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Hi all ,you  ID this yesterday for me, So Hog weed yesterday tea tomorrow,added to little Comfry tastes just like Darjeeling or so im told , or how to turn a foe into a friend,perhaps a little Nettle to make it smell a little sweeter, weve got to get the smell right as all you Tea makers know ahhhhhhh Cant wait Bin raining again ere in Norfolk hence im ,im idioting ere Avagood one


But I prefer coffee Alan ........ no rain here ....... yet, but it's a mite chilly 


believe it or not heatings on

Steve 309

I absolutely refuse to have the heating on in June!


Even I tropical flower that I am will not put the heating on in June. (am wearing my winter onsie at the mo tho)



I think I've got a chill - bedroom window wide open last night and summer duvet on 

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