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The potty gardener

Evening all.

Lovely pics Bill.

Will be expecting pics of sinks Orchid lady.

I drove down to Devon today- quick stop at fuchsia nursery on the way. Got some whips to try growing standards again this year.

Too busy cuddling my lovely little granddaughter since getting here.

Have a great day tomorrow all

Orchid Lady

 Hmmm.......decisions decisions  I think it's a bargain and I saw one in store, it was really sturdy 


Looks good OL  

Lily, light is on, planting decision not made yet. Thought about morning glory going up the legs/ arms. Otherwise am unsure 


Thanks Ol, son did put himself between us with arms outstretched to stop us, well not me as I said not a word! Told him she was tired and grown ups forget not to shout. Will look at bench tomorrow, I was after one on amazon or ebay last year so will look that up too for price etc

Hope all plants cosy and mr frost skulks off without doing any harm.

Nice to see you Woody.

Night everyone, catch up tomorrow but busy day expected.

Orchid Lady

I've got some Morning Glory growing Panda, but only 4 have germinated, they were T&M free ones though so not surprised, I have ordered some deep purple ones to sow too 


Nice to have woody back 

My morning glory also slow to germinate despite soaking before sowing. Night again.

That doesn't bode well for me. . . growing from seed was a disaster for me last year  Was hoping to just sow them in the pot I wanted to grow them in 

Orchid Lady

The 5 that have germinated have grown loads in the last few days, obviously true that they are fast growing climbers.  Are yours T&M too Mrs Garden?  I soaked mine too, a few were all gooey, so I just chucked them on the garden (a bit of me hoping they may just do their own thing!!) But I still sowed about 10 

The ones I have on order I a going to sow where they are to grow I think Panda, it just depends how quickly they come, if they arrive tomorrow I may sow them indoors to give them a head start (it gets warm up here later than down south!).


Mine are sow where they grow I think  I believe all my seeds are this year. Just needs to do some weeding first 

Orchid Lady

Mrs Garden, I missed your post earlier about your delightful MIL, bless your little man but it's a shame you have to explain...she should know better!!  Sorry that's probably not my place to say but I know what these MILs can be like.  Mine shouted at Daisy (I know you don't like dogs, sorry) once and Daisy won't go near her now, bear in mind we are Daisy's 4th home and she was ill .  Hugs xx


star gaze lily

Fell asleep on sofa off to bed, work in morning 

Nite nite all.


Good morning all   A bit nippy here this morning, but only 2C at the lowest n the back garden although there's a faint layer of frost on the car roof at the front, but that's a frost hollow.

I'm off early this morning to spend a day with son at auctions, so you'll have to expect me back when you see me.


Good Morning. 3C and lawn is white.

MrsGarden, hugs. Never had a run in with my late MIL, she knew which side her bread was buttered. Hope little man has forgotten about it today

Good to have you back Sir Woody.

Dove enjoy the day with your son

Will catch up with all later, dentist for me at lunchtime, hopefully the last. 

Woodgreen wonderboy

Cool here, but obviously going to be a very lovely day. Yesterday bought tray of golden yellow gazanias and some fiery red pelargoniums. All for troughs and planters. Colours so good I couldn't resist.

Eye-test this morning, and need to make a sherry trifle for a gathering of friends. Strange how I always get the shakes when I try to measure the sherry content.


Ooooooo.  Forgot, its SIR Woody.  Forgive my rudeness 

Another sunny morning.   Will pop in to see my mum in hospital later but hope to get some gardening done.  Heleniums should arrive already prepared.  

Enjoy the sunshine folks 

morning all hope everyone has a lovely day sunny here fresh but not too cold up 5times last night little man teething and very hungry little lady been a tiny bit unwell and sneaked into our bed 1130 and she's such a kicky wriggler, she woke me up 5am wanting to play with toys, am cream crackered, though got mum and dad coming later so going to widen a bed to move clematis and hellebores away from damp shady slug ridden fence and accommodate new -tiny as yet- osmanthus, hoping may get to gc later too, really want come alliums


Morning all. Frosty here too and it looks like someone sprinkled the front grass with diamonds...oh if only...

Woody - you made me laugh. You put the embarrassed smiley after mentioning the bright colours you bought then said you were going for an eye test!

Off for a quick look round before going to work. Catch up with you all later

star gaze lily

Morning all,

Just a quickie, i've over slept  must dash, off to work, have a good day everyone see you later peeps 

Take care with your frosty bits Clari