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Never good news that Mike, but yes, I know people who have gotten better quite quickly after the treatment. Make sure they do everything they can, it's a world where the assertive get what they need, so don't be afraid to make a fuss if you think any aspect of your treatment is substandard. Also, live for the moment. Worrying never helped anyone recover, so get stuck in there and enjoy all the sights of spring! Good luck and a speedy recovery.


 Good luck for tomorrow Mike - we'll all be 'rooting' for you

Virtual ((hugs)) and virtual Get Well Soon roses for you. 


Me and Mrs Fish are thinking of you Mike,both today and tomorrow.

Much love, Andy and Theresa



Crossing all my toes for you that tomorrow goes quickly and smoothly x


Will be thinking of you tomorrow Mike, and sending all the positive vibes i can muster your way....


Busy Bee2

Good luck Mike.  Best wishes for a straightforward op and a swift recovery. xxx


thoughts are with you  mike .

star gaze lily

Good luck Mike, very best wishes for a speedy recovery. Love and hugs, Lily xx


Best wishes for tomorrow Mike.Hope all goes well x


Hope all goes well today Mike, lot of hand holding going on. x


Good luck Mike - hope to see you back soon x


All the best for today Mike

Orchid Lady

Thinking of you Mike and keeping every thing crossed xx



All the best for today, will be thinking of you x

Busy Bee2

Please could all contributors to this thread check their message box as I have sent an important message about Mike to you all.  When I sent it the first bit came out as computer gobbledegook, but please scroll down, and then it should make sense.  Pansyface, Hostafan and donutsmrs, it wouldn’t let me send to you, so if you would like the message, please PM me and let me know how.  If anyone would like to receive the message, but I have not sent it, please PM me and I will be happy to send it by return.   I apologise that I am out from about mid-day onwards for the rest of the day and evening, but will be back online tomorrow.  Bee xx