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I am up, and feeling a little better  thank you Tina x And thanks to all for your best wishes xxx 


star gaze lily

I don't know what I'm doing wrong TT but the ignore button doesn't seem to be working. Can I have another voddie and coke! My round next


Lily, hover your cursor over the avatar of the person you want to ignore, and you'll get the choice of messaging or igoring   their messages will then be hidden from you.

Looks like PEnnies is cutting and pasting from other fora - that's where the Bridget came from  - she's a wind up merchant and a flamer and has been reported. 


Lily, you can't have another until you've worked out how to use the ignore button. Simple on my laptop. Click the avatar and it gives you the option in the bottom right hand corner.  Goodness knows what you are using.



Sorry Dove.  You weren't there when I was replying to Lily. Those poor moderators are going to be inundated with messages come Monday morning.


Mine is already a large vino & maybe another to follow. Pasta bake nice, sauce previously frozen, guess what? included courgettes & toms. Did have some home grown rocket, germinated in GH, think it might be hardy stuff. Lovely & peppery.

I also wonder where is Verdun? Hope he's not first and last on evening thread. Seriously hope he's not poorly.

Thanks for all kind concerns. Hadn't meant to speak about it but lost my temper.

Back later when I hope Dilbert's sister has gone. Wonder why no profile ? Well actually I don't.



Hey Brumbull, hello. You've been missed. 


Good news, the topsoil arrived this morning  so I now know what I'll be doing for much of the weekend!  All I'll need then are those pesky bulbs from vm..

BTW, just spotted Brumbull posting on another thread - welcome back if you see this!


Brum - a timely return 


Welcome back Brumbull    just in time for the Autumnal Gales !


Hi Brumbull, nice to meet you 

Hello Brumbull

Goodbye Pennies, fhagail linn ina n-aonar, le do thoil.



Hi Brum! Lovely to 'meet' you  


I'm fine Brumbull - good to have you back.  I've got 13 more working days until I become a retired person - then I'll have time to plant some bulbs and rake the leaves 

Now you're back I think we should have a celebratory cake - then Verdun will appear - give me a minute while I whip something up ... 

Hello Brumbull. Glad to hear on the other thread that you are recovering. I joined the forum during your stay in the Antipodes and wondered who you were and what had happened to you. Hope your garden is OK.


 Oh, that's no good - let me try again 

 The pineapple upside down cake wouldn't post, so you'll have to have another Victoria sandwich - hope that's ok with you all .... 


Oh!  It's there - we've got two cakes!  Hope you're all hungry