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I find it hard enough keeping one going Fidgetbones.  You must really love gardening.

Verdun, I have about 15 Koi, some huge and several goldfish. I have seen a Heron once and it frightened the life out of me.  I think I'm lucky that the pond is quite deep and, so far, I haven't lost any.  The fish 'dive' the minute there is a shadow.

I love all my plants Verdun. I do tend to go for 'pretty' shrubs and ground cover, usually in pinkish shades.  And I love my trees. I just love my garden. Simple peeps.

thats really nice Tina


Big garden, so I  plant in broad brush strokes, if that makes sense. Big architectural plants like Onopordums,  lots of plants from seed so I can plant a block or ribbon of a dozen or so. If I only planted one at a time it would look really spotty. It has a phase in May of erupting like fireworks, then a dotty phase, then merging into blocks of colour.

I also tend to plant close together so there are no gaps, but I usually forget to stake so it sometimes goes all flopsy bunny on me.  Annuals ssown into plugs go in the gaps whn I chop down the eraly flowerers.  The best bit is when I can just sit and watch it.

The new "wild flower meadow " is not quite right. The soil appears to be super fertile so delicate Hesperis are massive, the oxeye daisies look like shastas, and the idea of purple pom pom alliums floating above them , well they appear to be submerged. Still its only the second year, so plenty of time for adjustments.

It also helps that I'm not overbothered by a few weeds, otherwise it would drive me crackers.


Tina the main pond we had at last house was massive and about 3/4 ft deep in middle. We had 2 big koi and 4 golden orfe. We bought 3 small koi for the other pond which we netted - next day 3 herons flew over which was quite surreal ! They were all stolen when house went up for sale. You can get them out with a 'stun gun' type thing apparently. I found one of the koi beside the little waterfall where the spring came in which must have been dropped. It was really sad. Unfortunately I discovered it when showing viewers round....

Should have added- I can sum up this garden in one word but I'm too polite

It will improve I hope !

nutcutlet wrote (see)

something else. always just short of a wilderness this year it's tipped over. 

That about sums up my back garden. It's packed full of healthy plants - I'm not one for bare soil. I can grow them, but I wish I had a bit of designer in me. 

My front border's a bit better, in that I've now started to group plants. When I moved in the border was a foot wide. It's now 3 foot wide and growing.

My main problem is that I'm a plantaholic. If I move it will have to be a garden with a house attached


Woodgreen wonderboy

I started this garden from scratch as it was a new house 14 years ago. At the begining you are in charge as the gardener, taking decisions on the overall design, placement of structural plants and trees, digging out beds,choosing colour schemes etc. Then comes the stage when the garden takes over and you are almost entirely in a responsive role. The garden essentially takes the decisions on whay happens next, as some plants thrive, others die, the garden takes on it's shape. The creative skills become second best to maintenace, with only limited chances to change things as small opportunities occur when something dies or needs replacing. Carry on in creative mode and the risk is that your garden will be over-designed and overcrowded. Still good, but something in the design will have been lost. such is the joy of managing an established garden. Ho-hum! 

Like WW, from scratch. Worse? Hadn't been touched in 20 years when I moved in 2005. Long, narrow 'shoe-box' with high wooden fences all around. Looking pretty good by now, tho I've certainly had time. Main regret? Not borrowing money to have it landscaped at the time. Too late now cos I'd never pull up my beloved young trees. Lumpy lawn, wild grasses give a cottage feel in a concrete jungle (4 miles from LHR) Birds love the only trees in 6 gardens in a row  With WW all the way - maintenance is key, overcrowding is likely. I envy fidgetbones in a way - little space here for more than 1 small shed here & veg-growing is slightly limited 


Mine is probably best described as a cottage/woodland garden.  It's a very odd shape, a series of connected triangles.  Most stuff in the borders is perennial which I have grown from seed.  Have a GH, potting shed (which doubles up as a 2nd GH in the latter half of the year.)  It was completely overgrown when we bought the house from an old couple who were unable to do much any longer.  Only one wanted plant (the peony seen in recent photos, now at least 35 years old) survives from the original garden (plus a multitude of pernicious weeds, of course!)  Heavy clay soil, so first job was to arrange drainage (almost all beds/borders are now raised) which took a couple of years.  There are 3 crop-rotated veg plots in the centre of the largest triangle, which borders a racecourse on one long side and a tennis court the other.  No lawns - bark is used instead to enhance the 'woodland' effect - the only grass I have is couch.. 

hiya Bob

we always hanker after what we cant have, dont we?

a cottage garden is something I have never had.  not really had the right conditions for it and it takes a different mind set too I think.  a new understanding of how plants combine etc. but I would like to make one sometime.

i no longer have the room either for 3 separate beds for crop rotation so have to rotate in same area which is not the best way

couldnt give up my lawn though.............


Hi Verd,  It's North facing, so a lot of shade - probably why I can grow the pale heucheras - the darker ones don't do as well.  Due to the shade and clay soil, the old lawn never did well no matter what I did, so gave up!  I think if I was South facing, I'd probably go for a lovely striped sward!

Woodgreen wonderboy

We all look at our gardens and see things we wish were different. Why did I put that plant there, that tree is to large for the space, that shrub is overcrowding it's border. Never mind, it's the way it is and you will get opportunities to change things and spend even more money.

If you had a "Chelsea" perfect garden all you would ever dare to do is the odd snip here, pull out that weed there. That's not gardening... more like outside housework! Horrid thought

I planted a perennial plant garden  for the benefit of wildlife,

and of course to keep in shape and satisfy my soul!

blackbirds,sparrows,dunocks, tits and finch have raised their familys here

we have a pair of mallards too!  woodpeckers and hawks have visited

even though it is in the centre of town.

It is a walled garden with too much shade,    But the birds and i love it!

perfect patty........or as ma larkins would say "purfick"

I've always hankered after a walled garden Patty. I sometimes think I'll pull up the hedge at the bottom of the garden (it's privet) and replace it with a wall so I could grow more fan or cordon fruit, but then the birds love the hedge so I keep changing my mind. 


Mines definately aiming for a real cottage garden by the old sense of the description, ie flowers, veg and fruit all growing side by side, with the added hope that the birds and insects will also be happy. So for me that's aquilegias next to gooseberries, blackberries, next to buddlejas and rhubarb. With the odd raised veg bed thrown in. alongside fruit trees. 





Large patio area with various pots,a couple of old sinks with alpines and barrels containing a fig,contorted hazel and tree fern.Leading to.........

Lawn roughly  the shape of Australia(designed by OH) surrounded by gravel paths.and borders containing various shrubs.Leading to...........

Small pond wirh about 20 goldfish,iris,waterlilies and bullrushes,on the opposite side an octagonal greenhouse (OH,s pride and joy and moved piece by piece from previous house).Leading to...........

Archway covered in wisteria and clematis avalanche,home to our bee houses and bird boxes.Leading to...............

My working greenhouse and a gravelled area where I grow my veg in pots,plum apple and pear trees.My shed containiong all my pots..Leading to ..........

A small lawn with bench a garden shed.

It may not be perfect bits are overgrown, but I love it.its my little piece of Paradise.

got a lot going on there Gilly............sounds great


What are you doing up at this time of night Verdun?


He's after cake Tina....