its nowhere near my strawberries




Blackest I'm pretty sure it's a weed. I was given something looking like that along with some strawberries and I potted it up with them and it grow a lot faster etc...when I checked with neighbour that it wasn't a different variety he said a weed and it spreads underground in clumps that he's had to dig out.  


Looks like a potentially large and strong growing patch of stinging nettles to me - dig it out and chuck it over the wall where it can grow to feed the caterpillars 


Afternoon Clarington - been having a lie-in?   


Afternoon Clari  Good for you if you have  Dove's just jealous! She likes to get up at silly o'clock 


 ok here is another that i cant identify , first strange plant relocated to the meadow next door


Could that be Snow in Summer - Cerastium tormentosum?

Good relocation   A weed is just a plant growing in the wrong place


I wish! Up at 06:30 but trapped family event all weekend.

Politics are getting very stressful so I've come online to hide!!



Good place to hide Clari. I'm here as I'm not doing a roast dinner only pasta, something soft  


Ok i'll let it be, similar shade of green to dianthus  maybe

Anyone else just had, having that hail storm? Road is covered!

None here MrsGarden, but I'm out re-wrapping a palm in a big pot later as -2C forecast.

Young Fidget