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In for a cuppa. Any cake Dove? I even put washing out and it's been sunny and reasonably pleasant. Been busy sorting all the bit round the shed moving bits and mulching and planted some Astilbes that were neglected in a corner last year. Not suitable for the main  garden (wrong colour..) but will be happy in the shade round there. One of the dunnocks came for a feed just a few feet away from me and the blue tits were flitting back and forth. Lovely 

PG - if he's half way decent he'll understand. A gardener has to do what a gardener has to do 

Just don't throw up on him....

star gaze lily


Hope you're feeling better potty. Have a lovely evening, and yeah, be careful what you eat. 


Potty, go for it girl. Maybe a tad nervous hence ill feelings.

Have great evening and keep hands under table, or wear seductive over the elbow gloves  Honestly have a nice evening and I do hope the date has an interest in plants.

Life is for living enjoy your night  



Back from town with pretty pink claws, a chicken for lunch tomorrow and 5 new plants that leapt off the stall and into my bag  2 Echinacea purpurea and 3 mystery plants - no labels. Will have to post for an id later. Time to plant up the wooden planter me thinks 

Potty, enjoy your date. Ditto to the other comments 


KEF - would those be gloves  of a velvety or lacy nature as opposed to big yellow Marigolds?....




 Who was it wanted cake?   Pear and almond cake with streuzel topping ok?

And there's a chicken korma for later 



Lovely Dove - but what's everyone else having?...

Save me a slice - I'm off back out into the unexpected sunshine for a bit more grafting 


Fairy I'm a girl and obviously do things in a very feminine manner ..high heels, the lot LOL

Panda I have 2 Echinacea purpurea bulbs to plant. It says the bulb might not flower until 2nd year so hopefully you can show me what to expect. Pink claws now, get you  Hope they don't clash with plants.

KEF not tell OH that gardener's make cakes.


Oooh yum - would love a slice of cake with my tea please Dove.  Instead have just had a pear - but not quite the same.

Got a few more plants in the garden, lots more to go.  Spent most of the time uprooting baby oak trees.  Think they are going to be my pest of 2014.

Enjoy your evening Potty - bright red nail varnish covers a multitude of sins 


According to Ma, my grandpapa would walk out of restaurants if the waitress had painted nails - they only painted them to hide the dirt .......... apparently 

Dovefromabove wrote (see)

According to Ma, my grandpapa would walk out of restaurants if the waitress had painted nails - they only painted them to hide the dirt .......... apparently 


On the very rare occasions I've painted my nails my hands always looked dirtier than they did before I started.



I'd love to have bee hives but I want someone else to look after them, I've got enough jobs


Edd - i'd call that a result


Kef, Echinacea purpurea are not bulbs but herbaceous perennials.

I've had a funny day. Supermarket shopping first. Place heaving. My two for 7 quid book offer didn't come off the total so it will be a  complaint tomorrow.

Next open polytunnel to find a blackbird appears to have been shut in for 36 hours and has been on a rampage, presumably looking for worms.two trays of leaves ready for cropping decimated, plants, pulled out of pots, trays of compost dug into. So after I had evicted him, replanted what I  could and watered everything, I set to to fill the new herb bed. Seiving grit to put larger stuff in, mix with contents of compost heap, just some soil to go on top and  plant. Now for a long soak in the bath.

Have a good evening everyone.



Fantastic Edd! 

fidget   - especially the s'market shopping

Cup of tea and a slice of brown bread and butter consumed. Had to come in because there was hailstones....

I was more or less done for the day anyway. Off for a look round 


It's been quite warm here this afternoon.I was working up a sweat, seiving grit. I might need a nice glass of sauvignon blanc to slake my thirst


Oh how lovely Edd!

Just caught up with the plant chat and Chicky's fencing and the naughty step drama and dates and cake and drooling...mmmm, cake.

Sunny enough for a walk about by late afternoon and discovered that my Iris are showing flower shoots for the first time this year.  Its only a simple yellow Iris but a overgrown clump rescued from my parents house since they had stopped flowering in the shade. Been planted two years now, so its good to see they have returned to form.

Still behind with my seed sowing and running out of room in the veg plot really fast! not because I've planted much out yet, but all spaces have been allocated.

Have yet to finish landscaping entirely, but like others have mentioned, its work in progress this time of year


Bees in eddland
Hail in fairyland
Snow in gardenland, ok aka blossom fall!
Fb enjoy wine n bath
Potty have a lovely grubby fingered date. What? I didn't say anything wrong! Alternatively borrow pandas claws.
Kef, any news on GH? Oh and the thing with echinaceas is not to allow them to flower in first year ( see Verdun I do listen!), not that I'll get chance as my only survivor is a couple of years old and all the cuttings have metamorphasised into weeds!
OL still away with OH, wonder who's looking after her GH?
Arches 2&3 no further on!

Fidget I'll have to look in shed, I thought that's what bulbs I'd got to plant   Might be sweet peas  I'll get my coat.

Have a good evening all. Just eaten and now crash on sofa time.

Hope Potty has a nice night.

Chat tomoz' have a good evening all.