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Orchid Lady wrote (see)

Chilly down the road near the coast too Archie, may have to light the wood burner  

gritter just gone down the main rd ,from us 


Anyone been to Ripley Castle gardens? we are going to see friends in harrogate at the weekend and I've convinced OH a garden visit would be in order but the website isn't too inspiring (part of 2for1 GW offer).


and Tea at Bettys in Harlow Carr gardens?

Dont forget a fat rascal for verdun.


MrsG, Ripley castle gardens are lovely. (Just down the road from me!) Im not sure what's out at the moment as its a while since Ive been but there's a walled garden with perennial borders, a veg patch, orchard, glass houses, forest, and big deer park with beautiful views.  Well worth a visit, and the tea rooms are nice too. There's not as much to see as at Harlow Carr, but def worth a visit if you haven't been before.

Oooh, and Ripley also has world famous ice cream, as a potential alternative to a fat rascal  


Newby Hall is also just up the road near Ripon and is lovely. Not sure if its in the 2for1 offer though. 



That's me back, but no win 

Did squish () 34 snails on my drive on the walk from the curb to my door. It's not a very long drive. So I guess that was a win for me 


I'll second that about Newby Hall. Been twice, have a friend near Ripon.


Giddy! Newby hall is on 2for1 but atm harlow carr is winning! has a plant fair on sunday as well! also thorpe perrow has more for son &OH. Soooo excited. bring it on bank holiday! 

Orchid Lady

I'm giddy too Mrsgarden......I'm going wedding dress shopping with my little sis  Hope you have a lovely weekend x


star gaze lily

Oh, sorry Panda, shame you didn't win........34 snails, thats loads!! Hope you didn't have your new shoes on.

OL, happy shopping, hope you have a lovely day.


morning all . chilly here . north manchester  no frost.. cloudy  looks like rain .good for the water butts . finish  12-15  yay have good day .all 

Good morning Archie.half day for me too, then in the garden and at about 5.00 a glass of red.


Good morning all 

Going to visit Aged Ps this morning then doing a bit of food shopping.  When I get back I'll fleece the fig and the gooseberries  - just in case, can someone remind me this evening just to check that I've done it - after time spent with Ma I seem to catch some of her 

 i would have thought that no notice was required.

Happy birthday to kefs sis, kefs niece n my sis.
Exciting shopping OL, can I come?
Have a good day all.


star gaze lily

Morning everyone, bit breezy today.

Ouch AWB, lol

Happy birthday to all birthday people.

Would have been my mums birthday today, so taking flowers to her resting place after work.

Woken up with a head ache again, but thankfully its friday and we have a long weekend.

Best wishes to ma and pa Dove.

Hope you all have a good day. TTFN x

Misty morn.  If it clears if will be very warm so here's hoping.

Looks like a couple of leucamthemum broadway lights have failed over winter.  Still bit  early to tell for sure without digging them up. Got a group of 3 and 2 are suspect. 5 year growth guarantee on them so will give them another week before taking them back to GC. Lovely plants though 

Where I site my runner beans I plant a row of wallflowers every year.  Makes an otherwise  bare space look attractive over winter..  However, my runner beans trays.....are more than ready to be planted out yet wallflowers looking good still.  Shame to yank them out yet but will do over next few days.  Well, that's gardening I guess.

Have huge optimism again this year we will have a good summer 



Good morning Lily and Verdun and anyone I've missed   

Just been out to top up the bird feeders - goldfinches chattering at me to hurry up 

It seems a tad chilly out there .... 9.3C at the moment - it only went down to 8.3 overnight but I think tonight will be a different story, although tonight's Met Office forecast for East Anglia has eased somewhat

".... A mainly clear and dry night allowing temperatures to decrease quickly after dusk, to give a touch of frost in some rural areas overnight. Winds easing through the night. Minimum Temperature 3 °C.....

I'm still going to fleece the fig and gooseberry bushes - they all have fruit on 

I've decided that your optimism is infectious Verdun 

Orchid Lady

Morning everyone, all those working, all the 'forking', all those a little sad for whatever's reason ((hugs)).

On a positive IT'S NEARLY WEEKEND yip yip yipeeeeeeeeee 



Yeah, I have to work this weekend (stupid o'clock shifts since I'm a baker)

Bit chilly here this morning so the tomatoes are alright in the open coldframe? Or should I just leave them cosy in doors? Trying to harden them off but I'm a patient lass so if anyone could advise me would be great.

Have a great day everyone


PS I dont have a greenhouse