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Matty, If you want some advice, you can mention it on here, or if you want to throw it to a wider audience, start a new thread.

Always remember that opinions given are just that, opinions.  There may be dissent amongst the ranks. What works for one person, may not necessarily work for another. We all have different gardens, all our own bit of paradise, and often very different.




 daughters wedding cake made by my eldest son . 2010

Oh lovely cake, can I have the first piece? Mmmmmm.
Evening all. Hope you've had a good day.

MrsGarden, good to,have you back. are far from invisible. I too post just on this FORKERS thread simply because that's we all agreed but it's fine whatever.  Everyone on one thread with no facfions was the intention but, look, no,prob  

 Matty,  for advice post a new thread  or just mention it on this one.  If I need advice I'm going to ask for it on the forum.....just did so on autumn colour thread. 

As I said earlier it's been fabulous weather today....just taken my dog on the Towans.......peaceful, warm and lovely.  My niece just took a photo as the sky looks so sensational.  

Well said fidget...advice is bound to vary.  We all have different experiences but we all, hopefully, try to give advice we think will help   

Hiya fairy....I'm still in one piece so you are not planning revenge?  You are too nice a person to hurt a dumbo like me!   Got  to say though, what a worker you seem to be.  Impressive I think......crawl, crawl, crawl. 




Thanks Figrat

Lovely cake, Hope it was tasty


Verd - yada,yada,yada......I'll chuck you some crumbs later- stale bread only - no doughnuts or cake 

I may try out a new spell on you sometime though.. just to keep you on your toes...

Did we finish all figet's chocs? I enjoyed mine very much. Archie's cake looks good though 

Chucking it down again here.

Verdun - gotta make sure you're getting your share of cake, I hear some hiding went on last night! Oh and I so wanted one of last nights chocolates too, were they from fidget? Thanks, its good to be back. Got questions too but will have to wait til I have more time. Just saying hello for now.

So. Are we thinking partial shade for Angelica gigas? I have several plants that might be. 2 sources of seed, one withdeeply pigmented red/purple leaves, one with green. What colour leaves have yours got Matty and fb?

Nut, shade and good moisture.

All that talk,of food is making me hungry. 


What about the very different colour leaves Verdun. What colour should they be?


Hi Verd, just want to say thanks for the tip about woottens.  I ordered about 20 plants at approx. 1am on Monday and they arrived this morning at 9am - now that's what I call service!  Nice big plants in big pots - much better than I've been used to - and extremely well packed with those biodegradable 'cheesey wotsits' that are now mixed into the compost heap.  


My angelica gigas have green leaves.  The parent did have the red/purple head.

I sowed  ripe seed sAugust 2012, overwintered in cold mini poly greenhouse, planted out in may. they have made big plants this year.  I expect them to flower next.



Verdun, you didn't pick up your godfather truffle. If you're teetotal, theres a caramel cheescake left that might suit you better.

Glad you are happy Bob.  Woottens really are first rate.  As you say, despatch is almost immediate  and plants  big enough to do their stuff well next year.Those "cheesy worsits"...corn starch ......disappear quickly in the compost heap.  What plants did ??ou get.?  Going in your new borders?

Nut ....going by memory, while leaves and purple staining  and stems.  I havent really got the right conditions and they disappeared after couple of years.  If I grow them again I have a better site....viz., deeper, moister soil and protected against strong sun. 




Thanks fb and Verdun. I shall await with interest to see the 2 plants in flower. More exitement for next year. I should think they'll be big enough to flower.

Think they're usually biennial nut so sure you will see rapid growth in spring.  


Mine was a new plant - leaves bit sorry for themselves - purple stems. Seems there are 2 sorts.

It was a little pot bound - the story of planting today

Look forward to seeing it now.Roll on next year

archiepem wrote (see)
daughters wedding cake made by my eldest son . 2010

Very pretty cake, archiepem, bet it tasted good too, but to be quite honest, for an instant I thought it was one of the Queen's hats!

Miserable and rainy here today, slept all afternoon. Have a good evening everyone!


Thanks Matty, Ididn't know there were 2 sorts.