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I've just sown some basil seeds and was wondering what I should expect to get as a fully grown plant. Will each seedling produce a plant with a stalk and a few leaves like the kind you get from the supermarket or can you get them to bush out giving plants with a bit of 'bulk' to them. The same question applies to other herbs like parsley and corriander. 

Regards Glyn

Green Magpie

If you pick out the tips of basil and space the plants out a bit, they'll fill out a bit more than the supermarket plants - in fact, when I buy supermarket basil, I transplant it into a pot twice the size and space the plats out - it can last for many weeks. But they ares still quite small plants and you can do with plenty of them if you like it a lot.

Coriander tends to stay a bit leggy, in my experience, but is probably better not too crowded. Parsely does best if it's really well spaced out - maybe 8 or 10 inches between plants.



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