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Lovely piggy cake photo.

Managed to get to allotment and weed two raised beds and top them up with new compost.  OH managed to refit the lid of the composter which blew off in the wind last week.  Dug over a small patch.  Tidied up the other strawberry patch. Tulips are out in the corner, lovely yellow, pink and orange.  (Previous occupant planted those)  Have spotted several plants on the newest half of my allotment, delphinium, doronicum, lupins, tulips, and some other yet unidentified plants.

First potatoes went in last week.  Planted peas and covered with fleece last week. Spread manure around the base of raspberries and fruit trees.

Was going to start on the borders in the garden today and reshape them, but the hail put a stop to that.  Spent some time in the greenhouse. 

Made leek and potato soup with home grown leeks this afternoon and then a leek and stilton bake to go with roast dinner tomorrow.  Took some home grown apples out of the freezer as everyone requested a crumble to go with tea tomorrow, may go and pull some rhubarb too.  Yum.

Busy time of year for us all. Still feel we have to be slightly cautious of the cold though as today has turned rather nippier that I though it was going to be.  Brrrr!!

Off to make packed lunches, clean school shoes, watch countryfile (catch up).  Good night all. xx

Oh Tracey  - the perennials were good last year, you will just have to grow them on a bit first as they are only small.  Geums were great in particular.

Orchid Lady

Will the perennials be ok growing on outside or will they need to be in the GH until after risk of frost?


I'd keep them in - treat them like seedlings.  They will be ok to be planted outside for good sometime this summer.  Your GH will be up and running long before they arrive

Orchid Lady

If not I'll have it put the heater on Chicky 


star gaze lily

I 've just had over  60 notifications 

Tracey-Newbie wrote (see)

Not sure if anyone saw my post last night about the free perennials in this month's mags, any thoughts.......good or not??

Also, my Begonia bulbs (tubers, whatever they are called?), do they need to be in a GH  or are they ok outside?


Keep Begonia tubers warm Tracey. When they have made plants and frost risk is over then they can go outside.

Orchid Lady

Thanks Lizzie, I will keep them inside then  I'm a bit gutted actually because I bought them from a GC the other week, 6 different ones and didn't make a note of what they are.....all I know is I have a yellow, red and white in a border/pot variety and a hanging basket variety, so 6 tubers and no idea which ones are which!! 

Enjoyed the brilliant sunshine today.    Really was enough to get a  sort of tan I guess.  

Sat outside with cuppa for few mins workIng out what to replace my dead Acer with.  Think I'll put Canna Durban there....have few large ones in pots.  Lots of flowers on 2 peach trees. So looking good for fruit crop.    

Planted golden spirea I'd grown on from last year.....grown for orange foliage with red new shoots,the flowers will be denied.  A very under rated foliage shrub IMO..

Echinaceas outside .......marmalade and ice cream sundae another double are shooting.

Orchid Lady

We had sunshine too Verdun and although it isn't tanning weather yet, I still think you get a healthy 'glow' after being outside in the sunshine.  Some (most?) of the plant names still go over my head, but I'll get there eventually and it sounds like a productive day.

I've got lots of flowers on my pear tree, no so many on the apple tree or plum tree and a few on the cherry (which was new last year).  I have loads on the fruit bushes too, I'm hoping for a good fruit season 

Oops!  Not ice cream is echinacea Milkshake I have coming out.'s nice to have edible stuff in the  garden.  Think of all that healthy fruit soon. 



Lovely cake Stacey  Your LO is a lucky girl! Fav party food, cheese and pineapple hedgehog 

Got to get to the GC this afternoon  Bought my magnolia  some very blue primroses, some hazel branches (half price), a giant spotty tea cup (half price) in which I will house some alpines (that do not grow out of control!), and two large half price terracotta pot  Knowing that these will be heavy when planted up I bought some stands on wheels. Once home I put one of the pots on it's stand to show OH. He thought it would be fun to shove it and watch it move on it's own. It fell off and my new pot is now in 3 pieces  I was not a happy Panda, accident or not.

 Clear blue sky, but frosty overnight. Magnolias a bit droopy!


Good morning all  

A lovely pink sunrise over the crisp frost - down to -1.3C and not risen at all yet this morning.  Hefty had been out and eaten his supper so all appears well in the hedgehog world even if it is a bit frosty.  

Serious garden planning to be done today - plant combinations to work out.  I might start a thread for suggestions .... 


Morning all very hard frost here this morning but sun out so maybe another good day hope so well off to work have a good day all.


The world is white!  One of those hoar frosts here.  Hope all those new shoots i spotted yesterday aren't clobbered


Good morning Chicky - our white world went pink when the sun came up - looked like candyfloss!

Panda - I think I'd have been slightly annoyed too!!!  Hope he's getting you another one!  Where's that picture we had of the lovely little planting in a broken pot? 


Good Morning -1C here, and white like Chicky world. Sun out so hoping for a good day.

Bet Mr.Panda was in dog house, maybe make a broken pot display like Fairy's.

Dove glad Hefty still with you.

Andy hope work goes well.

AWB hoping Magnolia are okay after frost.

Fav' party food was and still is Icecream

star gaze lily

Morning all, very thick frost here this morning but sun coming out now. Glad I brought in a few new plants.

Oh dear Panda, hope he is going to buy you a new one! Perhaps you can use the broken one to make something with. Think its naughty time for OHs......mine spent rather a long time at golf yesterday........grrrr.

Last day before back to work tomorrow so will try to do a few things today.

Have a good day everyone take care   BFN