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Orchid Lady

Lee Child, that's it...thanks FB  It might be worth areas, sounds a bit tasty 

That was a joke but never mind ey ha!

You beat me to it Flumpy   Question is, which Jack Reacher would fit best in Fidget's bath? 


Good morning all   Stayed chatting with son and daughter in law yesterday evening and didn't get back until fairly late - however I still woke up at my usually early hour this morning - I'll probably need a nap later 

Glad to see you've all been busy ............. 


Morning all  

Off to the big smoke office today. Can't complain as today is the day I get to ask the experts (Christine Walkden, James Wong and two others) 

Am a bit sleepy (who gets up at this time?)

Catch you all later 



Good morning all. Some frost but not as bad as yesterday.

Dove I'm also up at silly o'clock, really silly as going for fasting routine blood thing and don't go until 9.30am, so 3 hrs with no cuppa.

Fidget I was also with Jack Reacher last night  Just finished The Affair, and went to get next one, A Wanted Man, haven't got that one  so will get it before reading the latest Never go Back. Tom Cruise as Reacher LOL. I picture Liam Neeson.

Article just been on news about Japanese Knotweed, some "invasive" mussels & a type of crab.




Panda have a brill time


Thanks KEF 

Am starting o think I need to get some Jack Reacher action  


Panda, have a great time 

Good morning KEF - can you have black coffee?  That's my usual on such mornings - on most mornings actually.  

Gorgeous blue skies here 


Morning all! The day of The ManShed has arrived!

star gaze lily

Morning all, sunny morning again.

Glad you had a lovely day Dove. Hope son is ok too .

Sounds to me like Jacks a busy boy and is  rather worn out 

Kef, hope test okay today.

Panda have a good day, thinking of you.

Off to work for me too, had the wierdest dream last night so now have a muzzy head. Too many people in my dream and too much going on to make any sense at all 

See you later peeps have a good day 


Happy Man Shed day Clari

Dove I can only have sips of water   Best keep my mouth shut in the shower



Morning all. Been staying with daughter in north east France. Went swimming, saw Rio 2 (cartoon about blue parrots in the Amazon) at the cinema which the grandchildren loved (3 and 5yrs) and went to a beautiful bluebell wood.



That's a lovely pic Busy  

KEF, are you taking some geezers for when the test is over?  

Lily, have a good day 

Clari, at last!!! 


Hello BL - sounds lovely   We drove by some gorgeous bluebell woods down in south Suffolk yesterday - things were noticeably more advanced down there than up in North Norfolk.


star gaze lily

Busy, what a beautiful picture.

Thanks panda, you too. Got smile in my pocket, don't forget yours.

Kef,don't forget choccies. I've still not had any, been weeks now but don't seem to have lost anything.

Good luck with shed building Clari

Must dash TTFN x


Magical picture Lizzie ..... Happy times

Woodgreen wonderboy

Early start in garden for me. Want to replace kn*****ed old lavender hedge with box I have brought on. Also my experiment of growing alliums in pots only seems to work for 1 season so they can come out and be replaced by my agapanthus plants I have rescued from the gravel. More freebies. I have also dug out a half dead/half dying Choiysia which gives me room for a heleanthium bed, using plants given by a friend. All this loveliness and not a penny spent.


Hello folks

Another sunny day.

Heleniums definitely coming today and will be planted before the end of the day

Heleniums have really grown on me.....makes it difficult to put my jacket on! ..........and for long flowering, tall plants showing yellow, brown, orange and red not much to beat them.   For good soils with some moisture they are excellent.

Will try to "perfect"  (ha ha, some hopes) new area I started last year and developed further over the winter.  I want colour, form, scent, good plant combinations, grasses in an an area that has a bench.  I have the plants I think esp when new heleniums planted.  Several Regale lilies there too providing womderful scent in June/July.  (giving myself enthusiasm to get out there I think )

Hope everyone has a healthy happy day 



Tomato Red Alert and Courgette Goldrush seeds sown on 10th April have sprouted