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Homemade seed Packets

Here is how I make them, does anyone have a different method?

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Share your ways of making homemade seed packets here!


Sorry for such a dull answer, I just use envelopes!


I might have to start making some. In this electronic age I don't get many envelopes to recycle.

Jean Genie

I bought a little packet of wage packets and I've put them in a tupperware box. This is the first year I've collected seed so looking forward to the results. Already sown some astrantia as I've been told they like a cold start.


Sometimes I make my own but I normally use brown money envelopes brought from Tesco cheap and good size.

But heres a website to try blank template at top of page, others with pictures on as well.

lots of different websites to try just search for homemade seed packets.

Hi I manufacture seed packet envelopes, these being white phalmahyde free,

that you can put through a printer, or coloured ones with white areas to fill in your seed

details! please let me know if you would like any more info!

This is the first time I have collected seed, I put them in an envelope ,then in a biscuit tin which I put in the airing cupboard, not sure how they will turn out but am giving it a go.

Flower bird, you need to keep seeds cool and dry - the airing cupboard will be too warm and shorten their life.  You can use it to dry out seeds for a couple of days if they are damp when collected, but move them to somewhere cool after that.

I keep my saved seeds in ordinary envelopes which are then stored in a drawer in the spare room PamLL x

I'm with Jean R, I got a whole load of tiny brown wage packet envelopes in a street market 3 years ago. All the seed packets are kept in a plastic tray in the unheated porch, just by all the coats, it seems to suit them!

Ok, thanks bob, will move them.

My local post office sells small, narrow brown envelopes for about £1, there are 50 in the packet. Ideal size for seeds.

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