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Lovely pictures Lily.




 In the woodland area at Hodsock. Not the best photos I've taken,it was raining.




 The hellebore walk. (also cyclamen coum under shrubs)


star gaze lily

Think they're lovely fidget, really like the first pic 


Just knew you'd have some good pictures Fidget, thank you. Happy Birthday to your Mum x

Lily lovely from you. 




 snowdrops in my garden.


Lovely and good at naturalising, yours have spread as far as Essex.

star gaze lily

You have your own snowdrop walk  fidget 


These I can see from the living room window, so I don't have to go out in bad weather, but can still see spring. Summer stuff is further up the garden, The magnolia will flower, and daffs, and when they have gone they are just a green background to the rest of the garden.

Mums birthday is today, tomorrow me, my mum, my two sisters and two of her sisters are going out for lunch. I hope the weathers better than last Wednesday.


I certainly hope you have better weather. Happy Birthday Fidget senior.


Fidget those are lovely pics, thanks for sharing!  

Hope you have a lovely day tomorrow with the Fidget ladies 

Your snowdrops have spread a very long way 

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