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star gaze lily

I'm ok thank you, have replied, only came through tonight, emails coming through really slow at the mo.

Orchid Lady

Ahh, ok, not checked emails with being out  I'm off in a min, rest of my to do list to get through tomorrow, more taxi service for the boys and definitely getting a bike ride in  Night all xx

star gaze lily

Night night from me too, work for me tomorrow

Orchid Lady

 You'll be fine, just seen emails and will reply tomorrow.  Keep smiling  Oh and by the way, yes the butterfly was real but like none I've ever seen  Replied on camera thread.  Night night xxx


Been out to dinner. Glad you liked my pic. Late, so bedtime. Night all.


Orchid Lady

Night Lizzie, we are just having Night cap with the last of OH 's favourite single malt, it's a good job I'm going to Edinburgh next month 


morning all . one more day then 4 days off have a good day folks


Good morning all   I had a very early night last night to make up for the long day before - if that makes sense 

Hot Cross Buns to bake today 

According to farming brother down in Suffolk, they're already irrigating fields of potatoes - there's plenty of water two feet down, but the topsoil is dry as dust.  He says the farming meteorologists say there's no rain forecast for East Anglia over Easter.  

star gaze lily

Morning all, lovely sunny morning.

Work for me today, and then off all next week YAY! 

Oh yummy Dove, hot cross buns.

Tracey, butterfly was beautiful, such lovely colours.

Hope you all have a good day at work or play 

See you all later peeps x


Morning all!  I've just put the washing out so that'll encourage some rain. I've work, an evening at the museum,  and a seminal cake to make in the wee hours (last year it was still cooling down in the car!) Nothing like careful planning...



Morning, mild here.

Clari I hope it's Simnel cake you are making

Hot cross buns sound good Dove

Last one Lily


Morning all. Wet here but supposed to clear later. Work for me all day so a quick look round before I go.

Have a good day everyone 

Morning folks.

Looks fantastic out there.  Bit  chilly last night though   

Heleniums planted out in their prepared bed.....bit like assembling a jigsaw there.  Most everything is in but a few large wallflowers and stocks still flowering their socks off (never seen their socks actually but I am a believer ) and when they are over will plant out the stuff tender stuff.  No doubt during the summer I will change my mind and move stuff around though 


Gorgeous here now folks - bright blue skies and the blustery wind of the last few days has dropped a bit 

Those of you who have to work today - I'll enjoy the weather on your behalf so you don't miss out totally - I'm kind like that 

star gaze lily

Thanks Dove, look after the sunshine for me, should be home just before 6  I'll look forward to sharing then 



I'll do that for you Lily  then it'll be the holibobs  - mini-celebration due 


Morning all, dull and chilly here, which suits as son and I are on  HW task today!!! Yeah, I would be so lucky, lucky, lucky,lucky...

Verdun, I look forward to photos and have marked your 'promise' to show off

Clari, hope new diet additions help you find out what the problem is. Oh and thanks so much for putting your washing out, its very dark overhead now, getting ready for a right old downpour!

OL, what was the root from? I had one like that from an old fushia bush, it was a right old so and so to get out, we even tried to burn it down at one point (yep I had a burning bush in my garden) 

Simnel cake and hot cross buns added to shopping list.


I love the way some new posters call me Dave - it's like being on Only Fools and Horses 

The potty gardener

Morning all.

Yesterday was so hot here in North Devon very dulthis morning in comparison.

My daughter's garden is also all decking. Couldn't resist moving everything around yesterday. In evening her OH complained that when he suggested moving things around she didn't bother- at that point I had to admit to doing it without asking whist she was in the shower! Her garden is very small but as she is litterally about 400m from the beach I don't think it should be a problem.

Well have a good day everyone


Better than Del Boy dove! maybe it's a typo?