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Hellebore seeds germinate quite quickly as I remember.  Bit lazy about seeds but intend to try some hybridising in spring.  Sounds interesting Stacey.  Could seed have dried out at all?

Look dove, I send you pasties every week in jiffy bags now you want even more!  

Dont think there was a storm down here or even a lot of rain.  Since late morn yesterday it's been fairly sunny, dry  and bright.  As I said before thats just for here..there have been downpours in other parts of Cornwall.  Only a few miles between north coast and south coast here so can be completely different weather.

Funny thing, punkdoc, about the "weed".  I don't  smoke and hate both smell and damage it causes yet I understand the  soothing and calming affects of it so don't really judge.  Went through the cannabis thing for a short time but it was the smoking of it that bothered me.  That and the disorientation and reluctance to do anything too.  People need to cope and we all have to find ways to do that.  I was a Samaritan for a while and it opens your eyes.   Mental illness, depression, phobias, fears and worries ......and then there were the callers!  Not really mocking ..why would I?...but I do think talking is a solution.  Empathy is in such short supply yet so important........phew!  

Well, nice and sunny.  My dog calls for his walk. Have happy day folks


Wet and dark again in Sheffield. Itching to get and and do stuff . Oh well going for injections for hols this pm.

Have a lovely day everyone.

Stacey Docherty

Lol verd yeah they probably did but I wasn't expecting germination till spring so I will just leave them in the cold frame.... Well the Xmas baking book came out last night it's gonna be merangue snow men on top of Xmas cake this year me thinks.... 

hi punkdoc - thanks for the understanding & Verdun too re giving up smoking!

The sun has just broken through the gloom here in conwy valley & everything suddenly seems much nicer!! Going to go & take a few cutting of  geraniums I think then tidy the kitchen ready for delivery of new fridge/freezer tomorrow - I'm enjoying a full & thrilling retirement as you can see!! Hope everyone has a good & happy day xx

Hope your mum is ok too KEF! xx

Urban Wildlife

Sunshine now after 2 straight hours of rain it's a mudbath out there this morning. Reckon I'll do some carving for a while.



i gave up the weed about seven years ago after smoking for nearly 40 years it wasnt the first time i had tried but i am so glad i succeeded i feel so much better apart from what i must have saved i dont know how much they are now but i could get through forty a day. so good luck dolgarrog try to have a list of small jobs you can do when its all getting a bit much and your tempted it is amazing how quickly te urge goes away if you occupy your mind with something else, i tried to avoid the things and places that were associated with smoking for a few weeks.

again good luck 




my M had her 2 eyes done, she was fine, and couldn't get over how she could see the TV again - we didn't realise she couldn't. The drops were fiddly to start but she soon got the hang of it and has never looked back!. Other health issues now but not sight. Good luck to your M and you

Just nipped out between squally showers to plant a Cephalaria gigantea(giant scabious type with yellow flowers). Have wanted one for ages, bought it at the Mavern show and have just put it where the shrub was I dug up last week. Feel well pleased only hesitant note is that it was so pot bound couldn't even scrape the roots open

Between the showers we have sun here, and didn't have a thunder dtorm though did have some torrential rain


Hello everyone,

sorry i've not been here to support you all throught the recent forum troubles.

Here's cake to make up...

Hmmmm, maybe not then, I dont bake so was going for the google images but couldnt do that either...

Here's one, I dont remember who's or when but we still have the dog!

Or how about these ? A wedding of someone I worked with, (dont know the chap, hope he doesnt mind being on the photo, so hard to find a pic with noone on it!) .

That just took about 20 minutes!!!! Really hope there's enough to go round!




Many thanks little-ann for your support! I do indeed try to do lots of little jobs around the house to take my mind off it - I have a sparkling home now!! Idiots are we not for being sooo dependant on a little smoke! It's made me realise how awful it must be to come off the really addictive stuff like heroin & other nasty drugs!

