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thanks dove let me wind me brain up and i'll try to look!

The potty gardener

Morning all. Haven't been on here for months and months- spending too much time on school work.

I shall use this holiday trying to catch up a bit. The weather has decided that I won't be doing anything outdoors for now.

Orchid Lady

Morning Potty  I know how you feel re the weather, my veg patch seeds have arrived today and I was wanting to sow them, got it all ready yesterday and it has rained all morning so far!!

As I'm working from home I am hoping that by the time I finish later it will have stopped for a bit so I can get outside.

Rosemummy, how is LO today?


Still raining here, I want to br outside!

Have just watched Beechgrove Garden, enjoyed it more than GW.

Going to watch the Hidcote programme next.

Its a tough life, dont know how I do it.


Nice to see you Potty, how are your pots coming along, any photos?
Beechgrove had failed on 'catchup tv' so will try again later.
Not got to GC at lunchtime, too much waiting around for discussion. Over and done now.

Good afternoon everyone. My last post disappeared!!!

Nice weather for ducks here. Shouldn't they be nesting by now?. This pair of mallards have been here since the beginning of march. Here in the day being fed, then back to the river at night. I assume this means they havn't built a nest yet.

I'm going to watch Hidcote too.

No more garden porn, I haven't got room for the plants in the greenhouse now.

Orchid Lady

My seeds from are Premier Seeds have arrived and it doesn't matter that it's raining because some of them are going in the GH 

Had an email to say that my new rose and Geum will be here anytime, exciting 

Just need my Tumbling Tom seeds now from T&M, ordered the same time as the others, paid for postage but last to arrive!!


Does anyone know if Tesco have taken over Dobbies garden centres?

I bought a slim trowel from them yesterday, branded "dobbies select" for £4. Narrow stainless steel blade and a wooden handle, ideal for slipping in plugs or small bulbs in between things , I thought.

It just jumped into the basket with the bread and milk.

Orchid Lady

Yes they have FB, it happened a couple of years ago now but gradually things are changing.  It wasn't well publicised (I wonder why!!) and I only found out as they were a customer (Dobbies that is).

Green Fingered Mikey
Afternoon all no gardening for me today it has not stopped raining all day off out now shopping at Aldi so I may just come home with some treats

Not feeling particularly motivated in the office today - 17:00 can't come quickly enough!

Going to "treat" myself on my way home from work tonight though. A new wrist brace and a mister spray so that I can better water my salad leafs (if they make an appearance) without crushing them as I have a habit of doing with my watering jug.

Til then I shall sit here and work out which food group I want to reintroduce into my diet (hoping to start tomorrow rather than wait another two weeks). Dairy or gluten? Oh the exciting decisions!

Orchid Lady

Poor you Clarington, I think I would go Dairy, I would be missing my milk and yogurts so much if I was you but could probably manage without gluten a bit longer  I presume you don't think either of those two groups are the problem then?

Keep smiling, not long now 


Horrible here now after looking not bad this morning. Oh well...

Doc- don't strain yourself now... 

I saw a sign for sale recently with the Latin inscription of Don't let etc. on it.  Think I may buy it and put it on the wall of the house 

The Hidcote prog is good - seen it a few times. Think there's a Christo Lloyd one on too if I remember correctly.

Lovely to 'see' you Bev. Hope work is alright now 


I am convinced its yeast, apples (but not cider - phew!!) and possibly something else bread related (but potentially only certain brands - to add confusion!) I'm not too worried about adding ones that don't react first - I just want to get a healthy diet back as I'm really struggling to get enough calories into myself currently (averaging 600 a day - yesterday was 345 calories) and no offence to vegetables but I really miss a nice steak.


Orchid Lady

I'd agree with you on that one Clari, one of my favourite meals is steak, huge salad and jacket potato but wouldn't be the same if it was just jacket and salad 


Its not. I can assure you!


Clarington, some bread makes me bloat. I have found its the ones with soya in. (added as a flour improver) Also smoky bacon crisps make my finger joints swell. I reduced my arthritis rapidly once I realised that it was an inflammatory reaction to things I was eating.

When Ryton Gardens was first set up, I used to go and have my lunch there when I was in the area.  I got talking to Lawrence Hills and dropped that out, and he took me to see his wife (Cherry) shortly before she died. They both had fairly restricted diets because of intolerances to various foodstuffs. He explained how much their health improved with the right diet.  I hope you find the culprits soon.

I cut the first salad leaves of the new season yesterday. They were a lovely addition to a BLT. I'm not allergic to good dry cured bacon.

star gaze lily

Hi all. Pouring down here has done since I got up 

Lovely morning/lunch with a friend. Good chat and feel much better than last few days.

Thanks Punkdoc, i won't let the BGMD,  feel more positive today. Just hope i'll feel like this tomorrow at work 


Orchid Lady

I've cut bread out at the moment and also cut right down on pasta and rice, just to see if it makes any difference. I don't feel as tired I must admit.

Lily, glad you had a lovely lunch and feel a bit better. My good friend is down today but doesn't live near me, I wish I could see her and cheer her up instead of relying on funny text messages about my planting antics!!