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Lizzie - most of the English schools go back on Tuesday ( they seem to have been off for most of April) - so things shouldn't be too busy here

Orchid Lady

Morning everyone, a bit blustery and overcast here but dry so far.  I need to do things in the GH today so don't mind a bit of might encourage me to get some bits done indoors too!!

Dove, so sorry about your friend, as you said she will be free from pain now, that doesn't make your pain any easier though.  ((Hugs)).

MrsGarden, it was a privet bush, we took most of them down a couple of years ago but couldn't shift that so I out up with it, until the end of last summer when I decided it was sentiment where privet is concerned!! We have tried everything and eventually it came out!

Hugs to all those with naff jobs and working today, it will soon be long weekend 


Dave - really sorry to hear about your friend. But as you say she's in the best place now and no doubt will be keeping an eye on you all!

Mrs G - sorry about that! The weather report said fine all day (heavy rain on Sunday). Now I'm just in the office by Rother Valley trying to mentally convince the clouds to go South and miss the washing! I can't remember if I opened the greenhouse or not either Two of my tomato plants were looking a little less than peppy yesterday so I'm hoping they'll be okay. I watered them well but the leafs seemed wilted. Surely they don't need a feed already?

KEF - ha has auto correct on my phone isn't a fan of cakes it seems! Grandma always makes the hot cross buns so this is my contribution to the party.



Party Clari? ooo lovely. I'll be there!


Thanks folks   ((hugs))


Clari - don't feed the toms yet!  and keep the compost on the dry-ish side 


Orchid Lady

No Clari, don't feed your tomatoes until they get the first flowers otherwise they might not flower 

 (I like it when I know something!!  I learned that the other day on another thread 

 These are Easter presents for my 3 boys, you can't see it very well but in the middle of each pot is a baby Monkey Puzzle Tree......I'm not very artistic so don't focus on the post too much 


I'll put a photo up of the toms some time over the weekend - they've grown massively - way bigger than others I planted just a few days later but the leafs were all wilted like I'd abandoned them to dry out. Could they be getting too hot in the conservatory? I was sure I read about not feeding them til they flower and generally treating them keen but I'm not sure they look like they'll last much longer!

Mrs G - you're more than welcome to the join in the party. Be warned with this family to expect arguing, fussing, tantrums over the tiniest of things, the dogs getting higher priority on the sofa than grandfather... my family positively sit in a darkened room eating nothing but bread and water in comparison!

Just read your post Dove. So sorry to hear your friend died.  It's a sad world at times, isn't it?  


Thanks Verdun  - she was so young and full of energy- only retired a couple of years - and she had so many things she wanted to do - she was 3/4 of the way through writing a book on plums (she lived in Pershore).  Her much loved OH and family will miss her dreadfully. 


Just in and catching up. You're so right Verd- life can be very random and hard to understand sometimes. My sympathies to you Dove.  'Peacefully' is the word to remember when the going gets tough, as it undoubtedly will. Plenty of hugs for you whenever you need them x


Cheers Fg   The illness had been pretty grim for her - now she is at peace. She will be remembered with love and respect in many many homes. 

Dovefromabove wrote (see)

Gorgeous here now folks - bright blue skies and the blustery wind of the last few days has dropped a bit 

Those of you who have to work today - I'll enjoy the weather on your behalf so you don't miss out totally - I'm kind like that 


star gaze lily wrote (see)

Thanks Dove, look after the sunshine for me, should be home just before 6 

 I'll look forward to sharing then 

Sorry Lily, I failed miserably - it's raining here - I shall complain to Brother about his expensive weather forecast 

I've made some quiches for supper (well, one for supper, one for sometime over the weekend) 

 Salmon, asparagus and tarragon quiche.


However, I've not made the Hot Cross Buns yet - OH is working tomorrow and won't want them for breakfast, so I'll make some during tomorrow for afternoon tea when he gets home. 


Dove PM'd you. Great looking quiche makes me wish I hadn't had lunch out and feeling a bit full, otherwise would fancy a nice big slice

Hi all, bit busy sorting out stuff for two nights away & mainly pondering what to do with GH door, shut, part open etc..


'Made' at aldi my hot cross buns! But did do some baking this afternoon, at son's insistence, from a packet mix (threw all flour away last month as I never use it) 

No gardening today but plans for tomorrow are tp just put things in the ground even though I can't visualise where they should be, I'll move them later

Bought 2 small obelisks from aldi (£10), not the best quality but look pretty  not sure what they will support as too narrow for poppies and paeonies, too low for those tall white daisy things (leuco something). I'll find something


star gaze lily

Dove so sorry to hear about your friend, as you say, at least she isn't  suffering any more.sending you love and hugs xx



Evening all 

Been to the drs and now have some 'balancers'. Should be me on the start of some normality (?).

MrsG, you know what's happening tomorrow?! Your horrorscope would say 'a long awaited arrival is expected tomorrow which will lead to a period of hard labour'! 

Dove, so sorry to read your news. ((Hugs)) for you and your friends family xxx

star gaze lily

Oh hi Panda, hope all ok  you have mail x


Yummy looking quiche Dove.

Hope arches arrive tomorrow as planned.

Pentemmon cut back here - most have survived the winter, and plenty of rooted cuttings in the GH to fill in the gaps

star gaze lily


Very nice pots Tracey, lovely gifts.

Quiche look yummy Dove (Dave) slice of that and some salad and a glass of wine would go down a treat.


Thanks Chicky for info about school hols.

First tomatoes are flowering, have fed them Sowed runner beans, will they be up I wonder when we get back.

Quiches look really yummy.