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Morning all 

Quick check in from me! The sun is shining and I'm still ready to kick butt! Thank you all for your support. I'm feeling stronger.

Lily, have a great day!

I echo Fairy's sentiment, Dove is def needing to ride free buses!! 

Oops, is that the time, better dash!


OK, over enthusiastic - sun's gone and light rain, dark skies. And freezing cold.

Morning clari,potters, fairy and panda. go get em panda.


Good morning everyone.

 Blue skies and sunshine here.

Time for coffee.


I said that an hour ago Fidget!

Pottie Pam

Good morning everyone,

Lovely mornin and my mission for today is to dig a sweetpea trench and  put lots of rotted pony poo in. My sweetpeas have been in pots outside for over a week so it istime they are planted out.

I love Bishop's Children, Chicky. I'm not the most successful gardener but these dahlias were so easy from seed and did flower in the first year and made small tubers. They are still going strong after four years. I leave them in the garden and cover with some bracken in the winter.

Have a good day all.



Mrs G. The weather man said it would be nice but that's the second heavy storm shower to bounce off Sheffield this morning!

Hope you get to see The Gardens. I'm waiting for my grandparents (big gardening fans) to come up before I go there which is terribly silly really since gardens are always changing!


Well, I hope it doesn't bounce in my direction.

I love Bishops children as well. I have two dozen potted up and growing nicely, plus 6 for Mrs G.


I love Bishop's Children too. Mine are like Pam's, still come up.

Bit cooler today, rained a bit in the night. Got very hot weeding the big border in the sun yesterday. As soon as the bread is ready to leave for second rising I'm off to do more weeding. Must hang out washing first.


sunny rain wind then hale .. and repeat. Weeks behind here in the  garden here  with all our family STUFF. ....

but have sown plenty . better times ahead we hope .

ps beware of slugs in your cold frames . lost a sweetpea leaf lastnight .

enjoy the rest of your day all


archie  Good luck love. x

I see the kitchen spammers are trying a new tactic- trying to be 'our friends'. Brilliant 

Rain, sun, rain, sun here too.  Home for lunch so off for a quick look round before I go back.

Nice to see my adopted Dad back. Morning, well , afternoon  Frank 


Hello folks - I'm back   

I've done something I've never ever done before!  I've bought 3 pairs of shoes at once!!!   Well, Hotter were doing a deal where you got £40 off if you bought 3 pairs, and that meant the third pair I chose was free 'cos they'd already been reduced, and they're all so comfy and I've not bought a new pair of shoes for ages and ages..... I usually have such awful problems getting shoes that are comfy as my feet are so wide and I have very high insteps, but all three pairs are attractive and comfortable so ..... it had to be done!!!  That'll probably be enough shoes for a couple of years! One pair of trainers (they'll post them 'cos they didn't have the colour I wanted), one pair of sandals for the summer, and one pair of heeled peep-toes, in case I need to dress up a bit 

And I got a new nightie and some undies (some for Ma, some for me) and some line-caught cod fillet from the market for supper - we'll have that with  a chorizo, butter beans and  smokey paprika and tomatoey stewy sort of a thing

I changed my library books too and had a brunch of a ham & cheese toastie and a big mug of good coffee.  Just as well I came home or I'd have spent out - the garage will phone me later this afternoon and I'll get a cab down to pick the car up.  

Orchid Lady

Hi Everyone, hope you have all had a good day, Dove sounds like she has with her shoe shopping.  That is somethingI have never done either Dove and have been pondering in buying a new pair of shoes (the boys call trainers .....I would call pumps!,) for weeks because they are normally more than I would spend on clothes etc, Adidas and I want to try and be a bit trendier!!!!

Archie, that doesn't sound great,  I hope things get better too.

Panda and Lily, I hope your days at work have been better and you have both kicked some a** 

The sun is shining here but there is a cold wind blowing off the not so lovely Irish Sea which is making it very chilly!!!

GH looks very good with lots of post and trays of compost but no sign of life yet (it has only been 1/2 days!!).

Does anyone now at what temp is best for GH roof vents to be open?  I have set it about 25-26c??


Some seeds in GH starting to pop through, after 2-3 weeks, it's still pretty cold for the others I think.

Have had a lovely day looking at gardens, including Sheffield's botanical gardens. Weather held off mostly and supplemented by a nice slice of lime drizzle cake and coffee. 


Got half way through cutting the grass and the heavens opened. Oh well, cup of tea and hope it dries up soon. 

There's a hairy bittercress-fest going on right round the outside of my boundary fence so I'll have to get the hoe out and sort it all out. Not too many weeds round the new hedging but it'll take a fair bit of time to tidy up and mulch. 

Cake sounds good MrsG. Did you bring any extra for me?

Dove - those peep toe shoes will get in a helluva mess when you're doing the weeding...


PM'd you MrsGarden. Will catch up later with posts, sun out here so sunbathing LOL.


Orchid Lady

Is it not windy there KEF?  Careful you don't burn 

star gaze lily

Hi everyone.

Dove sounds like you had a retail therapy day, with bargins.

My day at work was better than last week. Will see how things go.

Hope everybody had an enjoyable day. Weather slightly better today but quite windy.

Panda hope your day went well.

Tracey, its getting nearer for biggest little man to come home 

Kef, hope you've put suncream on, don't want to get burnt

Orchid Lady

I know Lily  He text last night and had to be up early today as he was going up a huge glacier, sounds like he is having a fab time.  Just off to watch the 'not so might at the moment 'pool' lose another game with my little man!!  I've got my Geum Totally Tangerine now so it might bring us luck (but I'm not holding my breath!!!).


Green Fingered Mikey
Evening all great day today and no rain yippee got loads done today so all good not to long now and all my raised beds will done once I have finished leveling the garden, off volunteering work tomorrow for half the day I will take some pictures of the project we are doing I will do before & after pictures so people can see the transformations of the nature parks we work on

OH has been bounced from the gastropub he stayed in last night, as the receptionist that took his booking on Sunday, booked him in in July, and they are full tonight. However the new hotel looks better.

Sunny here for most of the day but a bit windy. I cleared most of the weeds out of the veg patch, soon be ready for planting.

Verbena bonariensis cuttings I took off some plants three weeks ago have rooted well. I love freebies.

The slugs are out in force so a trip to lidl for some cheap beer, and I filled up lots of slug pubs around the garden. I knew all those little glass ramekins the puddings come in would be useful.