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Hello, I'm just popping in too - some paperwork sorted filed/shredded, but there's some information missing - a bit of a mission for me after Easter - there's no way now that it's going to be done before ! 

OH has done a very long day so he's asleep on the sofa - jacket potatoes are in the oven for supper with some homemade beefburgers and salad.  


Evening all  Didn't get to ask my question today  There were 26, and I was 25! It was jolly good though! I was in the row behind the VIPs so could almost reach out and touch them! It was full of Latin names - e.g. when asked what would be the best tree for a small garden I have no idea what the trees were cause they all used the Latin names - with the exception of Eucalyptus! There was a lot of banter amongst the experts which was nice. James Wong came in for some stick for his fancy new ways!!

Presume the shed is now up Clari 

Verd, would love to see pics of your garden. I remember the ones from last year, they were lovely 

Fairy, sometimes I think builders have a license to print money. Hope you find one that is good and fits your budget 

Am on my train home. Has been a long day.

star gaze lily

Hi fairy, can't you use your wand 

Panda, glad the day was ok, so we both still have our smiles in our pockets!  One more work day then a few days off YAY!

Don't encourage Fairy to wave her wand......I've experienced some bad effects for dissing her.  For me Fairy is such a wonderful, kind, lovely human being 



Verd - you know it makes sense 

Have phoned the nice guy who did work for us at last house and he will see me right 

Hmm - just realised that could be taken the wrong way...didn't mean it like that  

Pity you didn't get to speak to the experts Panda - glad you had a good time.

KEF - enjoy your tea. I've just had some nice brown Spelt loaf with butter, cheese and an apple. 

That's ok lily.  Did I say Fairy is wonderful? 


What are you after Verd?...

I ain't got nuffink...

You ain't seen me...right?

Green Fingered Mikey
Evening all, oh my days I have a sore neck,been sitting on my back door step potting seedlings hundreds of them took me since 12 this afternoon and finished half hour ago fingers crossed I don't lose many, nice to read everyone had a good day

Used to love the Fast aint seen me,right.  Often a greeting with other silly minds 

Night night everyone


......sounds like the Waltons.  


Night John boy 

That's you Verd...

Orchid Lady

Hmmmm........hello  Anyone up? Had an unexpected night out with OH, just down to the local, bit of food, bit of wine, bit of chat.....loved it 

Mikey, I like your comment 'hope they all survive' that is just what I think and I have sown extra just in case but so far haven't done bad for a newbie 

star gaze lily

Hi OL, i'm still nice to have a spur of the moment evening out, always enjoyable. 

Orchid Lady

It is Lily  How are you, I emailed but don't know if you've checked.

I've got so much done in the garden today, really pleased but not much to show as it s all sowing!! I have nice labels on the veg patch picket fence though for my carrots, parsnips and Beetroot