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star gaze lily

Fairy, snigger, snigger,  So wanted to say something too, lol


Sounds lovely chicky, pics later 


Can I borrow your hubby chick? Could do with an extra pair of hands for the heavy stuff. Veg garden sounds great - has he done some of his lovely metal work?


He has Fairy - 2 pairs of gates, some stepover apple frames and a sweetpea frame in construction.  Excuse the green netting - waiting for hazel hurdles to arrive.




 Now need to wait for the beech hedges to grow and thicken up

Orchid Lady

Looking great Chicky, and I thought my OH was clever making my little picket fence, that's brilliant 

Dove, I noticed the birds were very happy this morning too 

Just researching Christmas holiday ski-ing, was there someone on here that goes skiing?

Have lovely day everyone, hope you get a bit of sunshine at least.


Chick - it's really superb. Is that Verdun on the pergola to keep interlopers out?  Hedge will be lovely in a year or two and it'll really set it all off.

Now you just need to get him making them more quickly and he can have a nice little cottage industry to keep him busy in his man shed! 

I won't offer to come and paint all the trellis...


Orchid Lady wrote (see)

I've just checked where Archie is has to be City  He will be wanting a blue moon shining over Manchester 

OL  Chester fc


Thanks for the comments - will pass them on!  Trellis stays unpainted, wouldn't know where to begin.

The little man guarding might be Verdun - he was bought from a roadside "whittler" in Austria a few years ago - but he was very cagey as to who he used as his model ....

Orchid Lady

Chester?  Well I am surprised, but it wasn't a bad guess given where you live 


You'd be there for ever more painting it chick. It took me about 2 hours to paint each

6 x 2 piece on the fence. It's the same kind with the smaller holes. 

Hubby can always hang his coat on the 'little man' 

Hello all

Chicky like your pics even the upside down garden - I like the trellis like that  no need for painting

I am going to do painting today of pallet bench I have made


Gardengirl - handstands essential.  If you click on the pics they put themselves the right way.


Morning all 

Yay, Easter hols 

Chicky, your OH has done a fabulous job. They look amazing. Have OH envy now Think I might adopt your haphazard approach too rather than plan or I'll never start.

Fairy, enjoy your sunshine  

MrsG, hope your delivery arrives on time!

Gg. enjoy your painting. Hope you are feeling better. Don't do too much! 

Verd, hope you can navigate round the visitors.

Dove, def ready for cake later 

Have a good day all.


star gaze lily

Lovely pics of garden chicky. Had to do handstands, cos even when I 'click' they stay upside down on my tablet lol. Couldn't see a little man tho , would love to see what Verdun looks like

Sunny here but a little chilly



Hello Bill - haven't seen you for ages.  Is it warming up your way yet?


Orchid Lady

Gosh, it' too noisy here already and only 3 friends here so far......I was going to iron but it's so nice I may have to retreat to the GH!!! 3 more still to arrive, I'm glad it's only once a year 

Hope everyone is having a lovely day in the sunshine 


Flippin cold wind coming down off the North Sea - brrrrrrrrrrrr!!! 


Lovely and warm here Dove 

Not often I can say that is it!

Just having some lunch. Been very busy tidying up and sorting the growhouses for tomatoes later on. More fence painted and might go and do some weeding, round the new hedge, on the outside of boundary etc. Will cut grass too.

Lily - the little man is in the middle of the pergola above the gates. 


Hot Cross Buns out of oven and cooling - who was putting the kettle on?

 and it's warmer here too ............... I've put the heating on!!! 

star gaze lily


Me Dove, already for everyone on the table in the garden, lovely and sunny here. Help yourself everyone