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Big hugs for both.

At least you'll play in Europe.

Busy Bee2

KEF - I am pretty philosophical about it.  We have had a much better season than anyone would have predicted last August.  And the cup has gone to the right side of Manchester.  And we have played some good football that's kept everyone entertained.  And we have had a lot of support on webchats, in newspapers, on TalkSport, from people who are not Liverpool supporters.  Even Everton supporters have been generous spirited.  In fact, the only consistently snidey comments have come from those supporters who are feeling very embittered at the moment because they think they and their team are entitled - I'll say no more.  We all know who they are. 


Congrats to any Man City fans on the forum. KEF and Busy Bee,bad luck and the most exciting team to watch came second.The future is very bright for LFC though so chins up...and that's from a blue-nose 


Oh sorry KEF you're not a Liverpool fan are you.I meant David *duh*


Busy Bee2

Yeah - the Manchester B team are really suffering.

Busy Bee2

Oh wouldn't that just be the best??  The bee's knees!  In fact, if I had the choice between The Pool winning the Prem, or the B team going 'daaaahhhhn' - it would take a lot of thinking about.

Orchid Lady

Ha ha, couldn't agree more with you two 


well  i live in manchester . well done  city , and liverpool. sad about UTD 



Don't worry David,  you'll probably get 2nd again in another 24 years

Busy Bee2

KT53, are you from the dark side?


That's exactly what my OH said


Not that I'm suggesting anything but he couldn't bite without any front teeth

Bet FIFA don't have the bottle to take any action.

I'm so multiple bet on England winning their group, beating Sri Lanka, beating new Zealand and Murray winning Wimbledon.  

I won't need any hugs when I count my winnings