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Orchid Lady

Hello all........I need cake and tea will do for now but may have to have my ginger beer later  Just a tad cross, but have posted on GIOYC thread 

Those buns look delicious Dove and OH is going to make me quiche for dinner tomorrow after I showed him your pic from last night 

Even though the sun is shining I have been really good and done the ironing I have been putting off all week, and I've done a 15 mile bike ride.

Getting tea ready for the birthday boy and his friends soon then I am definitely retreating to the GH and may stay there all night if 'pool lose again (local derby today )

star gaze lily

Tracey, thought you might need something stronger than tea, 


Orchid Lady

Lol Lily, that's 2 in less than 5 minutes....I'm responsible for 6....sorry 5! 13 years olds you know 

star gaze lily



Ahh thank you fairy, i was looking on the ground 


star gaze lily

Has anyone heard from Stacey, haven't seen her for awhile 


Orchid Lady

I asked that yesterday Lily but no-one responded. I had a quick look and she had commented on a couple of posts but not on here since her trip to Crocus and not on the chilli thread  Hope she is ok and LO is ok?? 

Dove, I'm so so so sorry you have a bitterly cold wind there.  Dont fret too much.  

Hey! Its been so hot here today.   Such a gorgeous day. No wind at all,,not even a bitterly cold one 

Whilst my niece sunbathed in back garden I weeded and tidied the front. How I hate crocus.......they are the weediest thing in creation!  They only flower for a short while.  They spread like mad.  Today I removed masses of crocus foliage and hope they never return.....of course they will though 

Its good to clear at this time of clarifies my thinking about the tender stuff to put out very soon now.

Brought my mum here for the day.  Take her back soon to sleep at the hospital until a Proper care package is put in place.  She enjoyed herself....maybe the strawberries and clotted cream helped 

Looks good again tomorrow folks 

Orchid Lady

Glad the sun has shined for you Verdun and your mum had a lovely day with you, I expect spending time with her granddaughter helped too 

All the meals and dinners I cook for family/friends and I never burn I have burned myself 5....yes 5 times just doing pizza and nibbles for 5 boys, how does that work??  Oh and the smoke alarm kept going off and I haven't even burnt anything apart from myself 


I'm burnt too OL - just from the sun though 

Glad I don't have to do that stuff anymore - had it down to a fine art when the girls were young. Nearly always had their parties at home. Chaos for a while but they enjoyed it all so much. 

Verd- I love crocus. Still got some flowering here. Glad your mum had a nice day. 

Been outside all day apart from mid afternoon for a quick sandwich. Best day here since last August/September. Got loads done. Planting, painting, tidying and splitting -plants not trousers thankfully  

Going back out after tea to cut the grass if I don't get too comfy...

star gaze lily


Ouch Tracey, 5 times?! Think I gave you too much rum! 

Hope Stacey is ok, I thought it was just after her post of purchases, maybe she's away for a few days for  easter. 


Orchid Lady

I'd forgotten about the rum, I hold you fully responsible now Lily  Possibly Lily, I'm sure she'll be back before long, hope so anyway.

Love rum. Used to carry a bottle in the car as a convertible driving student.    ....wot a poser!  Never tbought anything of it then ......l


I'm for turning it off David.  Is it a slow one?  However, many do keep it on all the time.  Can you simply put it into hibernate mode.....quicker then to activate


We used to leave ours on (although we are increasingly a tablet family now .... funny how things move on without you really noticing) certainly ones at work are left on all the time and it doesn't seem to harm them.  Hibernate is a good idea to save power though.


My OH is obsessive about switching everything off to save money. Computers at work are on all the time so backups and updates are done while we are not there.

I find it weird when someone remotely does something to a computer that I'm working on. I start looking for the hidden cameras. I'm sure that they are more likely to be hacked if they are on all the time, but that makes me sound paranoid.



Evening , hope you've all had a good Good Friday,

 Arches have arrived  Just need to motivate OH now... (been out most of day using up his energy on his bike).

Friend visited with baby pug pup,I'm sure this is the only dog I actually like, it's even allowed in my house and horror of horrors I like cuddling it!!! Went for a walk in the woods.

Had a haphazard approach to planting (good plan there chicky). Nearly everything in the ground now, well last years cuttings and recent purchases: not seedlings (have given up on s.peas in GH and they are now in the house, shhh, don't tell OH).

OL - our ski hol for next year is booked, Easter time. Wish we could get away with going at xmas! 

7 1/2 foot, very funny!


Orchid Lady

Glad the arches have arrived MrsGarden  You haven't met my Daisy have you.....I'm sure you could be persuaded to like one more dog 

I knew someone had mentioned ski-ing, where do you go MrsGarden and any recommendations, PM if you like 

Well OH isn't home from the match yet, gone for a 'few' beers after, it better had only be a few with LO 's not so little friends staying 

David, I turn everything off.....I'm obsessive too about saving money in electric, we give the energy companies enough money without giving it to them unnecessarily