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Tina- think you meant to say 'you weren't offensive'  to punkdoc!!! 

Yes - hope you're feeling better soon Panda. It's all that bamboo you're eating...


I've spoken to Pennies on the other thread and told her about this one....

Woodgreen wonderboy

It seems we will need to watch out for more than just spam adverts and kitchems fron now on I shall always be a bit of a 

Dove, I am leaving my runners in a bit longer yet to get enough seed for next year, and this year I started my broads in small pots in the GH, and it gave them a flying start in February, my best crop ever..


I can't picture you as a little  Woody...more of an  


Hi Woody.

Punk you didn't offend that's my job. I did get a bit cross as I went to dear friends funeral on Tues and this is first time I've felt like joing in & we got that stuff.

Panda, soz to hear you're poorly, get well soon...I could do with a spell in bed, bought Rod Stewarts biography and would enjoy reading it but I keep falling to sleep at night.


Tina good luck with ruse, I can be there to help in about 5 hrs if traffic good. Cannas!! wot you like talking about plants & trees ? I noted earlier Eucalypus post.

Matty, jam sounds good, just got apple sauce reducing, first of season, all the wind delivered lots of windfalls.

Hope no one in my family gets a bean allergy as they have a lot to eat. No one wanted them fresh but all happy to have now sorted & frozen

Hello to Chicky when she appears. Hope family dog has been for a recent visit.

Off to sort out a pasta bake for later.



WW. Yes, and it's warm. No worries about heating bills.

It's up to you Kef.  I will be in bed when you get here, so will leave everything out in readiness. Bet you were shocked to see me posting about a gardening subject but, the point was, everyone else was wrong! Hope no-one reads this).  Think I would fall asleep reading Rod Stewart's biography too.



 "and it's warm. No worries about heating bills."

Good idea - this is the plan -  all OAPs to be as  in order to avoid heating bills in the afterlife 

Woodgreen wonderboy

Will save the Government the cold weather payments so we get a tax cut too  


Less of the OAP's Dove, after all, we are all only 27 


Pennies from heaven and Dove's from above = we come from the same place!  A joke!

Oh dear - sorry you didn't get it.  No one's mocking you Pennie but why the religious references on a gardening messageboard please? 

This is a friendly place but you've been talking about the sinful and punishment 

That's not friendly and not sure what you expect anyone to think.

People have gone out their way to welcome you, help you to find the new Chat thread and to involve you - what's not to your liking?


Woody, I'm poor and don't pay tax, so I quite like the heating allowance. Means I can have it on 24 hours a day when it gets really cold. Hope everyone is going Ahhh. and feeling suitably sorry for me.  All donations gratefully accepted. I will post my bank details later.


Pennies, it's not cliquey on here, everyone is relaxed and friendly and enjoys a joke - mostly.  A bit of banter goes a long way towards cheering people up and there will be people on here who's only contact with others will be through the discussions they have on here.  We try and keep it that way 


Of course Pennies, as the title says it's a friendly place where all are welcome 


A trouble stirrer I think, and well practiced at the art. 

Not worth worrying about. 



Definitely Pennies


Lot of trick or treaters about today


Do you reckon FB?


I feel like saying 'You're Lobby Lud and I claim my £5!"