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Hello all. Dry and clear here after all the rain. Even got washing ready to go out.

Might even get some more of those bulbs in after work or else there will be a nice display in the shed in spring rather than the garden 

Have a good day everyone 


Now you're making me feel guilty Fg - better get a load in the machine 


Morning - gorgeous here too - what a difference a day makes.  Wfh again, so will be able to wander round garden in my tea breaks making mental lists of things to do at the weekend


Good morning Chicky    I need to make some lists too - thing is the list is always longer than the time available .......... 


Dove - only 5 more days and you will have a fighting chance of redressing that balance.  



Do you know, I keep forgetting that Chicky ..... I'll have time to do things instead of just plan, and I'll be able to wash the sheets on days when they can go out on the line instead of just at weekend 


I have those kinds of lists too 

chicky- how is the trellis doing? I assume no one's had any more windy weather overnight?


Hi Fairy - oh came home early yesterday so trellis is back up - and the marauding beasties are thwarted once more !

rather sobering to see the massive (and i mean MASSIVE) oak tree that fell across our road - blocked it for the day as the professionals had to be called in - noone fancied trying themselves as one wrong cut and the whole thing could shift. very thankful that noone was driving or walking past when it came down.  I knew there was a good reason to be terrified of high winds

Stacey Docherty

Morning all.... Was a bit blustery overnight but not too bad...... Fidget those Mexican truffles sound yum jut saved the recepie.... Off to GC with lo today as her childminder is sick (shame!!) need some compost to repot chillies to be overwintered Savin purple riot and firecracker this year will be purple riots 2nd year .... Then have some pumpkins to scoop out!!!! It's cold out today but the sun is just breaking over my underwear ladened plum tree lol oh said why haven't you taken them off .... I do t want to touch them was my answer strange as he won't move them either..... 


morning all . chilly but blue skys . off to work  casserole for dinner have  a good day all


Archie only just seen your weather forecasting method. Cat & Pine cone


Morning all,

Sunny at the moment.but quite cold and we are having internittant heavy showers. will start with lots of intentions of a proper wash day etc,then you wake up it the summer,its a beautiful day and you rush out to the garden,jobs forgotten..........but that the joy of not working,you can please yourself what you do and when you do it


Morning all.

Dove, I expect after the initial quiet you will be surprised by how much you will have to cram into a day after retirement. I volunteer for things and time just vanishes. Didn't have any time to garden last week.


KEF - missed you there - you must've snuck in behind me   Now you're making me feel guilty too, talking about dusting and vac-ing.   That reminds me, I shall really have to get to grips with the Dyson - ever since we got it two years ago OH has taken charge of it 

BusyL - I am determined to sit very firmly on my hands when volunteers are asked for.  When the children were growing up and I was at home full-time helping to run the family business, the then OH was on every committee etc going and he volunteered me for everything - cricket teas, Jubilee street parties, youth club outings, etc etc etc - once - in my role as 'wife of school governor' I even had to show a new young teacher how to iron a shirt - he arrived at our house with a laundry basket full of shirts - his mother had always done them before!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I shall cast no aspersions but he told me that his mother was a traditional Welsh Mam and would have been appalled at the thought of her son with an iron in his hand.  I told him that my Welsh Aunt would have been mortified and embarrassed if her two boys had ever asked a 'stranger' to iron their shirts - showed him how to do one then left him with the iron, ironing board and the pile of shirts he'd arrived at my house with 

Think I've done my fair share of volunteering for a while 

star gaze lily

Morning everyone.  What a beautiful sunny day. Will get out into the garden today, rake more acorns and the few bits blown off the oak tree. Nothing bad thank goodness . We did have trees across some roads nearby but thank goodness our road ok. Hope you all have a good day, see you later.



Sunny here as well. Need to get outside but still feeling under the weather.

Dove when I was a junior doctor the lady who cleaned the hospital residences where we worked used to take our shirts home and ironed them. [ but only if she liked you] She also used to knock on your door in the morning to ask whether you wanted a cuppa and then ask will it be one cup or two today!!!!

The potty gardener

Morning all. Beautiful here, mind you I haven't been out so don't know about the temperature.

Will be heading home later today- no sure what I will do first

Have a great day all


Today I was going to take mum shopping, but  she is feeing stiff, so is going swimming instead. Tomorrow we will brave meadowhell for the autumn mooch round the shops.

 I s'pose I could do some housework today.


Meadowhell!! I would rather have all my teeth pulled out with pliers.