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I could do my legs with those blackest...


I've got better trimmers for that job fairygirl but you'll have to come over to ireland if you want me to do the job



I like the gadget Blackest, what' sit called, brand etc?

Right, I'll just have to wait and see what my version of 'sweet pea' turns into! And I was so looking forward to them, never mind they must be somewhere! Worryingly though I think I've also nurtured a pot of weeds through winter in the belief that I had done so well looking after echinacea cuttings.

Grass cut on lowest setting, hydrangea p. has got some green tufts - so have cut back so growth can concentrate on them! Watering done in the sunshine. Can't find the paint/stain for the arch though. Dead tree has some growth again so still needs chopping to make safe, going with OH suggestion to let it grow again and plant some buddleia (can never spell that) in case it doesn't grow and then have some height, cuttings taken. can also put a clematis to grow up it and into comifers.



I'm off outside to sort out some edging and then go for supplies.

Will catch up with you all later 

My broad bean seedlings - all of three inches high have produced pods!!
You leave them unattended for two minutes...



it was an aldi special but there are other similar tools. the grass edging tool is particularly good between the plants, of course the battery is flat now so have to recharge it.



Afternoon all  Lovely day here  Need to plant out my sweet peas - mine are real ones MrsG  Mine are going in a lovely deep pot with some willow sticks to clamber up 


Well, that's been a good day - I did some planting and weeding and watering - I went to the GC to buy a Stipa gigantea, but they didn't have one - how did I manage to come away with a boot full of plants and £70 lighter in my purse  

Thank goodness some of those £££ were vouchers  Phew!!!

Shall I tell you what I got ................................................. 

Woodgreen wonderboy

 Lots of lovely rain here to wash in my weed and feed yesterday. Sorry for those who wanted it dry, but it was nice in the evening. Went to a concert, ( at the local cinema) to watch Sol Gabetta play the Elgar Cello Concerto, better than I have ever seen it before. Sheer bliss, and I cried too.

Planted up loads of pansies in very old and somewhat broken clay pots. They look great together. And discovered Sennetti, very beautiful again, 3 plants to a pot, either side of the front door.


Please do, I often buy plants but am hesitant to list them for fear of boring people. My stumperie has 12 different ferns,half a dozen different dogs tooth violets and pulmonerias , never listed them all on line, must be a bit of a plantaholic 

Love new toys like that blackest.  My gtech cordless trimmer is perfect for specimen conifers.  Will look out for that Aldi trimmer...useful for my nose 

Come on Dove...what did you get?  You know you are dying to tell us 

Does Dove tease?, it's been nearly an hour, must we beg ?



OK I'll tell you -  as well as a small bottle of Essence of Barley Straw to deal with the greening of the pond, I bought two large ready planted baskets of marginal plants for the pond, and some more Water Violet and two Water Soldiers.  The ready planted baskets worked out much cheaper than their constituent parts so were a good deal. 

 They're the two baskets at the far side of the pond.  

Then.............. for the front garden I bought a Bergenia 'Overture', Verbascum 'Sierra Sunset' - gorgeous peachy apricot with rusty burgundy centres, and a clump of Camassia leichtlinii Caerulea - everything planted and watered 


Wow Dove

and I was thinking you were kipping on the sofa


Who?  me?  

I've also watered the Weed & Feed into the front lawn, and watered all the recently planted perennials and shrubs with the hose, and made sure that the honeysuckles have all had a good soaking, as one of them is already showing signs of powdery mildew.  

Shall I show you a picture of part of the front lawn, so you'll see why I've used Weed & Feed on it?

 The bumble bees love it ............. but the seeds blow onto our elderly neighbour's lawn - he already has a degree of dementia - don't want to make matters worse 

Think I need a shower and then we'll go and get a takeaway ............. 



Hello everyone,

It's been a while since I last posted but I've popped in now and then to keep up with things. Hope you are all well, what a splendid day we've had in the South East! I spent so long in the garden today that I was walking to the dinner table with a crooked back.

This is my favourite time of the year and this year is exceptional weather compared to last.

Hi wintersong. Lots done today. OH found paint so arch no.1 now matches the decking, an awful dark brown but as its attached to the deck it needed go be done. After deciding I would start clematis off in a tub, ended up just needing to get it in an 18" deep hole next to new arch! Rained while painting and planting but no harm done, just a bit rusty! Long soak then as I told OH I couldn't possibly cook as well, he came up with an original idea - off to the pub, yeh hey!!! Will work on him to get going with arches 2&3 tomorrow! Bliss.
Orchid Lady

Lovely pond Dove and lovely grass, I actually like dandelions  OH doesn't!!

Hello Wintersong, I don't think we've met before 

I'm just wondering whether to go and sow some seeds in planters or not and just take it easy 


Welcome back Wintersong.  Dove, pond is really looking good.  

Glad the first arch is in place MrsG.

Spent a happy day pricking out seedlings - cosmos, agastache, delphs, rudbeckias, chillies and cucumbers.  GH benches are now groaning. Made sure none went to waste this year (a lot are Somerset bound), so have a lot more than usual ...... Watering will be a bit of a marathon