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Orchid Lady

I'd forgotten about the rum, I hold you fully responsible now Lily  Possibly Lily, I'm sure she'll be back before long, hope so anyway.

Love rum. Used to carry a bottle in the car as a convertible driving student.    ....wot a poser!  Never tbought anything of it then ......l


I'm for turning it off David.  Is it a slow one?  However, many do keep it on all the time.  Can you simply put it into hibernate mode.....quicker then to activate


We used to leave ours on (although we are increasingly a tablet family now .... funny how things move on without you really noticing) certainly ones at work are left on all the time and it doesn't seem to harm them.  Hibernate is a good idea to save power though.


My OH is obsessive about switching everything off to save money. Computers at work are on all the time so backups and updates are done while we are not there.

I find it weird when someone remotely does something to a computer that I'm working on. I start looking for the hidden cameras. I'm sure that they are more likely to be hacked if they are on all the time, but that makes me sound paranoid.



Evening , hope you've all had a good Good Friday,

 Arches have arrived  Just need to motivate OH now... (been out most of day using up his energy on his bike).

Friend visited with baby pug pup,I'm sure this is the only dog I actually like, it's even allowed in my house and horror of horrors I like cuddling it!!! Went for a walk in the woods.

Had a haphazard approach to planting (good plan there chicky). Nearly everything in the ground now, well last years cuttings and recent purchases: not seedlings (have given up on s.peas in GH and they are now in the house, shhh, don't tell OH).

OL - our ski hol for next year is booked, Easter time. Wish we could get away with going at xmas! 

7 1/2 foot, very funny!


Orchid Lady

Glad the arches have arrived MrsGarden  You haven't met my Daisy have you.....I'm sure you could be persuaded to like one more dog 

I knew someone had mentioned ski-ing, where do you go MrsGarden and any recommendations, PM if you like 

Well OH isn't home from the match yet, gone for a 'few' beers after, it better had only be a few with LO 's not so little friends staying 

David, I turn everything off.....I'm obsessive too about saving money in electric, we give the energy companies enough money without giving it to them unnecessarily 

32 meg broadband David?  Mine is barely 3 so very, very jealous. Fibre optic 1/2 mile down the road and 1/2 mile up the road.  


Glad the arches has arrived  

Not such a productive day for me. Fell asleep this afternoon about 2 and woke up about 5.30.  Don't feel refreshed for it either.

Watching some old Alan Titchmarsh on ITV3, Love Your Garden. Wasn't a gardener when first shown so hurrah for repeats  It's been series linked so now I will never miss it!


Orchid Lady

Ooh, I'll have it have a look for that Panda, thanks.  I hope you're ok, just tired?


Not sure if new pills or tired OL.  Hopefully just tired! Will your OH be celebrating or commiserating? Or should I not ask? 

Orchid Lady

 Panda......I think that will answer your questions.....useless bunch if muppets and even more useless owner 

Lily, I have sent Stacey a PM just to see if she is ok.

star gaze lily

Hi Panda, bet the sleep did you good, pills helped you relax and you caught up on some much needed sleep. Take care Panda sending hugs 

Tracey, how are you coping with all of LO's friends 

Orchid Lady

They are all as gold Lily, I knew they would be or I wouldn't let them stay.  Thankfully LO has some good, well mannered friends, more than can be said for BO, but that's another story  As for OH, well goodness knows whether he'll behave when he gets in 

Panda, I forgot to say on my last post I hope it's just tiredness and hopefully tomorrow after a good night's sleep tonight you'll feel refreshed. It's your body's way of telling you to slow down.


Thanks Lily x You are probably right  At least the weather wasn't that warm so I don't feel I missed out too much.

Oh OL. Not so good. Guess OH is drinking to forget . . . . 


Orchid Lady

My last post should have said 'good as gold'.......I don't think my brain is working tonight!!

Panda, he had already planned a few drinks after the match but let's just say the atmosphere wasn't great today and I'm actually embarrassed to be a Pool fan tonight after the performance that was broadcast on national TV, by players, management and fans alike 


Oh dear OL. I'm not a follower of the game (if I had to pick a team it would be Newcastle United - don't ask why!) so wasn't aware of bad behaviour. 

I agree re tiredness. Seem to spend my life getting by on little sleep. I quite like the idea of my body making me catch up