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Mrs garden.  A cutting to 8'?  Take it now and it will produce a plant by summer's end. I would expect it to produce 6' stems by sep 2015.  


COYR - 2nd generation scouser here.  My Dad would be sooooo happy to see them win the title this season - although i think they play on Sunday (expecting the family get-together to have a breakaway group this year).

I remember one school project where you had to report back on your parents religion ( wouldn't happen today!).  He told me to write LiverpoolFC on the form against his name


 OL and PD, and Archie. We can't win all the time 

Orchid Lady

Chicky, I'd like to see them win the title too, I have always been a 'Pool fan of one type or another  My youngest son is half Tangerine and half blue (Archie's blue!) so he isn't impressed with me LOL!

Point taken Punk and Panda, but maybe just the occasional win would be nice, I've almost forgotten what it's like!!

You sound like my OH Punk, glass always half empty where football is concerned 

For reasons of sentiment.....the Hillsborough anniversary....I would love to see Liverpool win the league.  I think they are destined to win this year and they are they are the neutral's choice too. And they have a strong English contingent in their squad 



Time for bed for me I think 

Hope everyone off on travels tomorrow has a good and safe journey. (Let's face it, you'll all be off before I'm up!!)

Remembering those that are sad and ill in my thoughts tonight x


Good morning all    The birds are singing 

Good morning all,

the sun is shining the sky is blue, four days off and chocolate too.


Sun shining here but nippy.

Fidget enjoy your trip

Have a happy Easter everyone


Hello KEF and AWB 

I wonder whether Nut felt the earthquake yesterday - she's in the right area 


Hurrumph!  Big black cloud overhead, rain on the window and a rainbow in the west - forecast says it's going to be chilly in North Norfolk - maybe a baking day rather than a gardening one - Hot Cross Buns and a cuppa about 4pm folks?

Sounds lovely Dove. Count me in 

Just seen the forecast for Sunday. Typical - the one day we are doing an Easter Egg hunt and its the only rainy day of the weekend.

Looking good today.  Feeling warm.   

Visitors blocking our roads again 

Looks like rain though on Sunday evening but we may miss it......the wet weather may not reach us

Runner beans have germinated, parsley too.  Bit late this year though 

Hope everyone has happy day 


The potty gardener

Morning all,

Beautiful sunny start here. Saw a lovely little fuchsia in local shop yesterday- heading back to buy it today. Daughters OH is doing something on the water today so we'll be on beach for a couple of hours. Still missing my garden though.

Have a wonderful day everyone

Potty, saw it too.  Will get it before you ...........

star gaze lily


Morning all, sun trying to peek through, looks a bit chilly tho.

Have a good mini hols Kef, 

AWB, like your easter rhyme 

Sounds good to me Dove, count me in, i'll put the kettle on.

Panda, its mini holiday time for us too

Have a happy easter every one, have fun whatever you are doing.



Morning all. Lovely day here and I don't have work so - result! Makes a change for it to be nice when I'm not at work , but so many things to do I'll no doubt take ages deciding what to do first. 

MrsG- how long for the cutting to be 8 feet? About another 7 and a half feet...

I'll get me coat...oh -  I don't need one...




Sunshine here - forecast to last the day.  So much to do in the garden i don't know where to start.  I think a haphazard approach may be less daunting than a plan.

OH has nearly finished making our new (deer proofed) veg garden - its looking fab, and he has done it all from scratch himself.  Raised beds, new hedges planted, iron gates, GH moved in, trampoline moved out.  There are 8 fruit trees which we planted 4 years ago, when the plan was hatching, and they help to make it look established.  I am very proud