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Green Fingered Mikey
Evening all not so nice today weather wise but at least there was no rain till now, out volunteering all day today so no time in garden for me today hope weather holds up tomorrow

Fingers and chairs, orchids and purchases, sinks and jumpers, shoes trotting by again, onesies and hangovers, slugs n baths, not to mention bottom bites and discounts.

Thank goodness for PDs tulips is all I can say!

 BTW not sure what BGT is.

star gaze lily

Panda, love your stand, and the light at thd top. I want one, def got items envy today! 

Britains got talent..MrsG 


Potties pots from last year Lily,(think before you joined us), they were magnificent. Could just see her using a stand like panda's in her pot garden too.

BGT, of course, watching ATM, well it's on anyway.



star gaze lily

Ooh pottie have you a  pic of your pot garden please.

I want a large pot to put in the centre of a bed then have trailing plants in it.

star gaze lily

Panda, I noticed you had 4 shelves on your plant stand, on the third shelve you could have a small pot of trailing ivy or a trailing lobelia. In your little pots on the bottom shelf you could have pansies or a margarite daisy (the small fern like leaf one)  prob need a bigger pot for that tho.

I love the stand, so now I have stand envy 

This is the one i mean 


otnorot but just call me Bill

Do you remember the ice storm we had here at Christmas,well what came off the trees first were the little branches and here's pictures of them I just took ten minutes ago.They cover my yard.


 And no Son to clean it up its now Dads turn after 43 years of him doing it.


Oh Bill, what a shame - take it steady and don't try to do it all at once.  Is there no organisation who might have someone who could help you - Scouts or something? 


Good Morning, sunny but windy here.

Hope sting & bite haven't been a problem for Dove & LO in the night.

Bill as Dove says do a little at a time.

Just made OH's "pack up" for his away day, he's off down south to see Panda's plant stand.   Just hope he comes back happy.

Have a good day all.  

morning all.
Bill I'll post a pic later of an ice / huge hail storm when I was in Austria.
Kef, your on form this morning!
Morning dove and everyone still sleeping or sleepy.
Stacey Docherty

Morning all ..... Lovely sunny morning here wooohoooo. Husband has promised my lo to put her paddling ( more like swimming pool!!) that's what happens when you ask oh to buy a paddling pool he comes back with a 10ft pool!!!! Madness I don't know where he's going to put it!!! Talking of which I have no idea where the helleniums are going!!!! 


Good morning everyone   I've been sitting here listening to a green woodpecker yaffling somewhere out there   It's a gorgeous morning!  When I've finished my second mug of coffee I'd better get dressed and get out there ................ 


I would love to come to Wentworth woodhouse today, but unfortunately  we have to go to Newcastle today to sort out mother in laws house before it is sold. Estate agents tomorrow. I can't wait.


Hello Stacey - missed you there!  As long as the pool and the heleniums aren't going in the same place you'll be ok    

Hello Fidget - sounds like you're on a mission!  Good luck - these things are never easy but it will be good to get it done 



Morning all. Dry just now but not for long I think 

Day at a time Bill x 

Fidget - good luck. Not easy.

Paddling pool? Blimey - it would be a bit cold for a swimming cozzie here! 

Off for a look round while having a cup of tea. Have a good day all.

star gaze lily

Morning all. Bit overcast here, so bit cold for paddling yet alone swimming brrrrrr.

Hope your poorly finger feels better today Dove.

Have a nice day out Kef and MrsG, get me some plants while your there 

Stacey, hope lo enjoys her pool, you could have it near your new chairs so you can rock away while you watch her play

Panda have a lovely day and relax before tomorrow.

Bill, take it easy, a little at a time

Hope every body else has a good day

I'm off for a hot bath, my back aches after helping OH dig another veg patch

The potty gardener

Morning all.

Must get on soon- my bedroom looks like a bomb has hit it but I'd always rather be outside than in. As I've been away quite a bit in the last month I have 3 cases all partly unpacked. I am determined to unpack them all, then put away everything that doesn't go straight intoa case to take for my week away. Then I'll at least come back to some order.

Everyone seems to have a busy day planned.

I'll put some pics on from last summer foryou Lily- everything I grow is in pots- but Ilove plants so much that I have quite afew pots in a very smallgarden.

 The bottom left corner.

 Here is my only bit of real garden in front of my living room window.

 Viewed from other side.

 The front

 Along left side of garden

 The right side down to gate

 View down garden from top right

 Upthe side passage with what were my new ferns- only thing that would grow down there


 Just along right side next to ferns

 View up right side

 Bottom right

 Along the bottom

 Bottom left corner

 Along left side

 Along top left- bit that cuts into garden

 Looking back down from top right at different time of year to first pic



star gaze lily


Wow pottie what a pretty garden, ooops last pic disappeared.  What lovely colours, love the hanging baskets, fushias and table and chairs. Thank you for sharing

Just edited,  pottie cos you snuck some more in, beautiful garden love it, 



Btw, meant digging yesterday lol, not been out that early today!!   TTFN