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Oooh that looks wonderful Dove!

Pool looking good Dove.  

star gaze lily

Hi everyone, welcome back Wintersong, hope you're well.

Pond looks lovely Dove

Had a lovely day with family, and lovely roast dinner.

Hope you've all had an enjoyable day.

back from pub. Good food and all 3 boys well behaved , well oldest one (OH) let us down a bit but he's excused as arches to build tomorrow.

Had a quiet day here  

Nice to see you again Wintersong 

Dove, your lawn looks just like mine  And that of both my neighbours. Looks like I'll be forever combatting dandylions 


Orchid Lady

Glad you had a nice evening MrsGarden, I like the way you call them your 3 boys, just like me  I love my 3 boys 


great day  4 .30hrs  at work . and pm in the garden . shallotts  in . left over lamb for dinner . and the BLUES  won yay thats chester fc .  easter egg anyone=

Ah! OL thought your 3 were the same as my 3 , until the monkey puzzle pots then thought your 3 were all littlies (if that makes sense!).
Orchid Lady

Ha ha, yes it does and no they're not, although they may as well be...I have Biggest Boy, Big boy (or little big man) and little boy (or little man!)...depending on my mood LOL!!  I just wanted them all to have a MPT 

Well done the Blues Archie, wish I could say the same but at least we came away with one point today 

Lily, forgot to say, glad you had a lovely day today 


I had a good day pricking out seedlings, and shuffling plants from greenhouse to polytunnel, and polytunnel to hardening off area.

OH wanted to help, so I sent him to the supermarket for a bag of frozen peas and a loaf of bread. Next time I'll make a list. He came back with four pints of milk and three loaves.

Orchid Lady

LOL fidget, that made me smile 


I thought of you yesterday, orchid lady. This was in the conservatory at Hidcote.


Orchid Lady

Oh my, that is beautiful  Thank you Fidget x

star gaze lily

Lol fidget, he could have come back with loaves and fishes..

Love the orchid.

Thank you OL 

Orchid Lady

I have 13 Tumbling Tom red babies and 7 Tumbling Tom yellow.....that's the end of tonight's news  



No, I had to go out and get the fish, and the frozen peas to go with it.

Orchid Lady

Oh well, in that case I'm not smiling  OH's.......who'd have 'em??? 


I made him put all the dustbins out instead.

otnorot but just call me Bill

That was a very bad winter we had,I lost 10 hybrid tea roses and two of them I planted in 1963.



Morning All  Just been out to check GH and heard my first cuckoo of the year

Raining steadily here, and has been all night.  GH babies all survived their first night outside - even the badly flagging cucumbers have revived from their post transplant sulk.

and now....... to work