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..I'm so terribly sorry to hear that... one can only hope they've caught it early... obviously I wish you the very best...


Oh Mike, that's sad news. I will remember you in my thoughts and prayers x


Mike, so sorry to hear that - as Salino has said I do hope they've caught it early - I know from a friend's experience that there are various options for treatment and the outlook can be good.  

We will be thinking of you and sending positive thoughts. ((hugs))


Oh Mike! This is not good at all. I hope the doctors have many options available to you and that we will soon have you back happy and healthier than ever. Keep safe and know we'll be thinking of you!!

Sorry to hear your news Mike but there is so much they can do now treatment wise here hopes they have caught it early. Keep your chin up and be positive look forward to reading your posts in the future good luck.



Mike - as others have said - we'll be thinking of you and you have the support of everyone here. Good news or bad - you have friends here who will listen. 

Take care x

Mike, that is disappointing news. I hope you can get treatment to help you. 

You have become a brilliant addition to the forum..always read your posts.  Good luck 


So sorry to hear that, Mike, I hope it can be treated and that you will stay with us. Will be thinking of you.


Mike, sorry to hear your news, stay positive, with the right treatment you will beat it. I have a family friend who recently got the all clear after treatment for bladder cancer, you can do it to.


Mike, that's a bit of a b.........

I sincerely hope you've caught it early and the treatment isn't too uncomfortable.

All my best wishes to you



I'm sending positive vibes Mike. Do continue to post.  

Busy Bee2

Mike, my dad had bladder cancer.  It was 'grade two' and quite large.  He had it removed, and then underwent radiotherapy (but not chemotherapy).  Despite its quite advanced stage, they got rid of it, and it never came back.  He died last year from a heart attack - completely unrelated - three months before his 90th birthday. 

It is not the worst of cancers, and treatment of it has improved dramatically over the past few years.  Cancer cells in older people do not reproduce as quickly as in younger people (just as ordinary cells don't) which is why teenage cancer is often seen as very worrying because it corresponds to a time when the body is undergoing rapid change and growth.

The treatment was not unbearable - he recovered from the operation pretty well, with me nursing him, but the time to watch out for is the end of the radiotherapy sessions.  I seem to remember they happen twice a week and you have as many sessions as it is thought the body can take.  At first you feel normal, but as the treatment goes on, it makes you very low, physically and mentally.  But as soon as it stops, you go quickly back to normal.  I am telling you this so that you can plan the support you may need from friends and family. 

Obviously you haven't told us (probably don't know yet) the severity of the cancer, and one cannot extrapolate from one person's experience, what will happen to another, but I want you to know that bladder cancer is by no means an automatic death sentence.  When my dad went through it, lots of people told us stories of people making full recoveries, and the more you hear the better you will feel. 

Yes do keep posting - let us all know what the doctors are saying so that we can cheer you on through the treatment, and most importantly, keep posting about the plants.  You could not have a better therapeutic hobby than gardening and talking about gardening on here! xx

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I use to work on urology ward and I know tough it is but they can do a lot to help these days  ,so although it looks bleak there is a lot hope too ,take care.


Love and best wishes to you Mike, it's great to read your posts, wonderful experience, knowledge and insight. I hope you will be able to continue being involved with the forum during your illness and treatment, if not we will still be thinking fondly of you and wishing you well. Love also to those close to you that they may support you through this time. I hope the experiences and knowledge of the above posts give you some strength to help you through. 



Hi Mike,a short time ago Kate and i bought our final  house ere on the coast,nice bungalow, big garden just what we wanted with a nice local pub,within 10 weeks i was 60% paralysed with the doctors very worried, they said they had,nt seen such deterioration so quick before, at this stage i was using a wheelchair and often  when alone was in despair. I decided to set myself a target.The first was to get back into the greenhouse and mend the glass i fell through when i first  became ill, the second was to get back to my local to see our friends and ava pint. i had a 5 hour op on my spine a short time ago and now ,im on crutches,no chair, walking on my own , and this Friday were going down to the pub for the meat raffle and a pint, the glass in the greenhouse will get done shortly. Mike go for it step by step have a target and remember its better to overshoot than aim too low, from what iv read everybody ere is with you, it just a test you,v been sent same as me , bit at a time matey you,ll get through just like me, Ava good en,  Alan    

Orchid Lady

Oh Mike, I don't know what to say, I am so upset  I love reading your posts and you have been lovely and patient with me and my lack of knowledge!!

I hope so very much that they have caught it in time and you can make a recovery, as others have said, there is so much that can be done now and to echo Alan's thoughts, it is just a test that has been sent to you. You will get better, we need your input on here!!

Try to keep us updated, although I know it may be difficult, you will be in my thoughts and I will be sending lots of positive thoughts and maybe a prayer (although him upstairs doesn't really listen to me so I find positives thinking far more effective ), anything that will help. 

Let us know, if you can, when you are going for your op so we can all send extra positivity and prayers.

Love and best wishes Mike from Tracey xxx

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So sorry to hear your news, Mike. Hope they have caught it early. My very best wishes for a speedy recovery. Will be thinking of you and sending positive thoughts and hugs. Love Lily x


Dear Mike, I do hope your treatment works fast and well; please keep up your posts, even if you are feeling down or uncomfortable, we'll try to cheer you up.

All my best wishes go with you.