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Lovely jubbly BL -  I love raspberries. 

Couldn't be bothered with dinner so had a piece of toast and a load of cherries. 

I do the same AWB 

Lesley - I didn't prune right down - left most of the 'front' and took it off the height so it should be ok, but I'm secretly hoping it gives up the ghost...

nut - were you staggering round towards the end then? 


Lizzie you sound as though you had a lovely relaxing day after yesterday's exertions. Sorry your weather wasn't as warm as Dove's but, being in Scotland, I'm not going to sympathise much    See you didn't  get rid of all the raspberries this morning.  I wouldn't be able to resist the meringue and cream that go with them

All in all I can't complain as we have had a day of sun and showers - great growing weather


Fairy, no. I did the driving. I've managed to squeeze in the wine since I came home


I had to get the hose out Lesley 


nut cutlet beautiful gardens-want a formal lily pool-everyone around here has fraudulent mtn streams no matter what the house design


the rocky outcrops in the fens are good as well david


You wear tights with your shorts Panda? Sorry, old people used to say hose for that kind of garment.  My mum must have told me



Just popped on to say goodnight, back to work tomorrow, 5:30am rise for me rest of the week..

Thanks to all those forum members that helped with my various gardening problems today..

Nite All x 


These are my first crop of strawbs, and yummy they were too 

They were a lot redder in real life than the photo makes them look 

star gaze lily

Evening all, what a beautiful day. A very lazy one too.

just a bit of washing, that dried in no time and a little weeding. Then a relaxing day in the garden, enjoying the sunshine. Hoping this weather lasts now.

Lesley, there's still plenty of pimms left for you, help yourself

lovely garden pics Nut, beautiful flowers and colours.


Good morning all - lovely gardens Nut 

The storms didn't happen, today has dawned sunny and bright but there are clouds in the west - perhaps we'll get some rain later but I should get a chance to finish potting on the toms - they all got a bit lanky so now they're buried up to their necks! 

I've also been given two patio cucumber plants - never grown them before but I'm going to put them into big tomato pots and grow them up some plastic frames that  I used for the butternut squashes the other year.




Morning all - nice day here - for now, pity I have to work 

nut those gardens looked lovely - I'm coveting the formal pond - very soothing.

Off for a look round now before I go for a shower 


Good morning Dove .  The sun was streaming in and the birds singing so I'm going for an early walk today.  Will make up for the lack of gardening yesterday a bit later (that's just a promise to myself)

That's all I can manage apart.



Good morning Fg, Lesley and Mrs G   More coffee needed Mrs G? 

Morning all - i survived . Ears still ringing, but it was great fun and littlest chicklet was a VERY happy girl. I couldn't help but singalong ( know all the words - embarrassed smilie - on phone so can't add one properly)

And now i am back on a train into town for an unsociably early meeting. Rain forecast here later - then sunshine for the rest of the week - summer has arrived
Glad you enjoyed four singalong chicky.
Thanks for the coffee dove, much better now.
seems a very early morning today, perhaps cos its work.
Had mum andd sister visit yesterday, mum stayed for tea, friends also arrived for tea (invited by step son short notice) felt like a domestic goddess cos fed them all!
No vino though as took mum home later, killed a few slugs in her garden while I was there.
No rain overnight, which is a relief as OH left skylight open ( ok I didn't remind him at the right time either).

Beautiful  sunny morn.   Rain forecast this afternoon but I think it will stay fine. 

My assistance required this morning ...friend wants my "expertness".... In exchange for a cuppa.  Sorting out her veg patch and planting up her recently purchased pelargoniums and perennials. Be hot I think.

At last runner beans are growing fast.  They have been slow so far and heleniums as well as dahlias and other summer stuff seem to be adding inches overnight (as with all of you folks too no doubt)

Hope everyone has good day 



Morning all 

Didn't sleep well last night so am a bit  today. 

My Heleniums are showing their noses, sure to flower soon  Have a nice big gap in my large bed as a result of my weeding so decisions need to be made as to what to fill it with  

Hope you all have a good day . . . the salt mine beckons . . .