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Orchid Lady

Have a nice break KEF and a good easter 


The ducks are back. They seem to like the special duck food. They'll be upset again on Sunday as we're going to be away again. Visiting friends and not relatives this time.

The potty gardener

Dove- big hugs, sorry to hear about your friend. Quiche looks yummy.

Orchid you've given me a good idea as to what to give granddaughter for Easter- decided at 1 month od chocolate really is a no no.

Mrs Garden with this talk of your delivery you have made me even more cross that I was good and didn't buy an oblisk earlier. Want it to grow a Lady in Black fuchsia in.

I'm now getting notifications, but they all come through once a day at about 4.15 am.

Have a good evening everyone

Hello all

Will catch up later,

On TV now BBC 4 deep down and dirty the science behind soil with Chris Beardshaw - Freeview no 9


Orchid Lady - thanks - have PMd you back 


Orchid Lady

Are you going to paint a pot Potty or get her a little tree?  My boys have got an egg too, I just happened to get these so thought I'd give them as presents. 1 month is possibly a bit young though 

star gaze lily

Have a lovely Easter and weekend away Kef, 


Thanks Gardengirl - missed the start but it is repeated at 3am tonight, so will record and watch tomorrow.  So many gardening programmes at the moment

Happy mini-hols KEF and Fidget 

Too far away for me to make East Ruston, but thoroughly recommend it for those who can get there.  It is an amazing garden - been several times when staying with my Norfolk folks.


hello all . going away  not far , as OH writes crime . going on a recce, night away with a twist .  and gin . back  sat . for spud planting and football . COYB 

Orchid Lady

COYB?? Archie, that's a new one for me? I am guessing it may relate to football, a bit like UTMP??

I have a quiche craving and blame Dove, not had a decent quiche for ages, might get OH to make one for dinner tomorrow night.........oh, maybe not, he has the posh seats at football again so will be eating there, looks like it's pizza with the boys for me 

I'd love to meet you all and go to East Rushton, but it's too far  Maybe one day.


COYB Archie? Sounds like a fun weekend anyway.

Kef and Fb also have a good trip.

Anyone know if ash trees should be in leaf yet? Mines got no signs at all but others have.

Second question (sorry it's a bit late for questions but not seen any cake on offer tonight) if I take a buddleia cutting, how long before it will reach 8 foot? 

Night all, happy hols!

Orchid Lady idea on your questions MrsGarden, no surprise there then 

I've git a night away next Friday, annual birthday treat with OH to our favourite place and favourite hotel and can't wait 


Ol, you would say COYO  Question is, which set of Blues are the supported ones by Archie? 

MrsG, I have no idea either, soz. Still, more experienced members will be around at some point 

Orchid Lady

Ah, I see but COYO???  I have NO idea what you mean Panda....COYT maybe  Where does Archie live? 

Orchid Lady

I've just checked where Archie is has to be City  He will be wanting a blue moon shining over Manchester 



Oh. You would say tangerine not orange then?  

Orchid Lady

Errr yes  We DO NOT wear orange LOL  UTMP is more preferred though although we aren't so mighty at the moment 



So, tangerine not a shade of orange then? Hahaha!  

Orchid Lady

LOL, well,yes I suppose it is but we are known as the Tangerines and fans get very 'touchy' if it is referred to as orange  I'll let you off though seen as I like pandas.....that reminds me, I must book the zoo tickets for my sisters hen do 


COYS. Fan for 50 years. Used to go a lot, mainly to away games as WHL, abit far from Sheffield. Not going so much now.

My love doesnt change, it still spoils my day when they lose, although I dont sulk and refuse to out as I did.

Not sure why I go, as I usually get so wound up I hate it. Even if we are winnig 3-0 with 10 to go, I am sure we will lose; whereas my mate even if we are 3-0 down with 10 to go, is sure we will win.