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Evening all 

Glad you didn't need the smile today Lily  Best keep it though for emergencies!

MrsG, sorry your work news wasn't what you hoped for. I'll swap you one of mine if you like?

Looks like you all had a lovely day.

Potty, glad you enjoyed snuggles and hugs with your granddaughter. Can see you are getting her interested from a young age 

Glad your teeth feel like your own now KEF. Nothing like good dental work  (big display of teeth in this smile!)

Green Fingered Mikey
Evening all yet another great day here sun shining all day long done loads of potting and managed to build a big homemade cold frame which I am quite pleased with

Glad workers survived another day

Ta for posts about tooth, have actually eaten at both sides of mouth for first time in a month

Have a good evening all, still a bit of sun in our conservatory so off to make most of it.


p.s. Mikey glad you had a good & productive gardening day


Newbiegardener 2014 has posted about a rapid growing weed ? will those who know about J knotweed take a look?


The potty gardener

Evening all.

Such a lovely sunny day. I'm making the most of being off work, back next Tuesday .

I have to make the most of my time with granddaughter-I'm in Sussex and she's in Devon a six hour drive. I'll be going to Qatar in the May holiday to see my other daughter so no cuddles for me then.I'm going to move down here if I can get a job I've decided.

The trouble with being down here is I miss my garden.

KEF it must be lovely to have your teeth back to normal.

It is so lovely now to have the evenings back- it only seems like two minutes since I was leaving home in the dark in the morning and getting home in the dark in the afternoon.

Have a good evening everyone.


Glad you are having such a lovely time Bev - a move to Devon sounds like a fun plan

Glad KEF can now eat anything she wants, the chewier the better.

thanks for all your get well wishes.  Although i thought i felt better, i think i was in denial (i am soooo not good at being under the weather) - soon after inadvertantly accusing Tracey of stealing (

 Sorry, must choose my words more carefully), i put my head down for 40 winks, and woke up half an hour ago.  So that's that day gone

Just been to look at my tulips to cheer myself up - they are called Ballade, and have more than lived up to expectations .... Love them


Oooh yes love the ballads too.
Well done Mikey lots done and a coldframe
Got a little more time to type just now so will explain work thingy. Work 2 days atm, need 3 days to buy plants n stuff although OH very good to me. Went to see old colleague who sets people on. She wants me, I really want job with her. She can only offer me one of the days I already work but for less hours/money. Tried all sorts of juggling on both sides but we just cant make it happen. Both of us miffed. She'll have to advertise it now. Suppose I'll be sending 'cold call' letters/cv out now.
star gaze lily

Thank you Panda, will keep it in my pocket for the next couple of days.

Hope your day was ok, we've got 2 more sleeps and then a few days off 

Lovely tulips 

Wouldnt it be good if we didnt have to work :-C
Orchid Lady

Quick check in, will be back later...

My little bit of heaven tonight 

 But not sideways!!!!

star gaze lily

Thats a shame MrsG,  hope something turns up soon, shame more hours aren't available with  old colleague. Hugs x

Mmm Tracey, you starting to make your own wine too

Orchid Lady

I'm back, I've finished repotting my Cherry Bombs, had my solitude and wine in the GH, had tea and caught up.

Sorry things aren't going to plan re work MrsGarden, how rubbish.  You need the long weekend to come and have a rest, you have really had a c*** week with your MIL and work.... ((Hugs)).

Lovely tulips Chicky, I've said that on the other thread but don't mind saying it again  I'm on the look out for new tulips for autumn planting 

Potty, sounds like you have had a lovely day with new baby GD  I remember when my MIL used to be that mum never has been, your daughters are so lucky 

I didn't get all done that was planned today.....again! But I had lovely coffee out with OH and then a lovely glass of wine sat outside at our local whilst on 3 mile doggy walk, had some time in garden and GH so can't really grumble, better than being at work but less than a week until I'm back to it again......I think I need to look into early retirement 


I spotted the glass too Lily 

Hope you get the work thing sorted . . . we all need pennies for the garden! Is good that OH is accommodating  


Orchid Lady

Lily, I can/do make my own wine, I started a few years ago although I haven't made any for a while.  I have apple, pear and elderflower 'maturing' in the garage  This one was a standard Chateau Aldi though  It was almost 8 o'clock 

I thought I would get more comments about the milk bottles than the wine LOL 


So what are the milk bottles for OL? Now you've drawn our attention to them I need to know 

Orchid Lady

Hmmm, I might not tell  Be fire anyone suggest it, no they are not all filled with wine!!

I use them as 'watering cans' fill them with water in the morning and use them during the day/evening.  I make little holes in the lid....a little trick I learnt but no idea where from but is probably well known to most gardeners 


Very clever  Although I'd rather believe they are filled with wine 

Orchid Lady

Well, if I can get everyone thinking they are filled with water would anyone notice the white wine instead  Joking LOL!!!