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Well, here we go, a new thread to chat to each other morning, noon and night 


Well, I don't believe it.  Unless someone beats me to it, I am sort of first.

3rd, evening all, I'll get reminders now to read

Me too! Third. Hello everyone. Can't wait to hear lots of gardening stories and other stories from all forum users.



Evening you two - looks like I got back just in time to join in the fun.  

I've been down on the Suffolk coast where the crashing seas were amazing, waves coming up through the planks of the pier and sand and shingle being thrown up onto the promenade.  

Nevertheless we sat on the pier to have icecream and a cuppa and I got a wet bottom when the waves spashed through the boardsQ


Oh, not just two - there's five of us now - hello all 


Don't know what that Q is doing there? it should have been a 

I've posted on morning n evening so regulars will find us.

Hope it encourages new people here too.

Everyone welcome.

"So where is Verdun?"

Shall I bake a cake? 



hi folks. I'm tuned in.

Pretty wild and windy here,  Exciting at the seaside Dove


I'm here, now I've gone 

Just come in to see what was happening 


Hurrah!  Hello Nut 

Yes, it was a bit wild there - we were at Southwold - think that the cliffs at Eastern Bavents have moved about a mile and a half southwards and they're now scattered across the promenade - not sure what the sandmartins will do about that next spring 

 hello all ,tthe cake looks nice



Hello forkers. This is definetely the future and it is bright.

star gaze lily

Dove, chocolate cake!

Tuesday i was still wearing summer top, now its a bit chilly and raining!

Wheres fairy and verdun?


Lots of cake on here Pilgrim Pete 

Glad you like it Punkdoc


"Wheres fairy and verdun?"

They obviously can't take the excitement poor things, probably got their feet in their foot-muffs and they're wrapped up in those fleecy thngs they advertise on the shopping channels, drinking Ovaltine