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Cheers Mrs G   Now I'm late to set off for work - they probably won't fire me now tho' will they?

Haircut after work so see you later folks - have a lovely day everyone 

star gaze lily

Morning all, hope you all have a good day, running late, must dash see you later byeeeeeeee 

Hello FORKERS.  Think we're a very nice person Dove. 

Well, it looks reasonable this morn.  Expected yesterday to be a lovely day but it was not.  Today I will get some plantImg done . Probably,  after Sunday njght's storm, many plants will be flattened so it will herald the big cut down and clear up. with most everyone else, garden is full of flower.  



Hello all. Missed the last two lovely days, and today it's throwing down again.

Thanks for messages about my Mum. She had her eye done but it proved complicated, took ages and she was quite distressed after it all. Pressure behind her eye, and more probs. We were back at hospital yesterday and going next week. Good news is sight is brilliant, can see distance as well as me and a pair of temp' magnifying specs ( until we see optician in 6wks) and she can read no probs.

Will catch up on threads later, hope all poorly folks are on the mend.

KEF ......hope all goes well with your mum.  I guess you have to keep strong for her so hopefully we can help support you 



I'm going to bury my head on Sunday night. Dove can dig me out on Monday morning if neither of us have been blown away. I hate wind at night. Ear plugs in.


Hello forkers. SO wet I think its time to build an ark. Today I should be at supermarket but still feeling really grotty so gardening books and plant catalogues to get more ideas fornext year.

I miss some of the things about my job [consultant in Intensive Care Medicine ] but over the years the amount of pointless admin and the pressure from management to do more and more with less and less eventually became unbearable until I seemed to spend no time with the patients at all. This was when it all started to go wrong for me. Once I became ill I was shocked by how little support was given by members of the "caring" profession and now I dont see any of my former colleagues.


That's sad pd and all too common.


Morning all.

The Health Service in hospitals has changed a lot since I stopped nursing when I started having children. There was a lot of patient care then and not so much admin. The Doctors, Matron and the Sisters were in charge, now it seems to be managers. I did a back to nursing course in France and the nurses spent most of the time in the office with the computers and the phone and filling in forms. Auxillaries, who were very poorly paid, and had 1 year's training looked after the patients, apart from things needing someone more qualifyed. I didn't go back to nursing, had no computer training and it was hard with coping with speaking French all the time as well.

It poured in the night. Today I'm cooking for charity Concert on Saturday.


I know what you mean Verd- the weather up here is often quite wild and windy and it's one of the reasons tall grasses can be a problem. If you don't have a sheltered spot for them they just get battered and look awful. Dahlias are another example and there's plenty more. For spring flowering plants it's the same. Taller tulips often get flattened in wild weather. I'm going to get some shorter early varieties this year and put taller ones in pots that I can position more carefully.

Gardening Grandma

How awful, Puncdoc! I can relate to this. I was a middle-management teacher and was similarly bogged down in an 84 hour week of admin and people-pleasing (which pleased nobody) until I cracked. I had an acoustic neuroma, undiagnosed, which probably contributed, but I knew I simply could do not more. I spent three months just lying on the sofa and getting through the basics of life before I really began to recover from the stress. I was labelled as playing the system to get a year on the sick before retirement (I was 59) and I also hear from no-one now. Not that I mind! I have a new, much more relaxed and fulfilling lifestyle. Don't post much on this website now (busy with other things at the moment) but had to respond to your comment.


All these posts weren't here when I posted there. 

Makes me very sad when I hear these stories and shows how uncaring colleagues - who you probably regarded as friends - really are. Sign of the times? We seem to have gone backwards as a  society I think. No respect for others who need support.

GG- where have you been! Was beginning to think you'd deserted us all! Did your sweet peas survive? Hope your holidays were good. 

Gardening Grandma

Hi FG. Sweet peas were ok, but I didn't pick them often enough to keep them going. Garden in general was pretty good and one of neighbours (a good gardener) commented that it was 'the ideal cottage garden.' It isn't, but I was rather chuffed. I've been away a lot and had a lot of family issues, so put the site on hold for a while. I am glad to see that Brumbull is back and notice that a few other things have changed. Hope things are going well for you.

Woodgreen wonderboy

Hi everyone, it's me again. I havebeen thread watching , but not saying much. Will stick mainly to this thread.Yesterday drove over to Sussex to have lunch with a bunch of 27 year olds. Very pleasant. Have been a bit busy with the local Hortisoc, organising a quiz, and more on that today. Also volunteering in the village shop. Enjoy the customer contact and the laughs with the other workers, but can't get my head around the b...... lottery terminal. I go to pieces.

Haven't been particularly busy in the garden, in spite of the favourable weather. I always tidy up when my sap starts to rise in the spring... I leave the birds and the insects to get the benefit for now.

Sadly I don't eat much cake ... some of the village ladies sell their cakes in the shop, and the lemon drizzle is the best you will taste anywhere. Scores 10 out of 10, unlike the National Trust sorry efforts which barely deserve the label. However my teeth are of the savoury variety in the main, so a cake is a very occassional treat.

That's all for now folks, enjoy your day.

GG, hope your arm feels better soon. I am having a flu jab soon. Around here even 27 year olds are eligible... wonderful NHS!


I'm fine GG. Glad the garden's doing well as you spent a lot of time working on it.

Hope you are coping with the  issues. Never easy. Sending you a big hug 



Hi to all. Like WW, I too have been mostly thread watching  while I get myself back.

Glad Chicky mentioned the clock movement this weekend, might have missed it 

Really must tidy up my pots and hanging baskets soon as they are looking decidedly shabby 

Love to all


Hello Woody - nice to see you 

My daughter's lemon drizzle is very good. Doesn't make it often enough though 

Panda, I have to admit the clock thing doesn't affect me much except for the fact that it means long dark nigths and the inevitable cold wet winter! I've got loads of bulbs in pots so I'm looking forward to them in spring and my Phormiums have never looked better - the Yellow Wave ones are really vibrant just now and a real burst of colour on these dull days.

Hope you're keeping well. 


I've been catching up on posts.

Thanks Verdun re: Mum.

Some sad stories about people's work and also the treatment some of you received at the hands of others, also some real positives.

When I "lost the plot" as I call gardening pun was intended , I was accused of trying to swing redundancy. I don't see anyone from from those days. Don't want to. I did have a few set backs in my last job and decided to retire early, I still have a great bunch of friends from there and keep in regular contact. So along with old friends, old work friends and new pals on here I'm doing fine.  Thanks all.

'If you want to be happy for a lifetime plant a garden'


Well said KEF.

 Hope your Mum is ok. Sounds like it's successful though which is a great relief for you all.  Very stressful times.



Good day all

What a lot to catch upon and serious stuff as well.Dove I worked asa teacher with severely disabled children who could do nothing. It always amazed me, and when i think back, which your post has made me do just how much love they get and the other way in their own way give. It was hard, when you knew the child, to work out what was wrong, as they all had ways of showing it,.

Been swimming - time trials - believe me I am not going to break any records, except my own 

Sunny here now after a dreadful night, think I may go around checking that everything is properly fastened down/up as we always get realy string winds whipping round the hills!