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Orchid Lady

 KEF, laughter is the best medicine  Even if you don't feel up to posting Mike, just keep reading our daft posts, and my daft questions that's enough to make anyone with any experience laugh 


Good to hear from you Mike, you sound in good spirits (I know, at least on paper). All the best with the 'problem confined to the pouch'. Keep on the right side of the nurses and they'll keep the doctors in check for you  

I don't know your favourite flowers so thought I'd send you a seasonal bouquet in an apparatus for irrigation (hope your humour stretches this far, it's well meant and will hopefully give you a smile)

take care forum buddy.

Orchid Lady

Ermmm, excuse me Mike, you may have given us a bombshell but doesn't mean you can say I'm 49.....I'm not even 41 yet and you are ageing me  

If I lived closer I would come and help with your garden, but I don't, although that may be just as could end with anything LOL xoxoxox

star gaze lily

More hugs and kisses from me too Mike oxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo  gotta keep that blood pressure up  very best wishes to you, take care xx


Edd, I thought that my honesty and forthrightness was the reason I have never been able to hold a relationship. I have been a bit careful on here so as not to alienate people too much. Wow, you really go for it! However, I agree with all you have said. You have, outright, asked Mike all of the questions we wanted to ask, but were TOO POLITE to do. Please be assured that if I was in a sim position, I would appreciate your straight talking. Some people do not want to hear truth. However, in this case, I think it is obviuos how much memebers care for Mike and how much he is cared for by family. And that your comments are well-taken. But not everyone can appreciate that.I can, I have to work hard not to be worse!

So, Mike, there is little for me to say that Edd and others have not already covered.

One thing I will say, is that I spoke to MY Dad today. We have a precarious relationship since we lost Mum suddenly, 3 yrs ago, at 62 y o. He reminded me that my 44th birthday is next wk and he has  not forgotten. I said that I felt old. But then I remembered that he will be 70 next yr.I was shocked. Some people never become old, however old they become.I have seen that so many times. Also, people who are ill, are not ill. I really believe that it is a state of mind. An ill-treated dog with cancer will die quicker than a well-loved one. Homeopathic treatments, herbalist, and all kinds of other therapies, I have seen to work for animals. They cannot know the difference in treatments, just in care and well-being.

My Nanna got cervical cancer at 74. the treatment in those days made her so uncomfortable, that after a few Radiotherapy treatments, she said, 'well, I'm 74 now anyway. I'lll die soon anyway. What's the point in suffering more before I do?' She lived to be 89. It took that long for the secondaries to get her.  She was up on a stool painting her ceiling 4 wks before she died! And she smoked like a chimney and drank whiskey like a trooper until then! Was opinionated to her last hr, criticising my clothes (i had come straight from the stables),and my short hair (I should have kept my curls!) even tho' she didn't recognise me or Mum then! She lived 15 more yrs, with a dire prognosis and almost no treatment.

So if caring alone can work, Mike, you have more than enough. We all care about you, but, more importantly, you care enough about us to need to Know how your advice helps us. That alone will keep you strong enough to beat this.



Orchid Lady

Ha ha Mike, that must have been a typo, I am still 40, honestly  (for another 2 and a bit weeks anyway!), and no offence taken really, how could you offend me!

So good to see people speaking how it is and using terms we all understand  

How are you today Mike, hope the sun is shining for you down south xoxoxoxo


OL - aren't you 27 like the rest of us laydees on here? 

Mike - I think what we're collectively saying is - we're all virtually holding your hand x

Orchid Lady

Yes FG, of course I virtual age is 27  (Along with my mental age )

Most definitely all virtually holding your hand and giving friendly hugs 

star gaze lily

I'm only 21 fairy

Anniversaries of sad times will bring back some wonderful memories too, and you remember all the lovely times together, hugs Mike.

Take care Mike, best wishes and hugs oxoxo

Sorry to hear of your illness. My thoughts and prayers are with you. When you get the date of your op start planning your future garden jobs as something to aim for even if it will be wishful thinking for a while.
Orchid Lady

How are you today Mike, ((hugs)) for your tough few days near your sad anniversary, but try to remember all the good times, I'm sure your wife wouldn't want you sad and neither will your girls.

Any news on an op date yet? 

Take care

Tracey xoxoxoxoxoxoxox 

Busy Bee2

Seconded Tracey xxx  Mike, you are in my thoughts xxx  These anniversaries are very hard - it may be better to have loved and lost, but sometimes it doesn't feel like that.  It feels more like life without someone is a pale imitation of what it once was.

Busy Bee2

As a general point, you probably do need to drink lots of water (or soft drinks) at the moment, because a bladder cancer pre-disposes you to urinary tract infections, and they make the pictures blurred and cloudy, and then they have to call you back and do them again.  And alcohol dehydrates.  That's what your doctor would tell you anyway!!!  Have the whiskey to celebrate when it's over.  But UTIs delayed my dad's treatment, so best to do what you can to avoid them.  Although I can understand you wanting a bit of dutch courage. 

Steve 309

Just seen this thread Mike.  So sorry to hear, but I'm sure you and the medics will sort it out between you.  Good luck on Saturday. Keeping calm is good


Mike, your hand is firmly but gently held. Take care my garden buddy, very best wishes. Hope the sunshine and the forum photos and banter help lift your spirits.x



Mike - since you don't have a fondness for tap water (and necter is out of the question) have you tried of of these flavoured waters? Or even just adding a wedge of lemon to a glass of sparkling water to get those fluid levels up so they get nice clear pictures of you?

We'll all be thinking of you on Saturday like rampant weeds spreading across the country squeezing ever little bit of love we can in your direction.


Orchid Lady

Awww Clarington, I like that last little sentence  X

Have only just seen this post. Sorry to hear the news. Thoughts are with you and look forward to reading that you have had some good news along with more of your garden updates soon

Orchid Lady

HUGE hugs Mike, you can do this we know you can.  It is natural to be scared and frightened but please stay strong, hold those positive thoughts being sent your way and most importantly hold all our virtual hands, we are with you all the way.

You do know there are quite a few of us that would love a book by Mike Allen so stay strong Mr Rose Expert  xoxooxo 


Oh yes, lots of ((hugs)) coming to you from over here Mike.  They do some amazing stuff nowadays so just you lie back and enjoy the attentions of those lovely nurses 

We'll be thinking of you and waiting for you to join us here again