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Ha ha! Not quite that big Dove. But they're very very dark colours and so suddenly appear at the surface before you see them. Certainly I think they' could have my thumb off if I got too close*. (tried to take a video of them but I'm not sure it worked terribly well).


*I know logically they wouldn't but that doesn't stop my keeping my distance!!


They're gorgeous  but they'd probably eat my tadpoles 

Woodgreen wonderboy

Have just seen my first Swallow... a bit late this year but welcome nonetheless...

Dovefromabove wrote (see)

They're gorgeous  but they'd probably eat my tadpoles 

Oh unfortunately they do. We used to decant the spawn into another pond but now there is so much plant life that there's whole areas that the fish don't / can't get too which seems to work.

I've read about using pond plant pots to protect tadpoles by sinking one into the pond and putting the spawn into that so the fish can't get at them. I'll bare it in mind should the frogs in our garden ever decide our pond is acceptable!

Hoping to finish the pond this coming month - just the timber frame to build around it ready for BBQ season! Although I'm considering some more plants to fill in the spaces even if they're only there til the existing ones are more mature.

You can never have enough plants, right?

Been sat watching birds at mums bird table - bull finches, nutcracker, bluetits, thrush on ground ,blackbird watching from tree. And I only get sparrows! Sister has a blackbird follow her around the garden, and now brings its baby as well!
persuaded mum we should go out for tea.



I've just been laying on the grass on my tummy with my nose just above the surface of the pond - think we've got dragonfly larvae as well 


Oh wow Dove! (Admittedly the larvae are ugly devils but the finished piece is often so beautiful!!)


Hello all. Not had time to get on here for a bit.  I wanted to get the grass all sorted and raked and weed round the hedge etc. after work yesterday as it was so sunny.  Did loads of other 'stuff' too and was totally kerry packered. Was outside till 9pm and it was lovely.   Chucking it down here today 

Desperate to have a pond again. It's the thing I miss most about the last house. We had some massive koi and Golden Orfe which always knew when it was feeding time. They ate loads of tads but the pond was huge so there was always a plentiful supply left.

Woodgreen wonderboy

Hello again, Have now discussed my new terrace with my contractor, and await a price just as soon as I pick out the stone paving.  I will choose something natural. It will be a place to sit, sip something nice while watching sheep gambol, and grow a few treasures in troughs. It will blend into my garden design as much as possible, and will be split level, and have a couple of raised beds. It will hopefully reduce my workload a bit while giving me more pleasure.The bed it replaces is getting a bit tired and needs a lot of work. It is always the bit I leave to last! 


Woody that sounds lovely - we love sitting out on our terrace - albeit quite a small one 

Well, I've been back on the lawn with my nose in the water again - we also have diving beetle larvae and hoverfly larvae (aka The Rat-tailed Maggot - that's not a nice name is it?)


There seems to be a lot of hoverflies around this year. Last year we had hardly any.

I spotted something red on a lily, so I went darting over, only to find it was a ladybird.

Today I have sown all the tender veg. Runner beans, climbing french, sweet corn, courgettes, outdoor cucumber, butternut squash and crown prince squash. And some peas in pots so that they germinate before the mice get them.

Mrs Mallard laid an egg this morning. On the lawn at the side of the pond. Then the magpie had it. I don't think she's quite got the hang of it yet.


Looking forward to seeing your new project Woody 

What are you planning for the planting?

Fairy, what a lot of lovely work til late, anyone'd think it was summer
Dove, love your phrase ' great timewaster' sounds like your hard work is reaping fantastic rewards
Woody, sounds a wonderful plan. Don't forget before and after pics.
kef s been quiet again
Quiet also from some of the workers, hope all ok.
Ended up with fish n chips from chippy with mum as too late for food at GC!
need b'day present for one of my sisters but can't think of anything other than buying what id like in my garden. No other inspiration forthcoming- so that'll be a clump of grasses then!
star gaze lily

Hi all, lovely sunny day in the end, and I missed it cos of work 

Glad you had a good day with your friend Panda.

Verdun, great news that your mum is home and improving every day. Shame about the rest of family, but she does have you. Bet you're her favorite 

Still miss my mum, so very much, would have been her birthday on friday.

Dove, pond sounds exciting, can just see you on your tummy pearing in 

Sounds like you've all had a busy day, off to get some tea. See you later.


Hi all

MrsGarden I'm here just been on the go & it sounds like you've been busy Think you have a party soon  hope all goes well.

Done SM and then free to be in garden. Potted bits on and re-arranged GH as some things like Gerbera will are on patio flowering need to go back in if we have frosts, pleased they overwintered. Fleece ready for spuds in sacks. Swept up after blackbirds who are loving chucking lily bulblets out of pots.

Apple tree in blossom & lavenders flowering.

Fidget Mrs Mallard doesn't sound the maternal type

Verdun thanks

Dove I can feel the giddiness bouncing from the screen

Had some thunder a short time ago and now it's raining but still mild.

Soz any peeps I've missed but a chicken casserole needs my attention.



OH is out, so time for gardening TV catchup

OL - here are my 48 free lavenders - last years in the pots (could have been potted on by now but i've been tardy), and the previous years in the garden in groups of 7.  I think they are well worth it, and will have another go this year - if i don't use them they always go well at plant sales


 Think i have pond envy....... And alpine envy .........

Sounds fantastic Woody.  Exciting stuff 

Wot am I like eh?  Planted stuff yesterday but this evening had an impulsive change of mind and changed some of it.  Glad too...if all looks right now. 

Successful haggling day.  Firstly got cheaper deal for my niece's brakes.  Then, because she had problems with her mobile network, got compensation from EE.  Then I received a bill from a plumber who called a few weeks back to locate a water leak.  He did nothing but suggest someone else.  Bill was for £46.  Rang to ask, as a potential customer, if he charged for assessing any job and he said no.  Why charge me then? He scrapped the bill.    Money for more plants now 

Nice bright evening here amd warm 




I'm on the sofa with my feet up 

I've been sowing seeds and potting on and doing gardening stuff all day - taking toms and courgettes out to the mini greenhouse in the morning, and bringing them all back to keep OH company in the studio in the evening 

Plus we had a surprise visit from son and a friend 

And I've been doing a lot of that laying on the lawn looking at water critters - that's hard work that is 

Oh, and I cooked Nigel Slater's Thai Prawn and Rice Noodles and ate some of them.

OH  has just found me a square of chocolate 

A square of chocolate Dove?  Just gobbled a packet of chocolate raisIns.  Intended to share but, well, they were so tasty.  


That's all there was left after last night Verdun