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Just noticed the posters with strange names have gone. Could it really have been Santa Claus and his entourage? I'm beginning to believe!

I think maybe you are right Verdun 

Tis the magic of the season and look today we all have sun


Except me in France. It poured again in the night and now it's very grey.

flowering rose

ITs sunny here too! but keep it quite don't want it to rain.I hope Santa and his chums are having nice break in lap land,they did brighten the day.



That's a relief - now I'll know who II'm talking to 

No.............THEY'RE BACK!

Only until 12th night


Verdun -your nightmare is back-be very afraid


NO NO and again NO. Easter is not allowed until Easter! very afraid.......


Caz W

Well Flo, a certain well known brand of creme egg is already in the shops

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