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star gaze lily

Morning all, sunny morning again.

Glad you had a lovely day Dove. Hope son is ok too .

Sounds to me like Jacks a busy boy and is  rather worn out 

Kef, hope test okay today.

Panda have a good day, thinking of you.

Off to work for me too, had the wierdest dream last night so now have a muzzy head. Too many people in my dream and too much going on to make any sense at all 

See you later peeps have a good day 


Happy Man Shed day Clari

Dove I can only have sips of water   Best keep my mouth shut in the shower



Morning all. Been staying with daughter in north east France. Went swimming, saw Rio 2 (cartoon about blue parrots in the Amazon) at the cinema which the grandchildren loved (3 and 5yrs) and went to a beautiful bluebell wood.



That's a lovely pic Busy  

KEF, are you taking some geezers for when the test is over?  

Lily, have a good day 

Clari, at last!!! 


Hello BL - sounds lovely   We drove by some gorgeous bluebell woods down in south Suffolk yesterday - things were noticeably more advanced down there than up in North Norfolk.


star gaze lily

Busy, what a beautiful picture.

Thanks panda, you too. Got smile in my pocket, don't forget yours.

Kef,don't forget choccies. I've still not had any, been weeks now but don't seem to have lost anything.

Good luck with shed building Clari

Must dash TTFN x


Magical picture Lizzie ..... Happy times

Woodgreen wonderboy

Early start in garden for me. Want to replace kn*****ed old lavender hedge with box I have brought on. Also my experiment of growing alliums in pots only seems to work for 1 season so they can come out and be replaced by my agapanthus plants I have rescued from the gravel. More freebies. I have also dug out a half dead/half dying Choiysia which gives me room for a heleanthium bed, using plants given by a friend. All this loveliness and not a penny spent.


Hello folks

Another sunny day.

Heleniums definitely coming today and will be planted before the end of the day

Heleniums have really grown on me.....makes it difficult to put my jacket on! ..........and for long flowering, tall plants showing yellow, brown, orange and red not much to beat them.   For good soils with some moisture they are excellent.

Will try to "perfect"  (ha ha, some hopes) new area I started last year and developed further over the winter.  I want colour, form, scent, good plant combinations, grasses in an an area that has a bench.  I have the plants I think esp when new heleniums planted.  Several Regale lilies there too providing womderful scent in June/July.  (giving myself enthusiasm to get out there I think )

Hope everyone has a healthy happy day 



Tomato Red Alert and Courgette Goldrush seeds sown on 10th April have sprouted 

Sounds a great plan Verdun, pity we Provo my won't see before and after pics knowing you, we'll just use our imaginations instead.
Never mind man shed Clari , my mrs g lovely girly gorgeous garden arches arrive on friday, whoo whoo. Hope OH enjoys his shed and lets you have some peace, he might just not notice an extra GH arriving while he's in the shed!
Glad you had a good day dove.
BL what a lovely pic, captures a wonderful moment, family and blubell combination.
Panda, sounds like a good day at work, hope your smiles up to it.
woody, I've got hundreds if self seeded alliums (well that's what I thi k they are!). Left them alone until last week when really needed to dig bed over, so potted them up, what should I expect them to do? Flower or not while next year? Over winter?
Oh btw morning all! Must get out of bed...

Love heleniums too - only have two varieties, but they flower for ages in my reddy/orange bit of border.  Moorheim beauty and Sahins early, for those who like particulars

Still in bed too Mrs G .  Although have been for a GH check and garden wander.  Then came back to bed, which is probably even worse.  Still, next week this forker will be back to her 6.30am posts, so might aswell enjoy whilst i can

Nearly ready for breakfast now chicky. Then we will go and get my mum and visit the farm at sons request. There's also a fishing lake, ducks and an old but still used mill nearby, just depends what mums legs are up to today.

Hurrumph, some paperwork for Aged Ps has arrived which really needs to be sorted today!!!  

Orchid Lady

Morning All 

Welcome back Lizzie, sounds like you had a lovely time and a great pic 

Panda, have a good day.

I'm determined to get through my garden things to do list today, starting with the removal of the privet toto which is stopping me doing anything at the end of the established border!!  Need OH's help on that one.........which is why it hasn't got done. 


The potty gardener

Morning all,

Like you Chicky making the most of not having to be up early.

Dove have something nice to do to treat yoursef when paperwork has been done- a sit in the sunshine if nothing else.

Verdun it would be so good to see pics of your garden.

Sorry to those of you stuck inside today

Everyone else enjoy the sun


Mrs G - Oh he'll notice the extra green house appearing! For starts he's "agreed" to lay the paving slabs (about 50 of them in total) so that I can rotate the current greenhouse by 90 degrees and have them side by side (means less glass will be on view from the house). He's also decided that when he lifts the paving up the length of the garden to install electricity and internet to his Man Shed he'll use these as the green house bases and put new ones down the path so they match the ones that poke out from under his shed. which at least means that he wont be able to put the Green Houses off too long (although I'd happily wait until the frosts are over as once we dismantle the first to prepare the areas my chilli's and tomatoes will be rather prone) as its in his best interest to get the electricity up there so the kettle can be installed!

The chaps arrived to deliver and assemble it at 08:30 this morning and my last update about 20 minutes ago was that the roof was almost on.

Your arches are arriving on Good Friday? Looks like we know what you'll be up too over the Easter weekend!


Can anyone recommend a company to hire a Rotavator from? At the moment its looking cheaper to buy a second hand one than hire something for the weekend.


Clari, we are lucky as BIL works for hss(the yellow logo) and we get such fun equipment from him for free! Still waiting for him to organise a chain saw though, him and OH don't seem to realise it'll have to wait til leaves have dropped again if they don't get a move on! Not really, it's mainly for the dead tree but did want to cut budleias right back and tackle the apple trees as well.


Tea & toast being consumed.

Sounds like a lot of projects going on

Soz' Clari no help with a rotavator. 

Lovely pic' Lizzie.




Hope they managed to extract blood without too many problems KEF!! Enjoy your tea and toast