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Late at night- a good book a slice of rich fruit cake and lump of good cheese. Bliss.

Once around me = twice around the garden.


And I seem to remember that The Good Book says that" Man shall not live by bread alone"

Good enough for me.


Lemon drizzle cake.......Mmmmmmmmmmmm

Sorry KEF no peanuts,but do have some ice cream..........Kellys clotted cream ok?


hi Crispears.


Lemon drizzle you're talking Gilly!

Daughter makes a very good one 


Lemon drizzle- gorgeous but that is mid-afternoon polite tea with an extra slice for the vicar.

Fruit cake - man sized- possibly laced with some of Scotlands finest- a slice of Wensleydale or Cheddar. Nowt like it.


No sorry Reiver" lemon drizzle" wins hands down for me

never had the vicar for tea

Your daughter has good taste  Fairygirl



SO!, took slices of Clementine cake to Compost Master Stall that I and 2 colleagues were running at Lions Club Event in The Walks in King's Lynn today. Spent 5 very enjoyable hours talking to people about making their own compost, a few people knew a lot already, some were really keen but had fears about smells from compost (there are none), the children loved the wormery and especially looking at the worms through a magnifier, all in all a very productive day.

Sorry Verdun, no cake left

none at all?


Well run compost heap does'nt smell, unlike having vicar for tea. They overcook easily and burn, slight smell of brimstone and sulphur.

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