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Victoria Sponge

Hi Guys,

I thought I'd make a 'how to' guide on how to post photos from an iPad.

1, have the cursor where you wish the photo to appear and click the tree icon:

 2, this box should appear. Click select on the 'your computer' tab:

 3, two options appear. If the photo is already on the iPad select 'choose existing', if not select 'take photo' to take you to your camera screen.

 4, if 'select existing' was chosen, all the albums on your iPad should appear. Photos in camera roll should migrate to photo stream and the photos should appear there in time if connected to wifi. I always use photo stream or my other albums rather than camera roll which turns photos on their sides or does not upload them properly.

 5, After selecting photo stream the most recent of the photos are shown. You can scroll up the photos to select an earlier picture:

 6, After selecting a photo the photo stream will vanish and within 30 seconds the image should appear in the image box. If it does not it may indicate that the photo is too large and will require cropping. Click save.

 7, The screen will return to the forum page and the image will appear, sometimes unrolling slowly. I can now add further text or another photo if required:

 If you decide the photo is not wanted, tap on it to highlight it and select the backspace  key.

If you hide the keypad before inserting a photo please note the cursor will return to the top of the screen which will result in the photo appearing at the top, above any previous text.

I hope that has been helpful and no one feels patronised which wasn't my intention.

I know there are some technologically minded people on this forum so please feel free to add anything or correct anything I've said.


Hey, Victoria, did you write that for me?  Thats great, do you always put your photo's in photo stream, I dont know anything about that.

You mention that if you take them straight off the pad that they will come out sideways, you see a lot of that on here.

Mine hasnt arrived yet, it will probably  take me a while to set it up.

Do you have any anti spyware on yours?.

Beaus Mum

That's really kind of you Victoria and I know you have tried to help me many times, think I've driven you nuts!  I get to number 2 on your guide and tap on select and nothing happens  My oh thinks it cos we have old type iPad, I've tried going through all the settings but to no avail but one good thing is what you suggested to me re photo stream as never had that before  


Victoria Sponge

Hi Lyn,

I've noticed a few people querying about uploading pics from their iPad and was trying to help PilgrimPete on his slug thread earlier but I don't think it worked sadly 

If you're getting an iPad it will set itself up for you asking a series of questions- they are brilliant.

My version doesn't have a flash on the camera so I use it in conjunction with my iPhone, but the newer versions may have.

When you take a photo it will automatically go into the camera roll album and then with internet access will also appear in the photo stream album. Camera roll never works for me to upload but I would be interested to know if it works for others. If the photos don't move albums as quick as I'd like I use the 'add to' feature and move it into an album I created which also uploads fine. I can't add to photo stream for some reason. It catches up eventually and so will make duplicates in photo stream. Essentially I end up with the same photos in two default albums and possibly a third in an album I created.

There is also an airdrop feature so you can move things quickly into nearby devices which I use if my phone and iPad don't synchronise quickly enough.

I don't have spyware, no. I looked into it but can't remember why I didn't get any. I could probably use the one I have on my computer I suppose.

Victoria Sponge

You didn't drive me nuts Beaus Mum! I have a special interest in trying to help as I got stuck in the forum spam filter for ages but thought it was a problem at my end with the systems I used

Ive got iPad 4. I don't know why it won't come up with options for selecting pics with yours though. That's a puzzle to me...

I bet Bob the Gardener would know. I think he is a tech whizz!


Beaus Mum

I have just advised someone new to you 

Think oh needs to buy me new iPad 

Thank you as always for you help, much appreciated 

Victoria Sponge

I just realised I missed a key part out of stage 6

In between pic's 5 & 6 above click upload:

 This is part of the reason I don't write technical manuals...



VS. it's so kind of you to go to the trouble of trying to help those of us who are not very techno. I will concentrate on the procedure over the weekend and hopefully I will be able to post pictures in the future. Thanks a a lot . 

Beaus Mum

Good luck runny break, glad you found Victoria's thread 


Thanks Vic,  that is so helpful.

Its not a latest one, its an ipad 2 7" 

I am pleased to hear it will set itself up, I suppose we will have the same old password bit, but I can use the same as the android tablet, hopefully. I am pleased you explained about the camera roll.



Lyn, and Victoria, regarding pics coming out sideways, I have noticed that my portrait pics often end up sideways but my landscape ones come out normal. 

To rectify the issue I have to rotate the pictures and save each time I do it. When I load the pic up then it stays upright 

I'm on an iPad 2 but haven't updated my operating system to the most up to date one - I like the one I'm using 

Victoria Sponge

That's interesting Panda- perhaps that is a characteristic of ipad2. I know what you mean because I occasionally have to rotate photos that I have imported but somehow iPad 4/ photo stream seems to know which way up the picture is. So if I'm viewing my pics with the screen on landscape, the portrait pics will only take up the centre portion of the screen, unless I rotate the actual iPad to portrait, if that makes sense.

Camera roll always makes the same rotation for me. It takes the photo and makes one rotation to the left so the top of the photo will be at 9 o clock but often it just makes the outline of a blank box on the screen.


Mine does that too Victoria. A portrait picture when I'm in landscape mode has black bars either side, but I find if I edit, rotate, save, etc back to where I started (I have to go all the way round in a circle) it is the right way up on the forum. Goodness knows why! 

Give it a try with one here 

Is there someone that knows if it is in the set up that I can't get the first stage on my IPad mini which I have only just got. Maybe a techno bod! Any help gratefully received.
Just to note I couldn't do it on my old Ipad either. Thanks in advance
Victoria Sponge

Do you mean you don't have the tool bar with some or all of the icons, Try hard?

The iPhones do not have the capability, perhaps the mini doesn't either?

Sorry, Panda, I meant a photo the right way up in camera roll makes one rotation to the left when posted on the forum. Photo stream doesn't if they already have the correct rotation. Ill do a test.

 Hmm. These were showing as blank squares until I posted. Pic one was portrait and it has tilted. Pic 2 I rotated to the position it is in to see if it would make another counter clockwise turn but infuriatingly it hasn't.



Hi I have the tool bar and can click on the tree and the first page comes up but not as shown on your first picture, I don't have anything on the computer tab, did look into the settings on GW and I have it set to basic editing, has this something to do with it? There is nothing different from the Ipad to the mini (except it fits in my handbag!)
Victoria Sponge

From photo stream


Moved from camera roll to a different album (image not visible at present)


 Rotated to 9 o clock and moved to another album (also not visible)

 Edit: only photo stream works for me without requiring rotation. 

Victoria Sponge

You need to be on advanced editor in settings, Try hard, to get the toolbar

Oh sorry, I see you have the toolbar. Try advanced anyway


Hi Victoria, I think the reason it doesn't work on some iPads is down to the version of the Operating System (iOS) those ones have installed.  Unfortunately, I don't have access to many iPads at work, so can't test which iOS versions do and don't work but I remember there was a thread to two about this a few months ago.  For those with an iPad which doesn't work, it might be worth trying a different web browser just in case the problem is related to the version of Safari which is included with the 'naughty' versions of iOS.


 Hi thanks that did the trick, thought I'd put one on to show it worked!!!!