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Thank you so much, will investigate these DVDs.

You are welcome.  Hope you do purchase Geoff.   Let's know how you get on with him!




Have just ordered 2nd hand set of DVD's of Geoff Hamilton gardening programmes, I think it includes the small Cottage one, which sounds perfect.

The potty gardener

why have people had to suggest getting Geoff Hamiltons DVDs- now I'll be spending more money I can't afford on E Bay!!


I got them on Amazon. They have just arrived, but am away for a few days so won't be able to watch them for a while.


There are DVDs? Oooh noooo! I've only just stopped spending on plants (apart for the plum tree I've got my eye on...) !

I bought them 2nd hand, v. cheap.

Yeah, that's my excuse whenever I buy a plant!

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