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Keyser Soze

Awful news, wishing you a comfortable and speedy recovery.

All the best and take care.

Wishing you strength and courage for the road ahead Mike!

Good luck mike. I had skin cancer, but it was caught in time (too much sun whilst gardening). Never give up no matter how bad things seem, and always look to the future, re plan your garden and give yourself purpose, the human body can heal itself. Even in the bad moments be determined you can beat cancer.


saying a few for you ..

Sorry to hear that Mike. Thoughts are with you.


Orchid Lady

Gosh Dave, that's worrying too.  I will make sure I have my sun cream in this year as quite often I try to get a tan, don't think I'll bother this year  I'm glad you got through it.

Scott Edwards

I sorry to hear your news and will certainly keep you in my prayers that you will get the best possible treatment and will know a sense of peace in the days ahead.

Jack 3

Sorry to hear your bad news Mike. Wishing you all the best, try and stay positive. Hope you recover soon.

David Matthews2

Sorry to hear your news, Mike. Our thoughts are with you & echoing the many good wishes from 'folk in the forum' - take time to enjoy the good things in life and trust in the expertise of the medical specialists.


I've not spoken or seen from you before Mike, but my thoughts are with you for a speedy recovery. A lot of people will be sending well wishes to you I'm sure, judging by this thread alone.



love to you Mike. Stay strong. We're all behind you.


Love and best wishes to you, Mike. I'll be thinking of you. Keep up your posting and let us know how you are going on. Think positively. xxx


Mike - right back at  ya....xxxxx 

Orchid Lady

Well we'll just to keep that blood pressure up to give the docs someone to do Mike ((hugs)) and xxx or xoxoxoxoxoxoxox as is trendy now 


Busy Bee2

Yes wouldn't it be great to hire a hall!  We could all wear name badges and have a party!!  Keep posting your news Mike and we will keep posting the hugs and kisses! xxxx


All the best to you Mike, my thoughts and prayers are with you. Stay strong, try to keep smiling

Mike ((hugs)) and xoxoxoxoxox - may we all have lots of time to enjoy gardening and chat together.

Just keep chatting to us might not get much sense from me, but I send you hugs..dunno if a 56 yr old can raise pressure, but she can try and make you laugh