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Orchid Lady

BIG ((hugs)) Lily, you'll be fine.  

Maybe we should have this as a general hug thread now instead of just football 

David,  I may have said before but Messi is more or less a God at Barcelona, we went on the stadium tour last's unbelievable!!

Orchid Lady

Just because he is a football God....that's it...deserved or not  I couldn't understand why I wasn't chosen to be a prefect at school when I worked so hard, looking back it's because I wasn't as 'known' as fellow students (who I won't call friends!) The same principal but on a bigger scale unfortunately, it doesn't matter how good you are, if the world doesn't know you  (Yes I've got my cyclical head I today it seems)


Big hugs for you Lily  {{{{{{Lily}}}}}}  Hope things went ok.


star gaze lily

Thank you all for all those lovely hugs, day went quite well, one less day to do YAY!

Orchid Lady

Hope the hugs helped Lily....11 to go and it's celebration time, yippee (I hope I'll be celebrating too )

star gaze lily

They sure did OL, there will def be celebrations here and I'm sure things will go to plan for you too 

Orchid Lady

Well in keeping with the football team from the OP...l need a hug because we have no team!!!  Pre-season tour cancelled, does anyone know what actually happens if we don't have a complete team by the start of the season......absolute joke and time the Oystons packed up!!! That's my football rant over.......for now 

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