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Hi everyone!

i am setting up a social networking site just for gardeners. Just a hobby really, but recently it seems to be taking over my life!

The site is not properly live yet and I am still loading up encylopedia posts (and fixing a few bugs!) but it would be great if any of you guys could take a quick look at it and let me know if I am on the right track.

if you do have a few minutes to spare, the site is Its free to join.

Let me know what you think, if you think it would be useful to you and if you have any ideas on how it could be improved.

Thanks everyone!


aaargh! too complicated; I'm far too busy gardening to get involved in something so defracted and complex.


What's the point?  We have GW   Plenty of garden networking here 


The above links look a bit suspect to me? I wont be clicking on those.



Asier Galdos link takes you to youtube, a jolly tune and some kind of lesson that is quite incomprehensible on how to use some website

Dove, you are quite right; we've got plenty of cake and Verdun to tease, what more could we want?


Garden juice just reminds me of the compost bins when they've had a little too much fresh fruit and not enough brown material.


Not somewhere I'm planning on going.

I'll stick with gardeners World, Ta very much.

Thank you all for your responses.


Yes the first link is a Youtube Demo of the web application. The second link is the actual site, compatible with any device and browser.

It's a twitter/pinterest style social network for gardeners. It's explained here:

We think it's a really cool app but take note of your feedback.




Bye bye


Reported as potential spam KEF?

Not my intention to spam at all.

Have a lovely day,


happy with gw thanks hardly time to even get on this as much as i' like

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