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My new GW mag has just arrived and I was having a quick flip through it.

One piece of advice made me chuckle.  It was about ensuring that you don't allow garlic to get too dry!!!!  Not much chance of that this year methinks

Mine came too KT53, did you notice the amount of leaflets that came with it, 3 of which were catalogues. I think most people try their best to be environmentally friendly, then with one magazine purchase half your works undone because there's half a tree's worth of unwanted paper in there. Sorry to rant. Does annoy me though. But we do have sunshine in North Yorkshire today, perfect for drying garlic out.

Busy Bee2

Lisa don't throw away the little booklet on small gardens - there are some lovely pictures in there, and it made me think of all the people on here who are looking for design ideas for small spaces.

I found it and have kept it, some good ideas that can be upsized for a bigger space too. Now tipping it down in North Yorkshire, no watering in required. At least the garlic wont dry out....


I think the advertising companies  pays a small contribution to the mag for enclosing their leaflets.

I loved that Small garden handbook, the single leaflets have been shredded for the compost heap so the tree didnt die in vain.


The have it all garden was fab, I'd love my garden to look like that but with four kids the lawn is in high demand.

I've started looking through the seed catalogues, sad I hear you say but I've found it helps in learning how to recognise different flowers and you can also compare prices with GC's.

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