(been trying to upload a photo of a cake but no joy - will try again later!)


I've never smoked but know plenty who have been addicted for a long time and managed to kick it so keep going dolgarrog! Have you tried the electric ones? The partner of a friend - smoked heavily all his life - has been using one for several months now and swears by it.

Brightened up here so I'm going to get a bit done outdoors shortly.

Enjoyed that cake MrsG. Had to have another cup of tea to go with it!  


Glad you enjoyed it Fairy, having mine now with a coffee.

Car's been for it's MOT, amazing it passed, no extra charge! Oh apart from signing up for the service plan, good cost spreader and even Oh approves after close scrutiny.

Heavy rain this morning, beautiful sunny blue sky now! Took some photos, should have waited for the sun! New GH lovely ... quite empty though.

It's nice to be back.


Nice to have you  MrsG  

Off outside now to saw wood and paint it!

Weather much improved today after a dodgy start.  Got soaked this morning.  Sun shining now and have been able to get out in the garden.  Cleared away some dahlias, cut back and few bits and pieces and moved some too.  Looks much tidier.  Could do with cutting the grass but it's still a bit wet.  Hopefully get on with that tomorrow.  Need to get up the allotment too and make headway on the new ploy we've got.

It's been beautiful here today.  Temps now around 18.  No wind, blue,sky and warm sunshine 

Went with my niece to police station re her attempted burglary last weekend.  They had no record of the incident other than the initial 999 call.  We asked the police to speak with the intruder .....his name, address, place of work etc and 3 witnesses provided ample evidence for them.  They actually closed for lunch when we were there. Down here a large police station is closed to the public now,,another to close soon and a small one near me is closed too. The police will now interview the intruder and sheepishly admitted this should already have been done. Criminals must be very happy.

Well I'm going to planf out few more wallflowers in the glorious sunshine 


Just spent the afternoon with winter project - silly really  as the weather was glorious, but windy.

Loads of jobs in the garden to do as well. Tomorrow is supposed to be OK so will have to plan those jobs for tomorrow.

Did put in another plant though an Angelica gigas. When I looked it up there was conflicting advice about its best position so I've put it in , in partial shade, and hope it will be OK

And I know, should have asked on here but sometimes feel I'm invisible!



Verdun. If you tell the police that you and "the boys" intend to sort the matter out i am sure the police would intervene.

Just back from having my jabs. Going back to the hospital now reminds me of how much i hated the last few years of working there. I dont know how anyone gets better in these places.

I believe the weather is going to be ok most places tomorrow, so if you can get ready to go for it because, the weather is then going to get even worse.

Does anyone have any idea why we now have 3 threads again for general chit chat? bonkers or what.


pd- absolutely bonkers 

A woman I work with went into hospital for quite a serious operation a few years ago and came out with MRSA 

Got a bit done outside as it cleared up a bit and to be good here tomorrow so I'll be trying to get the rest of my wood sawn and attached and maybe painted. Do you mean horrible cold or horrible wet pd? Or both....



Hello, Matty. I raised some angelica gigas from seed this year. I put three in partial shade, they are growing well,and two in full sun, where one got eaten by slugs.

Next year will tell us the right answer I suppose.

Punkdoc, Brumbull seems to want his own threads now. I'm carrying on with this one. As you said, one makes more sense, and that was agreed at the start, when Verdun suggested it. Most people agreed with it, and at the time no one dissented.



Thanks Figrat - I'm sticking on this one thread only.

Amongst other things I don't have the time to 'chat' on lots of different threads.

Rather garden!

but I do not know where to come for advice, even if I didn't today

star gaze lily

Hello Mrsgarden where have you been, hope all ok.

Hope your mumis ok Kef,  sending my best wishes.

Chicky t

he clematis I bought yesterday is called flammula, small white flowers which are scented, quite pretty. Its now in a large pot with an obelisk to grow up.