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Ooooh pretty chicky 


Just catching up on GW before I brave outside 

Those auricula look a very lovely rich colour Chicky.


Morning all [ just! ]

Yesterday I put lots of trays of seedlings outside, because I thought they would survive outside better, whilst we are away. This morning they look like drowned rats, if a seedling can looked like a drowned rat. Need a rethink.

Lots of lovely things happening for all of you today, special mention to Doves Ma, on her 90th. Some achievement. My Ma is 87, so catching up.

Have a lovely day everyone.

PS. Love the Auricula Chicky, and your "Sweet Peas" Mrs Garden.

KEF you are very rude. I was going to give you some Meconopsis, but now, I am not so sure.

Thank you PD , at least someone appreciates my sweet peas!
Chicky, love the auricula.
Lots done as weather ok now. Potted on brugga and some mystery seedlings, last guess was sunflowers! Planted a coupl of things which had been waiting long enough. Supports done for several plants in need. Bat and ball played. Son given severe telling off for locking us out. Lunch on the hob now.

It's a difficult time of the season Punkdoc....we need to hardened off our plants, or make space in the GH yet the weather can change so quickly and ruin or check young plants. I have scores of plants in pots now in large pots and they are ready to be planted but in colder areas it's still a bit risky.  hope your seedlings are ok. 

Had a quick look round a local nursery this am......don't know why cos I have an excess of plants.....and prices have soared.   Used to take lots more cuttings than I do now but I will need to start doing that again to save myself a few pennies.  Checked out a few argyranthemums but they were root bound and leggy and not worth the money so offered less.  Not accepted though but I'm ok about that.

some heavy showers and windy but sunny too at times and feeling,pretty warm.  Plants will love it.  



For MrsGarden.

Can I come off the naughtie step yet ? 



Don't think it's even that warm here Edd though at least the wind has dropped a little bit.

Done some seeds and a few little things but may just resign myself to the ironing today. 

Could do a bit of tidying at the front which would warm me up though, and I have  giant buddleia to hack down....


It's dropped to just above 9C here and all thought of gardening has been cancelled - a chicken korma is simmering in the slow cooker and I shall be making a tiramisu shortly.  I shall then put my feet up and watch rubbish telly - possibly some old Bonanzas, or a Columbo 


Think you and I should keep each other company Bill - it's not gardening weather out there - I'll put the kettle on 


Thanks kef, lovely. Coffee and hot tub time.
star gaze lily

If you promise to be a good girl, you can get off the naughty step Kef 



 bit of a mess but geting there slowly . cloudy sunny spells and warm 


Lily, youre id thread last week, was it a nasturtium? Just found one self seeded and sure, from memory, your pic looked similar.

star gaze lily

Ooh don't know MrsG,  its still in a pot. I could take another pic. I'll also look up nasturtium, thank you 


star gaze lily

No don't think it is MrsG,  the leaves seem too rounded. Thats a shame tho, they look pretty. Just taken 2 more pics, will find my thread.


No definately not now I've seen the pic again. Frustrating cos it looks so familiar!


Glad I'm off the step, back aching

Archie at this time of year mine is work in progress, I've pots and cans all over, lot more so than you.

Done some weeding, put hardening off stuff back in GH as it was drowning, don't have C frame. Weather has kept changing, showers & sun, tomoz should be dull but dry.

Bit of deadheading between showers and curries made

Please don't tell Lily I got off the the step

MrsGarden enjoy hot tub, wish I could stick my feet in, shouldn't garden in T post crocks

star gaze lily

Kef, you must have missed me, i said you could get off the step......but perhaps you are still being naughty 

Stopped raining and sun is shining.

The potty gardener

Afternoon all.

Yesterday ended up coming home about 7am as I'd been sick. I'm sure I must have been awake a bit but don't remember waking up 'till about 5 this morning.

I've a date tonight so told myself not to go outside but was just too tempting. I'm sure my grubby hands will look very attractive. Mum keeps telling me I should look for someone who loves gardening