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Morning  Sun is shining  Tired today  Couldn't get to sleep  Saw 2am, and got to listen to the 'heavy breathing' from OH!

Lily, hope you have a good day, and remember DLTBGYD  If that doesn't work, here's a  for your handbag!

Hope you all have a good day!

Orchid Lady

Morning all, why is when you are on holiday you wake up mega early, must have been wide awake at 6.15!!!  Got up at 7.20 and watered the pots as they are a bit dry, first time this year I've had to water them!!  GH only got down to 4c so not as bad as expected.

Hope you have as good a day as you can at work Lily. I remember someone telling me once that if someone is upsetting or intimidating you imagine them talking it you naked, it makes you smile (or feel sick) and stops you stressing about them as much, it does work (although I doubt if it was David Beckham, Brad Pitt or Jason Statham it would work!!!)

Louise, I hope you manage some rest, it's not easy with LO's but posts like that stop me being broody so thank you  

Woodgreen your post made me smile tiI with the colours comment then eye test.....presumably not connected but sounded funny 

Morning all. Son came in our bed 7ish so let him stay, slept a bit, then played. Nice holiday morning for me.
Got chat about a job today, can't really call it an interview but fingers crossed.
OH cross with his mum for yesterday, thanks for your comments too, just a sad case of being queen bee.
Have a good day all.
Smiles for workers esp troubled ones.x


Feeling better - hooray- lazy morning reading magazines, then a potter in the garden this afternoon..... Perfect .

Green Fingered Mikey
Morning all looks to be another fine day today so I am off to pot all seedlings



morning all . bright and sunny here. took 2ft of next doors hedgestill more too cut .. hope they take notice and cut there side at the weekend. wait and hope . just had brunch outside work now   ps cut the lawn last night . low cut . mower worked a treat .after a very quick service


Morning all, lovely sunny day here. Have so far managed to avoid doing any more porch repair and painting. I keep finding other jobs that just have to be done now.

Edged lawns and am now potting up Dahlia tubers.

Can I manage whole day without any painting/ Do you think I could get away with telling OH that it looked like we might get rain?

Glad you are feeling better Chicky.

Hope work is going ok. for you all.

Orchid Lady

Afternoon All, it is gorgeous here.  Not got much done in the garden yet as I have been running the boys round,but I have git grit and compost for my new planters and had a lovely coffee and tea cake in the cafe with OH 

Glad you are feeling better Chicky 

Right, that's lunch done, I'd better get on 


You are all making my jealous with your details of how you are spending your day! Spare a thought for those tucked away in an office   

Orchid Lady

Sorry Panda....((hugs)) and a little ray of sunshine for you  PS It is still chilly in the shade though 

The potty gardener

Well Panda thought I'd make it worse by telling you that not only is there brilliant sunshine but been busy cuddling granddaughter Poppy all morning. My poor daughter took a deep intake of breath when I bent over holding Poppy to move some big pots around. She is still at the worried about first baby who is only 3 weeks old. I reminded her that I'd had 4 so not quite so worried.

Not only that but my daughter want to go to GC after midwife visit soon. This is the life


No grandchildren, in fact no children either, but i agree this is the life. How did I ever find the time to work?

Orchid Lady

Pics of today's handiwork on the Garden Gallery thread for anyone that wants to see 


Snap Pdoc

Chicky glad you are feeling better

Fidget, hope all going okay in Newcastle.

MrsGarden hope new work "thing" has proven successful.

Will look at other threads later.

Mouth now feels like my own as perm' crown now on.  Only got fast thing for nursie tomoz' and my life is mine

Lovely warm day so no doubt a frost tonight.



Archie, OH certainly remembers Billy Dearden, part of Tony Currie's successful team. Says thanks for memory, he needed it.  


star gaze lily

Hi all, just got home. Not too bad a day, so pandas smile was kept in my pocket 

Lovely sunny day here, but wasted cos stuck inside 

Sitting in garden now tho with a nice cuppa. Hope you've all had a good day.

Lovely sinks Tracey, very pretty. Just wondered which one was mine that you are looking after for me 


Will check pics later, out for last of sun


Lovely sinks OL, just done a local search for one, wait and see if any reasonable response.

Kef, glad tooth ok now.

Lily, phew a better day, hope \panda has too.

Work thingy, not looking good, an alternative day not an extra day.Need dosh!

only cut grass today and watered stuff in GH.



Orchid Lady

I just kept looking in eBay MrsGarden, couldn't believe it when they came up for £5!!! 

Glad your day was ok Lily and glad your tooth is sorted KEF 

We are off to walk the hounds......via the local 

star gaze lily

Hi MrsG,  shame about work thingy, hope the day went ok otherwise tho.

Been looking for a sink for ages now, but they all seem to be up north, nothing close to me

Glad your tooth ok now Kef.